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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1071

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Chapter 1071: Dead text lantern..

The battle is over. After a simple and loose battle, the two demon lords Saan Rado and Sa Ansis fell into the destruction of the "trace of light" released by the morning star mage, and their skeletons became ossified. As steam, the flesh turns into blood, the soul is returned to nothingness, the chaos disappears, the towering giant monster has disappeared in the raging torrent of energy, and the whole empty rift is finally left with countless deep valleys and small A towering mountain that collapsed and broke like a broken wall.

But... for the punk in the silent battlefield, the things he needs to pay attention to are far from over. At this moment, the caster with the dark golden pupils burning and holding the "pale scepter" is standing together. A huge but comparable to the wall of the abyss lord’s bones, looking at the scarlet hot sky in the far northwest, even after winning the siege of two morning star monsters, the expression of "Destroy Whispers" is still only a deep silence. .

In fact, as early as about three seconds ago, the seemingly cloudless sky was still bursting with brilliant white "little suns" one after another, and the morning star magic fluctuated in punk. The position of is clearly perceivable, but when the caster has solved the demon lord at hand and intends to go over to see the situation, Horaka's defense line seems to have killed awe-inspiring attacks on the border but has disappeared. Up...

"It's really weird. This kind of fighting momentum is definitely not needed to deal with demons. If a Morningstar professional's Morningstar killer can defeat the enemy, then he can release it three or two times in a row at most. If even the strongest assassin cannot bring victory to the combatants... Isn’t it the most important thing to turn around and run away? Is there any Morningstar professional in the world that is strong enough to run and shoot Morningstar kills? The trick "after the break" is not successful?"

Looking at the cracked sky that is slowly being repaired by the laws of nature in the distance, feeling the solemn atmosphere of unknowingly killing in the air, and carefully analyzing some reasonable situations, the punk feels that he has no reason to treat such an obvious "abnormal phenomenon". "Think of it as a trivial matter.

After all, no matter how you think about it, the reason why Morningstar professionals regard the "Morning Star Killer Move" as a hole card killer like a common spell for no money. There is only one explanation in the battle under normal circumstances-that is, he is not at all. In the "battle" where every bit of strength and time is striving for careful planning, but struggling to fight for life and even to die together, the flamboyant fireworks that shake the sky and the earth are enough to prove that the unlucky Mr. De Clay can't escape 80% of the time. A terrible attack to escape.

So now the question worthy of punk's serious attention is............ The gorgeous light and shadow effects have disappeared for three seconds. At this moment, has the Morningstar Pastor who seems to have two brushes escaped? In other words, has it successfully perished with the unknown enemy?

And from the analysis of the current situation, who will be the strong enemy that De Clay will encounter? It can't be eight or nine demon lords swarming up, right? Punk did not perceive the explosion of any Morningstar's ultimate move level laws carrying chaotic aura or abyssal energy.

"...The Pantheon's stick has encountered an extraordinary problem, so do I still need to go and check it out? This is a question worth pondering, but for the time being... …It’s better to destroy the chasm in the abyss at hand, or else a demon lord will pop out again, maybe another fight will happen.”

While talking to himself in his heart, he shrugged helplessly. The caster with twinkling pupils finally suppressed his "nosy" mentality. Anyway, to him, the Pantheon guys can only be regarded as a group of "surfaces". "Allies", what is the relationship between De Clay's life and death and selfish "Destroy Whispers"?

What Morning Star Mage needs to do is just perfunctorily hit a dozen demons and smash the chasm in the abyss before he can go back to the affair. Even if there is a major accident, he can throw it to the name of "Star Wolf" Donnella. The commander on board has a headache.

It's just that, will things really go as smoothly as he imagined?

the answer is negative.

Yes, the sad part of this world is that there are always too many troubles that are destined to be inevitable. A slap in the face can still be slapped. In fact, any legendary professional who goes out on an adventure never needs to ask for trouble. , Anyway, all kinds of troubles will always come to the door by themselves.

For example, now, Punk believes that his mentality at this time can be called peaceful and even "Buddha". As a traditional mage who has lived for more than 200,000 years, "Destroy Whispers" even rarely put down his own " Excessive" curious, but... when the caster waved the giant hand of energy to push away the scarlet haze, when the shrewd perception caught a breath of extraordinary morning star in the first time, when he came to a huge black and red door. When punk saw a thin and scumbag figure standing in a scorching blood-red haze waiting for him from a distance, the morning star mage, who secretly sighed, could only sigh that his luck was really bad.

Obviously, this time there was another terrible trouble that came to the door without warning.

"Hello, Mr. "Dead Wind Lantern", what are you doing here"?

"Shhh~~Don't make any noise, I am ambushing a very powerful Morningstar Mage. The guy named Punk-Sean is clever, and he can't let him find me until I get a few more powerful demons."


Yes, that's right, this madly smiling, thin, rickety, and somewhat embarrassed "brain-handicapped youth" guy is the red-robed mage who once wrote the "Walkway's Flesh Golem Making Notes" "Dead Text Lantern"-Walkway-Zuo Fan, as the saying goes, seeing a real person this time, punk has also seen this crazy guy who can be described as "ridiculous" by the "chairman".

Look at the weird appearance of this neurotic spellcaster. His dirty red robe can no longer see the original color. The messy hair is more tangled than the chicken coop in the countryside, and his black claws are placed on the wide area. The outside of the gown that is too far is more like a terminally ill version of Parkinson’s syndrome, which jitters and jitters from time to time...

And most importantly, even though there is still quite a long distance from the opponent, "Destroy Whisper" can still cautiously and keenly notice the completely unconcealed battle traces on the "Dead Text Lantern"-being torn to the left. Half of the fabric reveals half of the body and the iconic red robe with floral underwear, as well as those large and small wounds that have been dripping with blood that have not been fully healed, and...

The head of the Morning Star Pastor De Klay that was hung from Walkway's belt!

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