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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012: The Battle of Morning Star (3) Kong.

Even if the complexity of the spell model is completely different, the casting speed of the Morningstar professionals will only be faster and more stable, but in a flash, the brilliance of Bellein’s fingertips has been lit up like a burst. His sparks dazzled and dazzled, and his angry mental power fluctuations also perfectly locked the Morning Star Knight, who was still attacking frantically just now, but now retreated extremely quickly.

If nothing else, the powerful spell that strikes the brilliance and extinguishment will instantly hit the morning star knight with a solemn expression and standing in the air, and Kane, who is unable to resist the attack of the forty-fifth level spellcaster, can only give up on himself. Easily obtain a close advantage to dodge.

It’s just a pity that Belein’s morning star spell "Scar of the Sky" is destined to be unable to be released, because just to the left of the "Sky Shard", I saw a man dressed like a night sky. The Chenxing Mage in the robe of Cheng Cheng was already staring blankly at the "prey" falling into the trap.


"Morning Star's ultimate move of the incantation system-the wave of tracers."

Still the same sentence, the etiquette of the mage is to meet up, hide yourself, and prepare early morningstar's ultimate move. The punk who is ready to go is waiting for the critical moment when Belin can't help but cast a counterattack. In this extraordinary moment At the time point of, he had just completed a morning star spell and had not had time to release the "Sky Shard". It was completely impossible to complete a new mobility spell or defensive spell in an instant, and the several layers of magic shields on him were still just now. Stripped by the attack of the mad knight, therefore, at this moment, the "Sky Shard", which is focused on pushing back the enemy in front of him, can be said to be in the most embarrassing stage of offensive and defensive alternation, and at this time, holding the Morningstar killer move "Destroy Whispers" has already aimed his assassin at Bellein's face full of horror and anger.

"Two fists are hard to beat four hands, but the saying is very reasonable... ... If you don't have any powerful hole cards to turn over, it is a pity that the gap between two or three levels may not help you in this simple trap. You ran away, maybe compared to Ankazan who fell on the spot before the spell was released, you will die a lot more decently and happily, but...that's it!"!

Indifferently opened the white palms, staring at the terrified enemy as if looking at a dead person, while releasing the demon of destruction that had been suppressed for a long time, the morning star mage, whose face was covered by the shadow of the hood, said to mock himself. enemy.

However, in such an emergency situation, the poor "Bellein-Neckar" may have been ignorant of what the powerful enemy that suddenly appeared to say, because he is throwing out the newly prepared "Splitting Sky". "Han" quickly built a new accelerated displacement spell to evade attacks.

Even when the dark black translucent waves that swept over came, the "splinters of the sky", which actually had no time to dodge, seemed a bit frantic.

"Destroy Whispers"? Morningstar's ultimate move? How is this possible, you are just a new morning star? Why can you have a Morningstar "killer move"? This is impossible! This is not fair"!

Watching the overwhelming laws of the sky, the waves replaced the original blue sky and came under the pressure. The entire internal space of the "Cage of Despair" and the blood-red runes that constituted the "Cage of Despair" were shattered and vanished in the crushing of the tracer waves. The "Sky Shard" that drove an ordinary "Morning Star Acceleration" attempt to escape the spell's damage range couldn't help even exclaiming.

Obviously, the fact that punk can master a Morningstar killer move at level forty-two is too surprising, especially since he has only been promoted to the Morningstar area for ten thousand years. Such a terrifying rate of progress cannot be measured by common sense at all. It is estimated that any Morningstar professional, including Kane who riskedly avoided the aftermath of the "Trace of Light", would inevitably stare at the monstrous waves that clearly belonged to the "Morning Star Spell" killing level.

Of course, for the "splinter of the sky" that is shrouded in the shadow of the enemy's killer, he can feel the emotions more than just "surprise", because the shock at the beginning quickly subsided, and then occupied Belein's heart is deep fear and despair.

The role of Morningstar's ultimate move in the battle of Morningstar professionals is too powerful. A Morningstar "prey" who can't use Morningstar's ultimate move can basically only be crushed by a Morningstar "hunter" who can use Morningstar's ultimate move. , If this hapless "prey" accidentally caught the "hunter" trap, then his fate can be said to be very miserable.

It is precisely because of such a huge power gap that when the mighty "trace of light" replaces the sea of ​​clouds and obscures the sky, Belle can truly feel this deep feeling of powerlessness.

That's right, Bellein doesn't know how to kill Morningstar! Although he has been working hard to learn his own morning star killer after reaching level forty-four, but in the world, there is probably only a professional such as punk who can master a morning star spell so quickly.

You know, the "Morning Star Spell", which has only barely reached 70% of the learning progress of "Sky Shard", does not even have the qualifications to appear on the battlefield.

So at this moment, the unlucky prey who was shot directly from the air by a deep tide to the ground has the opportunity to use their bodies to feel the mystery and power of the morning star spell!

"Do not"!

After breaking out at full speed, he barely ran to the edge of the "trace of light wave" killing range. In the end, Belein failed to escape, and the heavy liquid dissociation law directly engulfed him with the broken "cage of desperation". In the rolling waves, a large area of ​​dark black liquid quickly began to corrode the layers of defensive spells on "Sky Shard". It only takes less than one hundredth of a millisecond, and it takes a full twelve layers of solid morning stars The defensive spell shields disappeared like onion skins soaked in strong sulfuric acid, and in the "deciduous forest sea" washed by the deep black wave, the soil, energy, and space began to follow the laws of the morning star level. The power was broken down and wiped out, and the hot ion fog of various colors almost covered the original clear sky layer by layer.


This is the explosion sound made when a large amount of matter instantly turns into an ion state. The excessively violent law and tide have drawn an entire land plate into the corrosion of the tracer tide, and the billowing dark black torrent is really suddenly in a large area. A turbulent ocean was formed in the "basin" that had died out, and the destruction area, which stretched nearly a million square kilometers in diameter, had left nothing within the sight of the legendary professional.

The wave of tracer, the brilliance extinguished, the lofty mountains turned into mist, and the precipitation mist turned into nothingness... In the face of such an earth-shaking mighty force, even the surface topography of the plane of Faerun is only destined to only be beaten by the tide Let it knead!

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