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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013: The Battle of the Morning Star (4) Fall.

There are as many as three waves of "Trace of Light" attacks. After the three waves sweep the earth and the sky like huge waves, the powerful morning star spell will slowly dissipate silently after the dark black tide that sweeps the earth and sky. By this time, all the spaces, laws, and matter submerged by the wave will be decomposed and extinguished, and the light in the entire area will be extinguished and dim due to the demise of the light element...

It is precisely because of such an astonishingly powerful destructive power that this Morningstar's ultimate move that uses the law of dissociation to attack is named "Trace of Light"!

However, although the power is very powerful, in the strict sense, the "trace of light" that exists as a "mass destruction" spell does not spread to too wide a range, and its effective killing area is actually far smaller than the average. Range-killing legendary spells. This is because Morningstar’s control over the laws has been able to achieve extreme precision and energy hits. The greatly reduced range of damage represents more deadly high-intensity damage and more difficult to evade super Fast attack speed.

So after the dark waves that extinguished the brilliance and dissociated the earth, the area destroyed by the "trace of light" was only a whole deciduous forest and a few surrounding mountains. Now the sky is obscured by the sun. Since the dark black law tide no longer exists, the area swept by Morning Star's ultimate move naturally only has a deep pothole to replace the original flat ground.

This is a super deep pit that has been eroded to the rocky layer of the Faerun Plane. If the "surface" is used as the sea level, the depth of the entire pit can reach a depth of three to four million meters.

In fact, under the turbulent waves that lasted for more than ten seconds, the ordinary plane has long been eroded by the terrifying liquid "dissociation" law, and a huge hole through the plane has been eroded, and only the plane of Faerun serves as The weird creations that have undergone the transformation of the Great Austrian Masters of the Netheril era can resist the ravages and destruction of the Morning Star spells with a weird "rock layer".

It is precisely because of the existence of this peculiar rock layer that even if the attacks released by punk are enough to fragment most of the ordinary planes in the multiverse, the mysterious plane of Faerun will not appear because of the "trivial" Morningstar's ultimate move. Large-scale disasters such as plate rupture.

Of course, for the battle between the two Morningstar professionals, it doesn’t matter how strong their battlefield is. The solidity of the plane of Faerun will not allow the unlucky professionals bombarded by Morningstar spells to escape, such as in the deep. Among the super giant pits, the dying Mr. "Sky Splinter" was already lying on the bottom of the icy rock pit and completely lost his fighting ability.

Yes, it only needs a morning star killer to hit the enemy head-on, and a punk with a caster level of 42 can instantly defeat the morning star mage "Belein-Nika" who has reached level forty-five across three professional levels. Legendary killer moves, Morningstar killer moves, and future Huiyue killer moves are such unreasonable things. If there is no equivalent means to counterattack or defend, the enemy can only run away in the face of such a terrifying “killer”. If for some reason he can't quickly escape the kill range of the enemy's assassin... then the future of fall may be about to come like a thunder.

And at this moment, at noon when the brilliance of Mira and Chicasa still shines on the earth casually, on this battlefield that was once called "deciduous woodland" and should now be called "bottomless pit", The dying Belein will embrace his fallen future, because after being bombarded by three waves of "tracers" frontally, all the defensive spells he possessed have already been shattered, and his soul has been too much. Serious erosion.

Now the "shards of the sky" with twisted limbs and scorched black lying on the bare dark gray rocky ground are as fragile, weak and vulnerable as charcoal burned by a fire!

"You are defeated, Mr. Neka, are you ready to meet your destiny?"

Holding a pale scepter in his hand, stepping cautiously on the icy rocky ground, punk's dark golden pupils stared at the immovable prey with scorching eyes.

Although the large amount of mana suddenly consumed when the Morning Star spell was released made "Destroy Whisper" feel a little uncomfortable, he would not express this feeling in front of the enemy.

Even if this so-called "enemy" is about to become a "dead man"............

So far, the entire fighting time has only passed by less than five seconds. Sufficient preparation and Bellein's weakness made the hunt of the two "hunters" seem extremely smooth, and the poor "Sky Shard" did not escape from the caster at all. By all calculations, he had reached the brink of death without even a decent counterattack, and the fruits of victory were so close at hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, this idiot is not enough to fight, five minutes? What's the point of him not being able to hold on for five seconds? We even have time to dance around his corpse, celebrate and then evacuate calmly... ………Tsk tusk tusk, the limelight is all let others out, this uncle is not full of fun at all"!

Immediately after the punk landed not far from the "split of sky", Kane, who looked a little embarrassed, also yelled bad words while carefully watching the charred "corpse" in the distance.

Although punk deliberately controlled the aftermath of the "trace of light" and the mad knight’s evacuation speed was amazing, he still consumed a lot of fighting energy to resist the large amount of dissociation law, this kind of "humiliating" The situation has made Kane's face look much uglier than usual.

However, even if the heart is unhappy, the ridicule that the "Instant Kill Gun" vents on the enemy is still carried out from a far away.

Because although Belin seems to be dying and can't move a finger, neither "Destroy Whisper" or "Instant Kill Gun" will not relax their vigilance because of this. After all, they can clearly perceive the "sky" in front of them. There is still a little faint consciousness in the "split". At this time, no one can guarantee that he will prepare some terrible means to die and wait for the enemy to come forward.

In order to avoid such troubles, the punk standing on the edge of the pit has already begun to prepare for the second powerful "Trace of Light" spell. He doesn't like to leave any chance to his enemies, and he will go far. Smashing a Morningstar killer move is the safest way to "end".

"Making a fuss"? No, this is prudence!

And this is the prudence summed up by the lives of many legendary predecessors in the era of Netheril!

It doesn't take much time, a new "trace of light" spell has been formed in the hands of punk again.

"Any last words, sad guy".

After aiming the pitch-black light group that suppressed the fluctuation of the terrifying energy at the charred "corpse", punk's cold questioning was purely to divert the enemy's attention.

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