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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1237

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Chapter 1237: hammer!.

Aikar’s business is for the future. Punk currently does not have sufficient assets that he does not need to use to do business with others. Although considering that the current Silent Alliance is at war with the Pantheon, theoretically the caster can Trying to rob a few gods as extra money, but...

When I think that I, the "provisional reviewer", is still engaged in a war with others, "Destroy Whispers" feels that his head hurts rarely.

The war is said to have begun. These are all expected, but unfortunately, the first confrontation did not completely come to an end. One of the war participants has no soldiers to come out to fight.

If the smiling subordinates are dead, you can go to the Pantheon and ask for a few more. Although the wealthy gods will hurt, it is not a problem to gather a few weak divine powers to assist the god of killing.

So where should the "whispering of destruction" of battle victory and strategic failure go to find new men? Would you like to find the "chairman" too?

You should know that when punk was preparing to fight at the beginning, punk was also looking forward to the "guildmaster" coming back to preside over the overall situation. He could use the operations of several subordinates to reap the benefits, but the current spellcaster really hopes that the throne will be crowned tens of millions Don't come back too early, because this "war" of seeing the undead is really cruel! It may be difficult to say whether the blood and tears are cruel or cruel, but the pain of the war is not fake.

"Oh, Linton Hughes, are the "Candy Merchant" and the young devil settled together?"

Reluctantly turned to question his construction butler, Punk mentioned the legendary twin sister and brother in a silent tone like mentioning two flower pots that didn't know where to put them.

He really feels that his subordinates are very wasteful, not only waste is not loyal, not only is not loyal, and even the brain does not exist, so the decision made by "Destroy Whisper" when he saw the "Pious" has not changed until now. After returning to his magic tower, Master Huiyue, who didn't even want to say a word, completely ignored Mimibezi's laughing eyes and threw the two of them to his big spider butler.

Nowadays, punks have put the newly acquired Otitata metal ore into the warehouse. If you want to come to Linden Houston, you should have found a place for the two "flower pots" in the many vacant rooms of the Magic Tower. Right.

"Return to the great Master Huiyue, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", I took the two of them to the third basement of the Magic Tower, where Ganatica used to live, and I told them that they are not allowed without your order. Leaving without authorization, Ms. "Candy Merchant" also promised that she and her younger brother would never take a half step out of the door of the room without authorization."

The faithful Lindon Hughes replied.

"Did Ganatika used to practice the sword in the basement? That's good, it is far enough from the energy core of the magic tower, and then let them stay there honestly until the "guildmaster" comes back."

Feel free to play with the white porcelain cup in his hand, and before hearing the report from the construction butler, the punk expression had returned to a gloomy calm.

In theory, it’s not in line with punk’s habit of “absolute caution” to let two legendary powerhouses with a bit of strength live inside their magic towers, but even if the task of “leading subordinates” becomes “watching children” and busy with magic The researched "Whisper of Destruction" cannot always pay attention to whether the "vase" outside the magic tower will be forcibly broken by adventurous enemies, right?

So in order to make sure that I don’t really become a polished commander, simply let Mimibezi and Oakley live in the basement. The next punk plan is to use the Otitata metal knocked from Aikar’s hands as soon as possible. To complete the magic transformation of the next-level Huiyue Golem, it’s best to make a weapon for Miu Lan Oona that can be used for actual combat at the Huiyue level. He doesn’t have time to rack his brains to calculate the Pantheon or defend against the Pantheon. Calculate

After all, the exquisite dagger left by Walkway is not enough at this stage, and the golem of Mage Huiyue can't fight with bare hands all the time.

"Before a large group of people stood on the Khatak Plain and did nothing to do nothing but doubts, but now it’s alright, the "executors" are close to the group's destruction, let alone the "guild leader" has not returned, even if she does come back, it is impossible. It’s the same flexible layout of various strategies as I did with the wizard guild before, and I took the two wastes and stayed in the magic tower without going out to concentrate on research, which can effectively avoid doubt. Maybe... this is also an alternative. "Blessings and misfortunes rely on, and misfortunes are fortunes"."


I directly summoned the quartet Otitata metal ore into the air, feeling the rich and lawful aura emanating from this magical ore, watching the almost overflowing torrent of energy that could not hide at all, with a calm expression" "Destroy Whispers" had already left the task of "guild leader" behind without hesitation.

Fight, fight... I will fight you with a hammer! As a mage, it is not doing proper work if you don't calm down and do research. This is called sharpening the knife and not cutting wood by mistake.

As for the so-called "war"... Don't ask, ask is to lose, not to fight!

Victory or defeat is commonplace in the military. How can there be wars in the world where victory is not allowed to be defeated?

Anyway, there is no desire for war in the eyes of Master Huiyue. He just wants to promote and improve his strength as soon as possible. The self-aware mad knights are a step ahead, and the casters who need time and resources have no time to spend on the boring battlefield. Step by step?

When one's own strength is finally strong, it doesn't matter anymore about war or something.

"Speaking of the energy core of the magic fan lock is the high-end magic creation of the Netheril era. I have always wanted to study it carefully but I can't spare enough time. Now I can just get a glimpse of the mystery, if nothing happens. , As long as I can further understand the alchemy principle of Radiant Moon-level construction items, my spellcasting level will definitely be improved? And the same is true for Haitezta’s magic box, I don’t know what the "guildmaster" used when transforming it. Will magic technology be too complicated"............

Thinking carefully about any magical resources in his hand that could be used to research and improve his strength, the "Whisper of Destruction" focused on exploring the mystery of magic soon forgot the failed war and the two destined to stay in the basement of the dark magic tower. Wannian's legendary devil sister and brother.

It is worth mentioning that the punk who failed to rescue his subordinates in the process of chasing and killing the "Smiling" subordinates did not succeed in rescuing his subordinates. In fact, he did not get any rewards, because he experienced the first bright moon level battle and rare full speed As a result of traveling thousands of miles, his spellcasting level has been improved by one level.

Now the wizard of Bright Moon, who is about to enter the next stage of research, is actually a fifty-fourth-level spellcaster.

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