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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1238

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Chapter 1238: Caravan.

On the plane of Faerun, the Khatak Plain has always been a very famous and absolutely forbidden area, because any intelligent creature with visual organs can see a tower standing between the sky and the earth on the far border of the Khatak Plain. The bright moon magic tower blooms day and night, so in order to avoid getting close to the "landmark building" that represents danger and terror as much as possible, except for very few travel merchants who want money and have the courage to cross the Great Plains of Khatak Except for business dealings with distant kingdoms, the vast majority of wealth-seeking businessmen can only frankly avoid the vast verdant grasslands and go to other countries to pursue wealth from the farthest border of the Khatak Plain.

However, it is not easy to get around a large plain that cannot see the border at a glance and once carried the volume of an imperial kingdom. Originally, the area of ​​the Faerun Plane was too large, even if it was only a trade exchange between two small kingdoms. It is already difficult, and now it is necessary to walk a full five times the straight-line distance, which makes the already dangerous and time-consuming business journey more time-consuming and laborious.

After all, there are always countless magical creatures wandering in the open wilderness. These terrifying existences that have the strength of official-level professionals at any time can cause destruction to ordinary caravans.

Therefore, in order to ensure safety as far as possible on the remote roads where there is no guarantee at all, no matter how bold they are to conduct cross-border trade, wealthy traders often have to hire at least two and at most five formal-level professionals as protection. , And even if the road is unimpeded, it would take at least five years for a round-trip commercial operation!

For most ordinary people, this kind of business action is a "big choice" that you can't participate in several times in your life, and for those nobles who can hire professionals, it is often too often to organize such a large-scale business trip. You need to block most of your own property to barely support it-although transnational trade, and trade things or special products, magic resources absolutely represent amazing benefits and wealth, but once they appear on the journey of not going to the village but not going to the shop five years ago Any question, even the great nobles of a small kingdom will lose their money.

Natural disasters, man-made disasters, terrible monsters, and boring and amazing travel time... The two countries separated by the Khatak Plain are really unlucky. Any trade between them is a huge gamble. Every caravan walking close to the border of the Khatak Plain must also be a group of trembling crazy gamblers.

For example, this group of caravans that have just traveled halfway to the distance are typical examples of gamblers-this is a trade brigade that bears the full value of the three noble families in the Kingdom of Haminaz!

The location of the Kingdom of Haminaz is in the northern part of the Khatak Plain. This area specializes in a magic metal that is very suitable for making a formal circle. People say that this kind of high is unlikely to be formed naturally. Purity metal deposits are a by-product of a legendary powerhouse who failed to challenge the "Whisper of Destruction" and released a powerful spell, but there is no such good use in the territory of the "Budalados" kingdom in the southern part of the Khatak Plain. The fact that magic metal exists seems to prove this conjecture.

In terms of national strength alone, the Kingdom of Potalados, which has no metal deposits, is much stronger than the Kingdom of Haminaz. They must be extremely jealous of a piece of magical metal veins, but they are separated from the two sides of the "Hartak Plain". It is impossible for a country to solve the problem of ownership of a rare resource in the most "perfect" way of war, so trade with immense benefits has emerged as the times require.

The nobles of the Haminaz Kingdom organized a caravan to sell magic metals to the nobles of the Potalados Kingdom to earn a lot of gold, while the Potalados Kingdom used several gold mines to purchase scarce magic metals. The circulation of the economy began to operate, and those great aristocrats who were on the verge of bankruptcy were also willing to treat this risky trade as a gamble to comeback.

Gambling requires a bargaining chip. A caravan consisting of dozens of "siege behemoths" filled with magic metal containers and 50 meters tall is the so-called bargaining chip. Now the "chips" are going to pursue it. Take back the gold, which represents wealth, to rejuvenate your family. For this reason, everyone in this team of businessmen must live the least on those “siege behemoths” who can run without sleep, eat or drink at a constant speed for decades. Five years.

What a huge caravan, they are as mighty as a traveling town.

It’s just that in this “town” with a rugged style, there is a unique landscape that is incompatible with the wind and sand of the wilderness. For example... a pampered teenage girl and a team of young performers who are good at various performing arts of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting The maid is not in line with the laborious style of the conventional "trading caravan".

Under normal circumstances, a caravan with sufficiently strict discipline cannot tolerate the existence of "useless labor", and an eldest lady with only two ranks of combatants and a group of chirping little maids obviously cannot belong to "labor". Category, so their status in the caravan has never been self-evident.

Yes, although no one will say it outright, in fact...they are part of the goods that are planned to be sold.

And compared to the expensive value of magic metal, whether it is a noble lady or a group of well-trained little maids, they are nothing more than a "gift" to "show their attitude". They were married by three noble families. Tools are used to "maintain friendly relations" with the Potalados noble family.

In fact, the aristocratic girl who is sitting on the railing on the back of the "siege behemoth" and watching the road far away is "daily sighing" because of her identity and fate of having to travel far away.

"Hey, the magic tower in the distance is so beautiful. No matter how long you look at it, you won’t get tired of it. The purple light and the blue shadow are intertwined, and even the clouds are slowly rotating around it. I really don’t know how to approach it. It’s a bit shocking to watch such a magical building... Anna, people say that there is a terrifying archmage who can destroy a country with a wave of his hand in that magic tower. You say what they are saying is true. ".

Staring at the magic tower with dazzling light that spilled into the sky, stirring the wind and clouds, the aristocratic girl full of yearning in her tone couldn't help but sway her slender legs while asking the close-knit maid next to her.

It is not difficult to see that this girl who is still in the cardamom age is really curious about the legend about the mysterious magic tower and the "evil archmage".

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