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Netheril's Glory Chapter 453

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 Chapter 453: Take a sharp turn.
Except for some extremely powerful assassins, professionals are usually unable to make a one-shot kill. After all, neither vindictive armor nor protective spells are a decoration. It often takes one or two times to break the enemy’s layers of protection. Intensive attacks can truly kill the enemy.

When the "surrounding of order" released by punk offset the "touch of chaos" of Southend's interception method, the extremely penetrating "speed kinetic energy cone" directly smashed Southend's body with three layers of protection spells.

Southend obviously does not have the fifteen layers of defense like Ovakin. In fact, this guy’s defense has only five layers in total. With three layers broken and only two layers left, if Southend is in If you eat two "speed kinetic energy cones", you will be seriously injured if you don't die.

But Southend had nothing to do with this difficult situation.

When the protective means prepared in advance on the body is stripped, the caster will fall into a very dangerous situation, because then even if the caster replenishes himself with defensive spells, his newly released defensive spells are also displayed in front of the enemy. Yes, once this defense is successfully countered by the enemy's countermeasures............ the consequences are naturally self-evident!

Now, facing the attack of punk, Southend has fallen into such an awkward state of being passively beaten because of this situation. The magic crow vector must keep an eye on Kane, and the fight with punk depends on Southend himself. .

In order to prevent the scrolls, potions, and magic equipment used by punk from suddenly exploding to death, Southend had become red eyes and had to gritted his teeth and supplemented himself with various defensive spells again and again, but unfortunately, he faced The punk of punk has the erudite memory of a great Austrian teacher, and none of Southend’s spells is unrecognizable by punk, and there is no punk that cannot be countered.

So, just because of a mistake, Southend immediately entered a comprehensive disadvantage.

"Quack, I knew there would be a problem, this is troublesome, boss, maybe we have to wait for Ovakin to save his life, quack"!

Against the vector’s tender voice, there are successive explosions and roars. The storm of energy has shattered the space in the cave. The elemental tides created by countless spells on the blast have created hail and flames in the air out of thin air, and the entire small oasis is more It collapsed into the cave in the continuous tremors of the earthquake.

Although the rattling of the magic crow was very loud, Southend did not have time to answer its words, because the battle between the old man and punk had not only become fierce, but he had also been in a tricky downwind state.

That's right, Southend not only didn't have the upper hand, but was crushed by punk all the way.

This fact may not have occurred to Southend or even Punk.

When throwing spells successively to attack Southend, Punk can even clearly feel that Southend’s state is not right. As a spellcaster at the peak of the nineteenth level, Southend’s strength is obviously not in peak state. Ovaki puts a lot of pressure on him.

Now, without the "direction interference" attack of the magic crow vector, punk, a wizard who has just reached the eighteenth level, can actually play with Southend with ease. This situation itself is very abnormal.

"It seems that as the life limit approaches, the caster's strength will decline significantly, and..."

Three "speed kinetic energy cones" were released in rapid succession. Punk instantly retreated and avoided Southend's "Mosaic Heart" while carefully perceiving the enemy's physical state.

He could clearly feel that Southend's magic power was becoming more and more violent and unstable. Although the power of his spells was increased, Southend's battle became a bit impatient during this period.

"Is it the pollution of the abyssal energy"!

In order to combat Southend’s spirit, Punk directly spoke out his speculation loudly.

"Pollution, what do you stupid fellow know?"

Hearing punk uttering the word "pollution", Southend, who had just rolled around on the ground to avoid "kinetic energy blasting", instantly became furious. He answered that punk's voice was a lot more arrogant besides the fierceness as always. mean.

"This is the great masterpiece of my Southend-Jess. One day I will reveal the secrets of the abyss. The door of the legend has been opened for me. I am not the same as you who are destined to die at the master level. You only deserve Become my stepping stone".

As he talked, Southend’s pupils became more blood red, and as the spells in his hand that had glowed red were continuously released to the punk, Southend’s voice was in a messy cave. Li also became more hysterical:

"Well, the old man admits that the old man is indeed disturbed by a little bit of abyssal energy... But... I have found a very good solution. These chaotic consciousnesses can't trouble me. I am the greatest master mage. Southend".

"boom"! !

Master Summoning Spell-Griffin's Eye

Roaring and throwing the dark green eyeballs pinched in his hands at the punk, the muscles on Southend's face were convulsed and trembling with extreme excitement.

There is no doubt that Southend has fallen into a frenzy again.

"Quack, boss, don't move, boss, I can't put the needle in, quack".

Seeing that his master was about to step into a complete rage, the magic crow "vector", who had been clutching Southend's shoulder, hurriedly took out a potion and tried to inject Southend.

But...punk won't let the "vector" get what it wants.

Master-level magic spells-resist acid.

I have already known how Southend’s usual punk means can’t be guarded against this summoning spell that can explode strong acid to kill the enemy? Almost as soon as the dark green eyeballs in Southend's hand had just shot, punk secretly prepared the "resistance to strong acid" and released it in front of him in time.

"Well, Southend, it's over in this way."

The "Eye of Griffin" unexpectedly exploded when it hit the "Resistant Acid" shield, and the dark green acid quickly corroded a large pit on the ground.

But... these deadly acid did not touch punk at all, and the attack prepared by punk was already ready to go.

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Kinetic Blasting"

Super magic skills-magic compression!

The kinetic energy of horror was quickly compressed into the size of a ping-pong ball in the hands of punk, and the small ball shining with purple light exudes incomparably terrifying power. With the blessing of super magic skills, as long as Southend hits this kinetic energy to burst, then With only one layer of magic protection left, he immediately loses the ability to fight.

But... will it really go so smoothly?

As the saying goes, the sky is unpredictable, and the moon is cloudy and sunny. Any master-level powerhouse is the "protagonist."

What happened suddenly next proved that Southend was wise to devote himself to creating a "trilateral war".

Just after the release of the spell was completely completed, Punk did not choose to aim the "Kinetic Blast" in his hand to aim at the target. On the contrary, Punk, who had already got the chance to kill Southend, almost threw the "Kinetic Blast" at the fastest speed. On his left side!

Because, at this moment, right next to punk's head, a huge pitch-black dragon head is biting over with the terrifying speed of setting off a sonic boom!

Ovakin-Sour Throat... is here!

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