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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1257

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Chapter 1257: Construct.

What is the plan to construct the queen? What efforts did she viciously make for the realization of her plan? As a collaborator who has worked with her for more than 400,000 years, Kane must be very clear that Elman must also have obtained a lot of information from the mad knight.

After all, judging from the current situation, Ketaloran obviously has no way to leave the Cyborg Moon to contact the outside world, so she had to find ways to cultivate a strong enough legendary powerhouse to help herself obtain resources beyond the reach. Eman did tell what the punk shining powerhouse wanted.

That's right, it's the divinity and the kingdom of God!

Break out of the cage with the help of the divine fusion of the soul? This decision is really crazy and whimsical. Punk has never heard of any warlock professional who has used this seemingly opportunistic but dangerous means to succeed.

But after all, the attempt to use this method by a virtual soul is unprecedented, and the divinity is very rare after all, and there are few related experiments that can be traced in history, so whether such a hypothesis is effective and how specific is the effect? It's hard to guess.

At least from the theoretical level, if you ignore some unpredictable side effects... "Destroy Whispers" thinks that the idea of ​​constructing a queen may really be effective, after all, the soul after being assimilated by the divine is already The essential changes have taken place, and it is really hard to say whether the constraints derived from the “system setting” can continue to hinder the thinking of a “divine person” at that time.

I think this is the reason why the current Baron Pisadas wants to defeat Ketarolan quickly. How much divinity Ms. Finger has acquired, once Ketaloran really finished breaking out of the cage... It is absolutely conceivable what will happen to the "Instant Kill Gun" who has obviously made a betrayal now. !

So the question now is... Even if the two adventurers already have the qualifications to enter the Eye of Dorothy, how can they "district" the two Lunar Professionals against the Constructed Empress who has Yaori level strength? ?

Although both punk and Kane are among the few actual combatants in the multiverse, the realm of Huiyue is always as difficult to cross as the sky. Only two Huiyues want to be with a Yaori, even if it is The head-to-head battle of the Yaori Throne who doesn't have too many combat methods is definitely looking for death.

So at this time, the support of the ancient existence of Old Eman is very important............

"You definitely want to ask me what is the way to defeat Ketaloran, right? Don't worry, listen to me first-the so-called battle is essentially a game between fighters. The advantages and disadvantages that affect the balance of victory must be taken from Considering from the perspective of the two parties involved in the war, then let's first consider what are the unfavorable factors in the Keta Roland who was created to manage the Cyborg Moon."?

Looking at the two "juniors" in front of him with a smile, the expression of "Scarlet Scepter" seemed very confident.

"My uncle knows some of Ketarolan's weaknesses. In fact, long ago my uncle discovered that her way of thinking is rather rigid and rigid, and even though she is a Yaori-level construct and has a lot of theoretical knowledge, But in fact, she doesn’t have sufficient actual combat experience. I don’t think the great master Dorasz had any reason to install combat tools on a butler golem...Of course, the queen of construction has been trying to find ways for all these years. Using the Kingdom of God as a material to transform her body, she may now have some weapons. My uncle’s golden palace used to be a special warehouse for her experimental materials, but my uncle thinks that those things designed by her are quite good. Looks like"?

Answering the old Eman’s question, Kane was actually telling punk more relevant information. These valuable information were tentatively found out by the mad knights in the process of "cooperating" with the construct queen for many years. Now they are bound to Will play the greatest value in a sinister meeting plan.

For example, the "Destroy Whispers" at this time knows what specific role Kane’s mysterious golden palace has, and he can probably guess that the makeup queen seems to be unable to collect a large amount of materials from the outside in a short period of time. Bring in the Eye of Dorothy.

So how should this information be used to get the maximum advantage? How can he and the mad knight, the two shining moon professionals, obtain the power to fight against the Yaori strong?

Next, the old Eman with a gloomy tone will give a subtle explanation:

"Yes, just as Mr. Bisadas said, Keta Roland's weakness is very obvious! Although the Golden Palace has been taken back by her in time, we have lost further understanding of her "Kingdom Material Research Project". Opportunity, but we still know that she will use magical materials as parts for refitting herself, which gives us the possibility of targeting. As for how to fight against the Yaori powerhouse..."


Ran out a dry finger at random and pointed at the rain curtain beside him, and saw that with an obscure space law ripples, a two-person tall structure with a dark golden luster also appeared in the three professions. In front of him.

It is an armored structure that can only be described as "strengthening". The sharp metal lines are shining with deep brilliance against the flames. Although its debut does not have any stormy waves that shake the world, its existence is also shocking. It was as unknown as the lifeless statue, but at the moment of noticing this powerful creation, the pupils of "Destroy Whisper" or "Instant Killing Gun" were involuntarily constricted abruptly.

A powerful weapon beyond imagination! This is the highest evaluation punk has given to this dark golden alchemy armor!

"Owl Owl, never doubt Old Eman’s craftsmanship. Old Eman was the chief alchemist of the Alchemy Research Association of the Age of Awakeners! Take a look at this powerful masterpiece. The detection capabilities are all available. Although it is inevitable that there are slight flaws, it is also harmless. Now, as long as you drink a bottle of "Norasim Quick Thinking Solvent" that can temporarily greatly increase the reaction speed, you will be a low-profile version of Yao Japanese professional! How? After seeing this guy, are you more confident in the battle you are about to participate in?"

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