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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1259

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Chapter 1259: About to start.

The pre-war practice seems impossible, and the current "Destroy Whisper" can only hope that Ketarolan's strength is poor enough and his resilience is strong enough to have a chance to win the battle............

Of course, in addition to bad news, good news also exists. For example, judging from the reaction of the old Eman, punk driving a Yaori-level structural mech and fighting a Yaori-level alchemy steward should be very good. There is a chance. After all, even if the makeup queen has used Kane's adventure career to obtain the capital for planning and the material to transform her body over the years, in essence, she is still just a butler golem that has never had a combat function.

Think carefully about the big spider butler in the punk magic tower, what kind of combat effectiveness can it have if it is full of power? Needless to say that there is nothing like a spell? As long as the caster who created the golem is too idle, boring and nothing to do, simply waving the palm and fan is basically all the fighting methods that this "functional" golem can have.

In this way, although the structured mecha taken out under the crown of "Crimson Scepter" does not seem to be blessed with special killing components other than "unarmed attack", but as long as K'taloran can't control the only thing on the Eye of Dorothy God-level weapons fired at the inside of the Cyborg Eye, and for the experienced Master Huiyue, his chances of winning were not really low.

All in all, this battle is definitely fought. The experience advantage of a professional who is very good at fighting a "civilian" who has never fought is still very useful, even if "Destroy Whisper" is actually in his career. I haven't tried the "close-to-hand combat" combat method............

"Okay, then I hope that your masterpiece of the old Eman can help us win victory and wealth. Next... where did these shining materials for building the golem come from? Mr. "Scarlet Scepter" did it Shouldn’t it be just assembling and remodeling? Kane? Are these all parts replaced from the makeup queen"?

Somewhat puzzledly, he looked at the Bright Moon Knight who had been sitting on a slanted chair next to him for a long time and couldn't find a chance to speak. Punk asked about the material of the alchemy mecha.

In fact, the reason why punk cares so much about where the so-called "source of material" comes from is not entirely because of his curiosity and suspicion. To a large extent, he "destroys the whisper" and wants to use this to judge the makeup queen to her own body. How far is the ability to modify and tamper with "certain system settings".

After all, even if a construction golem is likely to be given the authority and responsibility of "self-repair", it is absolutely impossible to bring the two things that are theoretically never allowed into the magical facility, the kingdom of gods and the gods, into the eyes of cyborgs. It can't be too fair, can it?


"You are right. As far as this uncle knows, these Yaori metals were indeed parts and part of the armor of Ketta Roland. After they were replaced, the construct queen regarded them as "scrapped garbage." "The inner core of the "Dark Blue Moon Gall" thrown next to the cyborg moon was sealed up. After all, there seemed to be a designated "magic remnant storage field" a long time ago. As for these, they are now in Ke How did the magical materials around Talloran be brought into the Eye of Doroth..."

Shrugging casually, the shining knight with his armor "cangling" said calmly as if he was talking about something completely unrelated to him.

"Of course this uncle brought it in! According to Netheril’s wartime regulations, any citizen who enters the "Sleepless Supervisor Facility" must send the magical items carried by him by "cargo mail." In the internal mailing bureau of Rouch’s Eye, these "goods" will also be subject to strict inspection and registration in the process.

However, in the eyes of Dorothy now, there is no living person to take care of the transportation hub. Keta Roland seems to have found an opportunity to malfunction a "mailed goods collection device identification system" in the General Post Office, so now the first No. 96589 "The article transportation channel has lost its original Yaori-level article detection function. Anything that enters the Eye of Dorothy through that channel will only be judged as "ordinary colorful seasoning". Compressed and sealed the kingdom of God in the storage room of the Golden Palace and sent it into the semi-mechanical moon together with the packing box. Now we have to use the same method to send Mr. Eman’s golem and potion into our destination. "!

It briefly explained the method of bringing the "prohibited items" into a military important city, and the Mad Knight also explained the source of the materials used in the construction of the golem.

However, after this question, "Destroy Whispers" soon thought of a new question, that is-as a construction butler who manages magic facilities, wouldn't she know that someone has entered the Cyborg Eye? Is it a city that no one has set foot in for millions of years? Doesn't she know that the freight channels she monitors are transporting something incredible?

The slightly frowning spellcaster quickly asked this question, and Kane patiently answered this question carefully:

"Yes, she will know! Keta Roland knows that even if a quark particle in her "kingdom" comes in and goes out, she also knows that there is nothing and nothing in the cargo aisle, but rest assured, we don't I need to worry about being intercepted and interfered by her, because the queen of the makeup has neither the authority to attack the "Netherel first-class legal citizen", nor the authority to take the legal finances of the "Netherel first-class legal citizen" without authorization. The fact is In the past, every time she wanted to get the magical resources sent to the Eye of Dorothy, she still needed my uncle to help her get things out of the postal center."

Although he couldn't find anything to be proud of, Kane used a triumphant and proud tone when talking about the various restraints of the makeup queen.

However, no matter how perfect the beautiful plan is, it is by no means simple and step-by-step to deal with a throne of the sun. So after describing the planned process of "entering the Eye of Dorothy", Huiyue turned his head on. The knight's expression quickly became serious.

I saw that he turned to say in a slightly helpless tone:

"In fact, what we need to worry about is definitely not Ketaloran's initiative to show up, because we have made all the preparations to fight her head-on, and because of the Netheril civilization's "constructs are not allowed to actively attack humans"" As a result of the law, we must have the opportunity to launch an attack first. In fact, the thing we worry most is that Ketarolan is so smart that he pretends not to see you, like my uncle, and doesn’t take the initiative to show up, and that means we have to find ways to do it. Just enter the central hall where she is usually... Once this most difficult situation really occurs, we might be mentally prepared to return without success."...

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