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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1015

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Chapter 1015: Paradox mechanism.

As the secluded canyon speaks of the weird desolation, and the storm of the law fragments shredded the beam of the setting sun, the first battle since "Whisper of Destruction" was promoted to Morning Star was truly over here.

Of course, punk, who didn’t consume much power or revealed many cards, was the winner. His enemy, "Sky Shard" Belein, has since completely become the historical wreckage of the multiverse, even considering that he is a professional Morningstar. Rhin is really a bit unknown. He may not even have the opportunity to be written into the history books by some humble kingdoms. Perhaps the title of "Sky Shard" will be marked on the head of the statistics roster of the Mage Guild in crimson font. ?

Anyway, for a legendary professional, death is enough to represent the end and disappearance of too many things.

However, regardless of whether the dead Belein deserves a pitiful or tragic boring comment, from the perspective of punk, a vested interest, his first battle on the threshold of Morningstar was really smooth.

Even a careful comparison will reveal that the smoothness of this "war" is enough to be called the smoothest battle that "Whisper of Destruction" has experienced since being promoted to the legend.

Maybe it's because Messoul and his men are too provocative about the "long river of fate"? Maybe it's because the plan of the "chairman" is exhaustive? During the execution of the entire plan, Punk and Kane, who were "hunting" as Belin’s strong opponents, did not endure any abnormal "accident" obstacles at all, and there were no troublesome situations that they could not avoid at all times. Appears, all actions are the same as planned-the infatuated "phantom mirror" perfectly believes in the lies of the mad knight, and poor Dia also "perfectly" died in the arms of the "instant killing gun", "Sky Splinter" perfectly believed the false information and stepped into the trap, and then Belein was also perfectly wiped out in the "trace of light"............

All in all, everything together was perfect and everything went smoothly. Even at the end of the battle, the two cruel "hunters" left a lot of time without exhaustion, which was more than four minutes of "long" "Time is really enough for Kane to dance around Belain's corpse.

If there are corpses in the unlucky "Sky Shards"............

"The long river of fate, interference mechanism... Is such a smooth course of action one of the obstacles of the long river of destiny to Messoul? If it is, then this time the "ambush assassination" is the "guild leader" taking advantage of the long river of destiny. Is the mechanism or the scheme of the "guild leader" used by the long river of destiny? Or is the relationship between the two originally complementary? The "guild leader" can come up with such a plan because he knows the power of the "long river of destiny". So... if this is the case, let me ask whether "destiny" created the plan of "guild leader", or did the plan of "guild leader" trigger the operation of "destiny"?

Standing in the window of his magic tower, looking at the rippling lake in the distance, staring at the green grass swaying by the lake, the punk who habitually summed up the battle couldn't help asking himself such a paradoxical question in his heart.

Yes, this is a confusing question, and it is also a question worth thinking about. Although the current "Whisper of Destruction" cannot answer the question he raised, he can faintly feel that the answer to this question involves With certain core operating mechanisms of the mysterious existence of "The Long River of Destiny", such a boring and boring question may be more valuable to find answers than many people think.

Of course, finding the answer to this paradox question is destined to be a long process. After all, even punk can’t perfectly answer every doubt he puts forward. Now as a “new morning star”, all he can do is take this The question was buried deep in the memory, and then he paid close attention to his current task.


Speaking of mission gains, the first thing worth mentioning is naturally three Morningstar-level magic resource rewards. Under the premise of the mission's success, the "guildmaster" is as honest and reliable as ever. The sufficient materials he sent are even punk enough. After completing his own Morning Star Golem, he will refurbish his old magic tower. As long as he can get these rewards, "Destroy Whisper" will only be able to give birth to one even if he understands that he has offended him. Evaluation-Earn blood, no loss!

And in addition to the basic material remuneration, the Morning Star Mage can also get another "surprise" harvest for him............that is, the promotion of professional level.

Before starting this "Ambush Assassination" plan, the Morningstar Mage, who hadn't stopped learning for a day, had accumulated a lot of accumulation. After such a big battle, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with his increase in his cast level—— If it were normal, "Destroy Whispers" casually nodded and then sighed with emotion like this one would pass.

But this time...

Well, in fact, the level increase was a bit too smooth this time. This level of smoothness is not even in line with the upgrade rules of Morningstar pros. Punk himself also knows that the main reason he can upgrade is because he is returning to magic. In the tower’s itinerary, with a sudden "intuition", I thought of a high-quality inspiration for the optimization of the "trace wave" spell model...... In fact, the existence of this "intuition" itself is a little bit letting accident.

It is only worth mentioning that the "accident" that appeared next to punk this time is not an unfavorable "trouble", but a favorable "help"!

"Is this because my obstruction to Messoul follows the wishes of "fate"? That is to say, this favorable "accidental intuition" is an alternative reward? Is it possible that the rigid mechanism of fate still uses this way? Encourage legendary professionals to follow its arrangement"?

Frowning slightly, feeling the forty-three powerful force in his soul that is not adulterated, and punk has become more and more unable to understand the weird thing full of mystery and contradiction in "The Long River of Destiny".

Of course, this issue also needs to be considered later. In the next action, punk will not work as a wage earner for the "long river of destiny" because of the existence of such a "reward mechanism".

After all, this reward is strictly speaking...it’s not quite enough. Let a morning star mage who has huge potential and doesn’t consider upgrades as a problem to take the risk of fighting another morning star powerhouse and provoking the throne of the sun, and finally give it one. A little bit of "inspirational intuition" as compensation is really perfunctory. Perhaps the "write off" of various provocative behaviors before punk is also part of the reward mechanism?

No matter how he thinks, the so-called "destiny reward" is still too scarce and too unstable. Even today's punk is not sure whether the prize is a "fate" trap or not, and he has no way of judging whether the "intuition" he has gained is or not. The special foreshadowing that "destiny" laid in order to create some "opportunities for interference"............

Therefore, for the "Destroy Whisper" at this time, the "fate of long-term" mechanism of "suspected reward calculation" is worth finding opportunities to use, but it is not worthy of being the main business for extravagant hopes. It can bring the caster's income and " The stable welfare system provided by the "chairman" is far too far apart.

Next, the caster with sufficient supplies still has to continue the research on the level of the Morning Star that "destiny" can never support-the completion of the Morning Star Golem!

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