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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1014

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Chapter 1014: End.

The release of Morningstar’s ultimate move is rapid, and the caster’s questioning will not stop the twisting and expanding liquid law. There is no need to wait for Bellein to say the so-called "last words". In a flash, it rushes again. The billowing torrent rushed towards the "prey" lying on the rock floor and unable to move anymore.

At this moment, the entire anomalously clean sky was once again obscured by the dark water curtain............

"Are you going to kill me? Come on, let's take it as much as you want. Will my Belein be afraid of death? It doesn't matter, your calculations are all meaningless, and the great Messoul plan is about to be realized. At that time, the entire universe will have to surrender under the feet of the great "arch mage", you trivial ants will all pay the price for today's arrogance and conspiracy!"

Facing the “trace of light” coming from head-on, the “sky sliver” with its azure pupils blazing clearly knew that he was bound to die. However, at this last moment, he did not hesitate to use the last bit of power. The spirit wave that declared loyalty roared.

Even if he is about to fall into this remote and despicable trap, Belein is still loyal to his "master" who is loyal to him.

Perhaps in a sense, the "Shard of the Sky" is already a fanatic of Messoul...

Of course, just as pious faith cannot save a sad god, so pious loyalty cannot save Bellein who fell to the ground.

Only after an instant, the tumbling waves rumbling in the sky, spreading dark black law energy like snowflakes from avalanche of snow-capped mountains, covering the sight one after another, the devastation endured by the deciduous woodland seems to have not ended yet, and the endless boundless killing fills up again. Filled with deep valleys and potholes-large tracts of broken laws collided with each other, and the bursting energy impact made a piercing roar between the heavens and the earth, the collapsed gravel smashed into the Black Sea, and the filthy waves boiled and rolled, waiting to continue. The endless law and the tides once again gradually calmed down until they died out. The valley, which had a diameter of over a million square kilometers, had expanded to the extent that it could hold a small plane.

And in this endless emptiness, Belein's body and soul naturally dissociated and disappeared beyond any doubt.

So far, the morning star member of the Mage Guild, the forty-fifth-level morning star spellcaster "Sky Shard" Belein-Nika has completely fallen!


"The battle is over, and now we have only spent less than seven seconds...It is estimated that Messoul has not received the news from Bellein until this time. We still have plenty of time to go back. Report the results to the "President"."

After stepping on the solid icy rocky ground and using several morning star prophecy spells to confirm that his "hunting target" is dead, the expressionless morning star mage immediately began to construct a teleportation with the star realm. Gate.

According to the caster's plan, he must now go to the star realm to get the reward from the "guildmaster", and then return to the magic tower while carefully guarding against the revenge from the wizard guild while perfecting his own morning star golem as soon as possible.

In summary, although this hearty battle was a complete success, the "Whisper of Destruction" was very busy at this time, and he did not have time to waste.

However, compared to the rushing Mage Morningstar, the mad knight who was still standing on the spot and looking at the empty battlefield seemed much more leisurely. I saw that this guy hadn't shut up for a long time and complained loudly:

"Hey, hey, your two Morningstar kills are too ruthless, right? It seems that the good things that Bellein was carrying were wiped out by you at the same time? "Guild Leader" has said The spoils seized in this battle were allowed to be distributed freely. Now my uncle feels that he has lost a lot of wealth."

Kane kicked away a piece of fine rock with his foot, and Kane, whose armor was still golden, seemed to be laughing and joking again. He looked around but didn't find any trophies that survived the "Trace of Light". After that, he started grinning for no reason while tapping the ground with a lance.

However, hitting hard on the seemingly inconspicuous, but in fact extremely solid, rock layer of the Faerun Plane has no significant effect, even though the mad knight’s lance has been knocked out of the billowing dust. The shock wave, but the gray-white crust rocks were still unscathed under such a heavy beating, and the non-existent trophies would not appear out of thin air.

The "rock layer" that maintains the stratum structure of the Faerun Plane is not a crisp low-end material. It is far from punk...or the "rock layer" that constitutes the foundation of the entire Faerun Plane, as known by the great austrian Vedrassia. In fact, it is an extremely strong alchemy creation of the shining sun level. Its sturdiness has even applied many floating city structures. Not to mention Kane’s hard percussion, even punk has released two successive "traceers of light". It is impossible for the tide to leave any traces on this gray rock formation.

This simple “rock layer” is the foundation of the Plane of Faerun’s solidity and the highest multiverse. Perhaps since ancient times, I don’t know how many legendary professionals have fought on this continent compared to the Plane of Faerun’s solidity. The words are just a little breeze blowing slowly............

"Don't think about the spoils, Mr. Besadas, "Sky Shard" has a Morning Star magic tower made by Messoul as its lair. His magic materials should be placed in the magic tower. But neither you nor I have a chance to get it...Of course, if some greedy baboon is not afraid of being caught on the spot by Messoul, then he can take everything by himself."

The punk, who speaks concisely and sarcastically, does not expect any spoils at all, will not be disappointed like the greedy Kane.

In the last experience of ambushing Ankazan, punk has fully realized how unwise it is to demolish other people’s magic towers as trophies. After all, any magic tower is not so easy to be demolished, think It takes too much time to execute the "Three Lights" strategy in the realm of legend.

Especially now that the killed "Sky Shard" is still a member of the Mage Guild and a subordinate of Mesul, even if "Destroy Whispers" is greedy, he still has to consider whether Messul is waiting for "greedy" in the magic tower. There is a possibility that "ghosts" will throw themselves into the net.

So after thinking about it comprehensively, punk feels that it is wiser to get the reward paid by the "guild leader", and that unnecessary greed is better to give up as soon as possible.

End of this Chapter