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Netheril's Glory Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: Sudden Ovakin.
"Punk-Sean, it's time to make a close."

Ovakin's arrival was very sudden. It is not difficult to see from the speed that the black dragon directly activated the solidified "Legendary Conjuration Spell-Flash" on the Legendary Necklace the moment he saw the punk.

Moreover, the most frightening thing is that Ovakin hadn't forgotten to release an absolutely powerful acid rotten dragon breath in advance before using "Flash". From this, we can also understand how angry the black dragon wants to kill punk.

The black dragon’s attack had a certain effect. In order to resist the dragon’s breath that suddenly descended from the sky, punk had to immediately activate the "Walker's Improved Ruby Shield" on the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box", but this alone was not complete enough. Defending against Ovak's frenzied attacks due to his hole cards, in order to deal with the black dragon that "flashed" to his side and bite, Punk had to immediately give up the opportunity to kill Southend to change the target of the spell.

This is no way. Punk doesn't want to try the consequences of being bitten by Ovak's enchanted dragon teeth. In a hurry, it can only smash the "kinetic energy blasting" against the black dragon's blood basin.

"Boom!" !

The deafening roar exploded again, and the opening above the cave was further expanded under the shock wave, and punk also managed to escape the black dragon's sharp teeth with the help of the shock wave of the explosion.

I have to mention that after repeated bombardments of spells, the small oasis now has disappeared without a trace. At this location, it was replaced by a giant crater the size of an oasis, and the entire cave was caused by the cave. The certain collapse was exposed to the sun.

"Ovakin, are you an idiot with Southend?"

The punk who was blown up by his own spells and was temporarily far away from the black dragon couldn't help but get angry. In the last second, as long as Ovakin came one step late, he was sure to kill the tricky Southend on the spot. But it was just a little bit worse. This black dragon, which seemed to be close to madness, indirectly saved Southend. How could such an inexplicable situation keep punk from getting angry.

But... Ovak didn't even bother punk because of it.

I have to admit that even Ovakin himself did not expect that when he saw punk again, he would be furious to such an extent. Whenever he saw punk’s cold blue pupils, the black dragon's heart would not help it. Thinking of the Dragon Roar Kingdom buried in volcanic ash, thinking of countless half-dragon poor people who died in vain, thinking of...the disappointed face of the old half-dragon shaman in his dream.

Hate, anger, sadness, resentment are in... All kinds of emotions crashed down in Ovakin's heart like a tsunami. The black dragon with blood and tears in his eyes no longer wants to think about anything else. It now exists in Ovak. Because there is only one consciousness left in the mind-that is to kill punk, even if...

"Oh ah ah ah ah, punk-sai'an, I want to tear your soul apart, you must pay for your sins"!

"Master-level Enchanting Spells-Sun Rowe Claws"!

The red flames of anger ignited the black dragon’s pupils, and the billowing black flame attached magic clings to the tip of each claw of the dragon. At this moment, Ovakin took advantage of the relatively narrow terrain of the cave to completely explode the dragon’s Physical advantage, its enchanted claws that are several meters long will force the punk to quickly change direction to avoid it even if it is just scratching.

"Damn, you crazy dragon"!

One piece threw two or three rounds of "speed kinetic energy cones", but these cones strong enough to shatter space could not even splash a single wave in front of Ovak's fifteen layers of terrifying defenses-no matter what. Furious, Ovakin is also a dragon mage who has completed the "break free". The defense it blessed before the battle was unambiguous at all.

With the sudden entrance of Ovakin, the situation of the entire cave was immediately chaotic.

At this moment, the spell confrontation between punk and Ovakin has officially started, Ovakin didn’t say a word of nonsense, he relied on his fifteen-layer magic defense to go crazy and attack punk. Do not cheat at all in a posture of death.

But punk had to deal with Ovak’s fatigue here. Now due to the desperate play of the black dragon’s injury-replacement, punk shreds the black dragon’s two layers of protection spells while also hitting Ovak’s claws. , When the black inflammation, which is extremely corrosive, contaminates the outermost "energy protection position", this layer of punk protection magic is quickly burned out.

And on Kane's side... Because magic needs the "vector" of the "direction interference" that has been keeping a close eye on Kane, this guy is currently the most leisurely person in the entire battlefield, knowing how to attack. The pointless knight is now watching the show with the shield of fighting spirit to his death.

And turned his attention to Southend, who had escaped from the dead...

"Quack, Ovakin really saved your life. Boss, you are so wise. Is everything in your plan? Quack."

Taking advantage of the fact that Ovakin and Punk had no time to attack Southend, "Vector" hurry up and put a tube of alchemy medicine into Southend's neck until he saw the blood in Southend's pupils gradually faded. After that, "Vector" barely breathed a sigh of relief.

But the vector can relax, Southend dare not relax at all.

Since his family knows about his family affairs, don't look at Southend's arrogant words, but when his reason returns, he still understands his situation very well.

Just as punk guessed, his soul had been completely infiltrated by the abyssal energy, and now Southend would immediately go crazy if he didn't inject the medicine for more than ten minutes.

In this state, he couldn't do a long battle at all, Southend could confirm this very clearly.

"Damn it, how did that damned mage know so much information about me."

Panting and standing up on the staff, the vulture Southend roared ferociously while blocking the aftermath of the battle with the hands of the mage.

Everyone understands that Southend is actually stronger than punk. If all his tricks are not known in advance by punk and prepared for countermeasures in advance, the battle between Southend and punk will never fall. A field that was embarrassed and beaten.

But the battle is like this. No matter whether Southend wants to understand it or not, his information leakage is already an out-and-out fact, and now, Southend, who has just gone through a soul rage and has a poor soul condition, is only There is one last resort left............

"Start the trap! Anyway, this gadget was meant to be used for play. It's rare that the old man's three prey have all gathered. This is a good opportunity to catch them all."

After looking bitterly at the punk who was fighting with Ovakin, Southend quickly turned around and galloped towards a gravel mound without hesitation.

There was the abyss altar that had been laid out long ago, but now it was just buried by a pile of rubble.

"Quack, boss... Maybe that punk already knows your plan... I always feel a very bad premonition, and the sub-lords are too dangerous! Or... let's "strategic retreat" "Let's stay with the green hills, I'm not afraid that there is no firewood to burn, quack"!

"Shut up, vector! I can't wait for three more masters in my lifespan. Three of them must die here today"!

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