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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1016

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 Chapter 1016: deal with.

"Sebastian, how is the progress of Ganatica's legendary fighting skills"?

Standing in the clean sunlight penetrating the magic window and swaying on the metal floor, the expressionless spellcaster questioned his construction butler quietly.

Although Punk hadn't told Sebastian to closely monitor the actions of the young Avengers before leaving the magic tower for a trip, he believed that he, a relatively dull old butler, could still understand many things in the magic tower.

And then, the answer of the construct steward did not disappoint punk as always. Although due to the erosion of the years and the morning star mage’s lack of attention to repairs, this increasingly old alchemy creation began to show some sporadic damage, but its The degree of work effort has not diminished at all. Even in the long working hours, "Sebastian" who has matured a lot of wisdom has also learned the skills of summarizing and describing information in words.

When faced with the caster’s question, the old butler holding the empty teacup only slightly calculated for a second and calmly answered the truth:

"Mr. Ganatika has a very regular life. He spends most of his time practicing fighting skills every day. According to the data received by the magic tower energy detection device, he can see the legend you gave him. Fighting skills have been greatly improved in the process of frequent practice, but..."

When reporting on Ganatika’s learning situation seriously, the words of the construction butler are still flat and unchanging, and the "regular life" he described is indeed a task that an "Avenger" who pursues power should focus on, but it ends here. , This report is not over yet, because Ganatica obviously did something that Sebastian could not understand.

I saw the respectful construction steward continue to say:

"Mr. Ganatika is very diligent. He practiced his fighting skills every day, but in addition to training his skills, he now spends several minutes or even more time standing in a daze every day. , I can’t see what he is thinking, but from the analysis of facial expression data capture, I think Mr. Ganatika’s mood has not improved because of the improvement of his strength.”

"In a daze? Thinking? Mood? When did the half-crazy stunner learn these things"?

Hearing the report from the old housekeeper, the punk who was just about to step into the laboratory to start golem research couldn't help but was taken aback.

It can be said that Ganatika grew up with "Destroy Whispers" when he was a child. The education plan for this brave boy was almost entirely designated by punk himself. In the impression of the caster, there is a complete "two stunner". But he never likes to think about things frequently. His actions and emotions often rely on impulse to make decisions.

But now it seems... How did Ganatika learn a new "active skill" after tens of thousands of years of "blood battle" in hell?

"It's simply inexplicable, his fighting skills are far from being proficient, and his strength is not even the qualification to enter the real battlefield. Is there anything he is worth thinking about wasting time in a daze?"

She frowned slightly displeased, and stern "Destroying Whispers" had no understanding of the changes in the mind and emotions of her subordinate.

In terms of punk’s interests, the teenage avengers only need to become stronger honestly and perform tasks that are neither simple nor complicated. Thinking? daze? Tangled? A tool does not need such complicated emotional thoughts.

It can also be seen from this aspect that the punk, as a forty-third-level morningstar mage, actually knows almost nothing about emotional insights and the management skills of his subordinates. After all, since entering the multiverse, punk has only driven his servants. There are only two methods of threats and commands. In fact, he doesn’t understand the so-called "humanistic philosophy". It is completely impossible to expect "Destroy Whisper", who has no talent for acting, to combine and control his subordinates horizontally and horizontally like the "Chairman". Things.

For example, nowadays, punk who never knew what "loneliness", "love", or "fear" are, has no way of understanding Ganatica's inner feelings.

"Maybe... maybe it's because of loneliness and loneliness? According to the literature, human beings like to think when they fall into a state of loneliness and loneliness, and the magic crow vector didn't like to talk a long time ago, maybe Ganatika also fell into In the emotion of "loneliness"?

Solving problems for his master for the first time is the dogma engraved in the virtual soul of Sebastian. After realizing the punk question, the trembling old housekeeper hurriedly searched his stomach and began to find answers to new questions.

Just talking about this "loneliness" statement endlessly, the construction butler did not notice the "Destroy Whisper" who turned his back and raised his eyebrows slightly.

In this answer, there are actually two pieces of information that Morningstar Mage keenly captured...One is the old butler’s idea that sounds reasonable, and the other is...the rigid Sebastian When did you learn to look up the literature?

There has never been any literature in the magic tower. Is this the "ability" he learned when he took the Morris jade fruit in the Kingdom of Hatak?

"But it's just a mere tens of thousands of years. How come these original "things" have learned a bunch of unnecessary skills? Let's forget Ganatika. Why is my alchemy butler also beginning to show signs of bad Sure enough, Sebastian must be "renovated" in the process of renovating the magic tower this time!

Coldly staring at the old housekeeper whose expression is much richer than ten thousand years ago, punk has already settled his attention in his heart.

But at this time, Sebastian may not have realized that his fate of being eliminated has slowly approached.

"It seems that Ganatika still failed to have the heart of a strong man, but even so, it is not a good thing to always be alone in a daze. Since his learning of fighting skills is progressing rapidly, then let him simply It’s good to leave my magic tower to travel to the Kingdom of Khatak for a while. It just so happens that I have to renovate this old alchemical building recently."

The old housekeeper was given an instruction without emotion, and for punk, the Ganatica matter would be processed.

After all, to be honest, the "Whisper of Destruction" who was almost 200,000 years old really didn't know what kind of pain "loneliness" was, and he didn't know how to alleviate this kind of pain.

He only knew that giving "employees" a holiday in this case seemed to be a common response in previous lives............

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