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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1236

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Chapter 1236: business.

In the Great Plain of Hatak, in the Magic Tower of Bright Moon.

Silently watching the grassland scenery outside from the few windows of the magic tower, the "Whisper of Destruction" slowly sipping a cup of tea in his hand did not reveal any abnormal emotional fluctuations.

Now punk can drink Morris jade fruit tea again, because Ganatika's imperial state on the small plane left by the "death pattern wind lantern" is not bad, and the plane that is nominally punk is now Just like a farm, it continuously provided him with soul magic crystals and jade fruit tea.

In fact, normally speaking, this way of operating on a small plane as a farm is the way for most legendary professionals to accumulate wealth, but punk research requires a lot of resources to support, so he has never joined the "mainstream" The farmer’s circle.

But fortunately, a certain legendary soldier now uses the identity of a wage earner to help Master Huiyue take care of the crops, and "Destroy Whispers" can be regarded as a relatively stable source of income although it is a drop in the bucket.

Speaking of it, it may be due to character and behavior. The "punishment mechanism" of the long river of fate seems to have never taken any action against Ganatika, who is "safeguarding oneself", but the various troubles experienced by punk have never stopped. So in this respect, the taciturn young Avengers should probably be a "farmer" to run the field from the beginning, and it is good to be able to receive at least a little jade fruit tea.

Of course, it is still impossible to rely on "farming" to obtain precious wealth and treasures. In the legendary world, only cruel looting can really solve the problem of insufficient research funding, and with the improvement of professional level and spell-casting realm , Ordinary looting and killings can’t even help a Huiyue powerhouse to get rid of “poverty”, so no matter what the subjective will of a spellcaster is, it’s the same to focus on those who have been famous for a long time. The indispensable "crazy" result.

Punk himself is like this. His source of wealth is largely dependent on the rewards of the "guild leader", and Aikar, who lives in the Eternal Forest, seems to be no exception, but he uses the one that he can't do for the time being. It's just a guessing method of using great divine power.

Plundering the wealth of an old and great divine power, devouring the opponent's flesh and blood, chewing the opponent's bone marrow, achieving one's own ambition...

Punk remembers the expression on the face of the "piety" when he said this very clearly. There was no embarrassment or arrogance in his tone, but pure, winning confidence and taking it for granted.

Although "Destroy Whispers" can hardly imagine how a priest should firmly control his "belief" god, he also has no way of knowing why the once brilliant combat god Seciona has become so now." There’s no power to bind chickens.” You can only let a young luminous priest do whatever he wants, but punk has to admit that everything the goddess of life possesses is definitely a huge wealth, and it’s a fortune that can make Anyone's jealous wealth!

In the face of this wonderful wealth, Aikar did not hesitate to slaughter a few fellow elves just to weaken the power of a god, and the spellcaster who witnessed this wealth is of course also happy to help someone who is good at conspiracy calculations. The smiling pastor assumed the title of slaughter.

That's right, since the priest Huiyue generously gave a whole piece of Otitata metal ore to the gloomy spellcaster, his "provocation" was no longer a provocation, but a sum worthy of punk thinking. "Business".

The Otitata metal ore is a very precious magical resource of Bright Moon level. Although it is not possible to show all the mysteries of this mine with punk alchemy technology, the very knowledgeable Master Bright Moon knows it. , This kind of metal ore can be turned into Yaori material after being processed by advanced alchemy technology!

In terms of value alone, the "compensation" given by Aikar cannot be unreasonable. If it weren't for the fact that Mimibez and Ocles were his last two subordinates, the cold "whisper of destruction" would take them both The waste legend will not hesitate to send it out in exchange for such a piece of magic metal.

What's more, even though the situation is critical and critical, the two devil brothers and sisters from hell are lucky enough to survive, right? Looking at it this way, in the plague incident of the Elven King Court, Punk only paid a little reputation price that was meaningless to him and exchanged for a piece of precious Lunar material. This transaction can really be called a steady loss. Don't earn anymore.

In addition, what makes the current Master Huiyue think deeply is that the "piety" obviously has more precious treasures in his hands. The one ton of Otitata metal ore is nothing but the magnificent wealth in the hands of the goddess of life. It was just the tip of the iceberg. When I thought that there were still so many Huiyue and even Yaori-level resources in the kingdom of Psyche, the punk's heart would inevitably burn a flame called greed.

It is possible to help oneself step into Yaori's magical resources!

"President" has been missing for almost 70,000 years. The magical resources she left me before she left are almost used up. Now it seems... It's time for me to find a new way to make money. The level of improvement is absolutely It cannot be stagnant, this is the most important thing to consider."

After drinking the last bit of jade fruit tea in one sip, the eyes of the caster who put down the cup were already glimmering with meaningful thinking.

Yes, new financial avenues, new wealth, and doing business with Aikar may be a good choice.

In fact, if it weren't for the confidence and mystery displayed by a certain Pastor Huiyue, Punk would actually want to kill the elusive "piety" and take away all his opportunities.

But it is a pity that it is not a wise idea to tell "Destroy Whispers" with sufficient reason.

Regardless of whether it is easy to win a battle with the opponent in the Eternal Forest, which belongs to Aikar, the words of Pastor Huiyue cannot be ignored at will.

In fact, "only the wealth that I took out and I don’t need"... the meaning of this sentence is really obvious. The "piety" can plunder the assets of the goddess of life because he has the freedom to enter and exit the goddess of great power. The authority of the country, this authority that belongs exclusively to the chief priest of the life god cult, is certainly impossible to be obtained by others by force.

And the "wealth I don't need" he said is undoubtedly implying punk-his moon-level priest does not compete with the caster for limited resources, as long as everyone "makes money with peace", those treasures will be you sooner or later. of.

Well, a very good businessman thinking is much better than the naive thinking of the "Candy Merchant" back then.

Punk must admit that Aikar's words have moved him. He has temporarily given up his gangster thinking of risking a war with Pastor Huiyue and has turned to thinking about how to use "doing business" to get what he wants.

Although for the time being... Master Huiyue, who is so poor as to be clanging, must not be able to do business with others...

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