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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070: Devil crusade (3) end.

The law of dissociation of the tracer wave is effective in destroying defenses and other killings, while the flames of Saanthis's mouth are obviously more focused on ultra-high temperature burning and powerful explosive impact. When these two powerful morning stars shake the world When the unbridled firepower of the killer moves collided with each other, even the punk had to defend against the scattered waves of laws and tides to evade. After all, this level of destructive kills in the star realm is enough to blow up a mid-sized position. The face, that is, a magical creation like the Plane of Faerun that cannot be explained by common sense at all can rely on the rocky bottom layer that is strong to a strange degree to avoid the disintegration of the continental framework.

And in this case, facing such a destructive attack, but unable to stop the car so that he rushed straight into the depths of the shocking energy ball, the fate of the unlucky abyss lord Saan Rado can obviously be imagined from time to time. It's... so to speak, it's dead!

After being hit by the huge body of the Morningstar Demon, the liquid dissociation law with tracking attachment characteristics immediately found a new attack target under the intentional guidance of the "Destroy Whisper", and saw the powerful energy that engulfed many fire elemental energies rotating at high speed The liquid instantly turned into a sticky jelly and bombarded Saan Rado’s hideous head. In an instant, the dark dissociation power not only melted the demon lord’s flesh and blood armor into ionic form. The black and red blood water, the law of scorching and devouring, the flame blazed with the devil's soul as fuel.

From the perspective of the morning star mage flying along the body of the morning star demon, which is more majestic than the mountains, the morning star's ultimate move that has splashed Saan Rado is like a dark sea sweeping the blood-red land, and all are involved. The bone spurs in the waves melted like hard candy roasted by charcoal fire in a blink of an eye. Even the uneven "ground" exploded with fountain-like blood pillars due to the squeezing of external forces.

Although the Abyss Lord who seemed to be relying on his instinct to release talented spells turned the blood on his body into a crowd of howling little ghosts frantically attacking non-existent enemies, in fact, the destruction of this "land of chaos" was completely unstoppable.

Only less than one hundredth of a second passed, and Saan Rado, who was completely stuck in the package of two Morning Star's ultimate moves, fell silently into death after a short frantic struggle or two. The huge monster named "Mountain" was completely wiped out as if it had never existed before. Even on the ground that was lifted off all the peaks and hills, the Abyss Lord only left a few harder bones soaked in it. The few remaining dissociation laws are silently dissolved............

So far, the first hunting target was finally wiped out after a simple calculation by punk.

"It's a sad idiot, but now it seems that the "tips" that Ganatica told me to deal with demons are completely effective even when used on the abyss lord of the morning star level. This group of big monsters will be activated after a little temptation. This is a high-speed displacement technique called "ridiculous collision" in hell. As long as you make good use of it, the attack released by the devil is the most effective slaughter blade, and the huge body of the devil is even more powerful. A perfect barrier shield".

Suspended in the sky full of fragments of law, the "Whisper of Destruction" staring at the corpse of Saan Rado below, silently summarized the perfect theory that he had proved in practice, while looking at the other miserable Abyss Lord." The location of "Saanthis".

In this battle plan, the punk had already made up his mind to use the demon’s own attacks to destroy themselves, but now the facts have fully proved that the caster’s idea is perfect, and Saan Rado did not come forward. A well-known "ridiculous charge", the irritable Saanthis also completed a powerful assist with appropriate benefits. As the instigator, the morning star mage not only easily solved one of his enemies from two directions at the same time, in the blink of an eye. Using the huge body of the Morningstar Demon to resist the aftermath of Morningstar's ultimate move, he even lost only two outermost magic shields.

And during the time that the abyss lord's bones turned into dust and disappeared with the wind, Punk had once again filled up the seventeen layers of spell defense as he wanted, and the star robes on his body were still spotless.

"The one-on-two battle is over, the following is a simpler and easier heads-up process... But in order to avoid trouble, I still have to solve this guy as soon as possible."

After confirming the thoroughness of Saan Rado's death, the "Destroy Whisper", who once again began to vigilant against any abnormal surging energy in the chaotic battlefield, quickly arranged the death penalty for the second prey who roared boldly.

This is obviously not a difficult situation. After all, Saanthis couldn’t find a silly Abyss Lord to act as a physical shield in the kind of earth-shattering grand explosion just now, relying on physical strength to fight hard. I don’t know how many morning star levels were killed. The Lord of the Abyss, who had left aftermath, was now like a piece of raw meat that had been grilled by a flamethrower.

But at this moment, the thing that really makes punk frown is obviously not the half-remnant Morningstar demon in front of him that is no longer a threat. The "trouble" he has to look and distract for is actually a vaguely distant one. Severe law fluctuations in the northwest direction............

As far as the Master of Morningstar knows, the position in that direction should be the end of the Karamsi Empire Horaka’s line of defense, and according to the task assignment, it should be the main one belonging to Anthony’s associate and deputy priest "De Clay". Responsible for clearing the area-it just looks like the mushroom cloud that is so large that a large group of explosive flashes ignite the sky so that it can be clearly seen in the battlefield where punk is located, this kind of majestic magic explosion is not at all Like the posture that an elite Morningstar professional should pose when hunting demons............

"What's the matter? Don't the pantheon guys want to perfunctory action? What are they doing now?"

Some weird thoughts secretly, punk is really a little strange what kind of accident the pastors came up with when they came up with such a momentum.

Although in theory, whether or not the pantheon’s “surface ally” encounters any accidents, it has nothing to do with the cold-blooded “Destroy Whispers”, but...

"Forget it, after solving this demon and clearing one or two rifts in the abyss, let’s go and take a look. Although the Pantheon’s offer is unreasonable, it’s unreasonable to let the "unknown" that may pose a threat persist. It's not wise to ignore it."

Secretly made a cautious and utilitarian decision. The caster who had no intention of delaying the extra time decisively constructed a second "trace of light" aimed at the abyss lord Saanthis who also opened his mouth again-to deal with this The Morningstar Demon Abyss Lord who didn't have a long memory of death, the same move would still be effective even if he used it ten times in a row.

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