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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072: Lying to win? nonexistent..

This is a dangerous extreme, almost irrational, and totally reckless neurotic lunatic!

From the moment he saw Walkway, Punk had fully realized such an obvious fact. After all, he had already seen very clearly the last touch of surprise and fear hanging beside the broken robe and panties. The head of the dead man, that slightly handsome and scroll-like head is the thinking organ of the Morning Star priest "Deckley" who joined the Guardian League with Anthony on behalf of the Pantheon this time, but now it has become a carrying The conspicuous trophy of the killer was hung around the waist by the murderer. .

Up to this point, the mystery of the earth-shattering morning star wars three seconds ago has undoubtedly been suddenly revealed-due to completely unknown reasons, the red-robed mage who was only responsible for opening the abyss and should not have appeared on the battlefield. Walkerway not only stepped into the territory of the Karamus Empire, but also unscrupulously attacked a Morningstar professional who went to clean up the Demon Lord. Although the enemy De Clay tried his best to resist, he still failed. Defeat the red-robed mage with forty-four spell casting levels.

In the end, one Morningstar priest was forever reduced from the Pantheon camp, but a brand new "dead head" appeared in the "Private Collection" of "Dead Text Lantern".

"Why? Walkway, I don't understand your purpose in killing the priests of the Pantheon, and from what you just said...you still want to attack the spellcaster named "Punk-Sean"" ?

Squinting his pupils slightly, the caster holding a pale scepter had already stood at a safer distance while exiting for questioning while exuding an increasingly dangerous aura.

Although a certain mad red robe is also looking in his direction at this time, punk has to be more vigilant and ready to fight for the sake of safety, but to be honest, "Destroy Whisper" can't think of himself at all. Fighting against this fellow who belonged to the "Allies" camp can reap the slightest benefit, and he couldn't think of any reason for the other party to kill a high-quality ally from the Pantheon who specializes in dragging the mage guild.

But judging from Walkway’s squatting body looking up and down, and the plan to ambush himself just now...... Creatures who don’t know the logic of thinking at all are destined to be unreasonable. For the Hongpao Masters of the "Neuropathy Cluster", there are many actions and behaviors in the world that violate common sense and even common sense, and there is no need for complicated reasons at all.

For example, at this moment, facing the caster’s icy questioning, the "dead writing lantern" who didn't even hesitate seemed to have realized it and replied loudly as if it were taken for granted:

"Are you talking about this annoying pastor? He used to be called De Clay...Ah, ah, why did you guy tell me such a bad name? I was going to give it to my little boy. Carry the lantern and give it a nice name, but now it can only be called this disgusting, stinking, and disgusting Deckley, oh my poor little Deckley"!

The blood-stained dead man’s head was taken off from the colorful and garish belt. Walkway, who was jumping around like a big monkey without a proper shape, directly injected a lot of it into Deckley’s skull. The scorching light elemental energy, so in this shining brilliance, the head of Pastor Chenxing really shone from the inside out like a lantern with a clean glow.

Although those fresh bloodstains that have not yet condensed are destined to make this gloomy lamp look gloomy and weird, the crazy red robe craftsman who seems to have made the "lantern" expresses his joy.

I saw that this neurotic spellcaster continued to use the high and low, exaggerated voice to describe the production process of the proud lamp.

"Hey, it's not easy to get this beautiful "baby", do you know? When I heard that someone was going to destroy the "gate of chaos" that I had built up one by one, I traveled far and wide. I rushed over to ambush. These gates are all masterpieces that I finally made. In order to make Little One, Little Two, Little Three... Little Twenty-Four "grand birth" I have to work hard! I am I doubled the task assigned by the boss! As a result, now someone wants to ruthlessly destroy such a cute little thing?

Do not! no way! I'm very angry, I'm very angry! This damn pastor... This damn De Clay actually took down my cutest "Little Sixteen"! Too irritating, so irritating! I also want him to taste the pain of being demolished, right! I want to tear him down too"!


As he spoke, he became irritable. Walkway, who suddenly became angry without any signs, suddenly slammed the "human head lantern" in his hand on the hard scarlet ground. After a deafening shock wave burst out, nothing happened. The defensive head of De Clay was smashed into a mass of bloody debris on the spot, and that large pool of red and white paste mixed in the dirty dust was just how disgusting and disgusting.

However, after making such an impulsive move, Walkway, who was stunned again, changed his expression and attitude in an instant after blinking. He suddenly knelt down and sat on the ground again. Holding up a large mass of flesh and blood, weeping in sorrow.

"Oh, what did I do? Look at what I did? My poor little Dekley, I'm really sorry for you... No, you have to believe that I didn't want to do this, please forgive me. Gaffe, but this is really too sad and painful."


"A madman..."

Watching for a while, crying and laughing, dancing and dancing for a while and playing different roles for the red-robed mage, the evaluation that punk can give is only such a simple adjective in the end.

And at this moment, "Destroy Whispers" can be considered to understand why the Guardian Alliance has been internally split to such an extent, but the "guildmaster" is still worried about the main reason why the abyss demon and the red robe mage cannot be defeated—— It is because there are too many neuroses like "Dead Writing Wind Lantern" in the Red Robe Mage Guild.

Everyone is acting, and the Pantheon never thought about participating in the battle to defend the Karamus Empire. According to the script, the red robes led the demons to continuously attack, and the main force of the Guardian Alliance pretended to be invincible and retreated. In order to calculate the "method of acting", the poor Pantheon started to "Zhou Yu hit the yellow cover, one willing to fight and the other willing to endure", and the hapless Morningstar priests were the "yellow cover" and the leisurely red robes. What do you want to be "Zhou Yu"?

Isn't it good to be honest and cooperate a little and wait for "Lie Win"?

People don't! When they came up, they started to kill people and did the fakes, and Walkway wanted to use actions to prove that the red-robed mages did not eat the "food of the thirsty"! People just want to stand up and lose the war!

With this kind of brain-dead thing as an "ally", it is no wonder that the "chairman" is worried about it.

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