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Netheril's Glory Chapter 386

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Chapter 386: Probe.
"What's the matter, what do you mean by stopping me"?

Before the gate of the Division of Truth, punk stared coldly at the two strange birds guarding the gate, and the atmosphere of having to do something if they didn't agree was vividly expressed by punk.

The closer I get to the punk of truth along the way, the worse it feels. This premonition finally reached the top when I reached the gate of the branch of the truth. Now the punk in an extremely bad mood is just a gunpowder keg. He can’t wait. To kill anyone who dared to jump out and die.

Facing the killing intent of an eighteenth-level master-level expert, the two rock-like strange birds who guarded the door were almost frightened. If it weren’t for the command engraved deep in their souls to force them to execute, this Two bully and fearful guys are determined to turn around and run without saying a word. Nowadays, punk feels like a monster that chooses people and eats. Just staying within his perception is a risk of his life. thing.

But... the two strange birds still had to follow that set of troublesome procedures:

"Respect... Honorable Master Sai'an, welcome... Welcome your return, you... You need to show your identification nameplate, and at the same time, in accordance with the regulations, you also need to explain that you are leaving with you to perform the task... Nocanni The whereabouts of the master............".

After saying these words, the strange bird felt that his body made of stone was beginning to limp. It was not because he was too timid. The suppression of the soul level of the master-level powerhouse was enough to make any creatures of insufficient level breathless.

"This is an identity plate"!

Without the idea of ​​wasting time with these two trembling and rattling strange birds, Punk directly threw his identity plate over, and at the same time, he leaned down to reveal his bone-cold eyes under the shadow of the hood:

"Master Nocanni is dead, how about it, do you still want to know where he went more specifically"?

"No, no, Master Sai'an, such a big event is not something we small characters can participate in, we don't want to know anything"...

When they heard the low-sounding "Master Nocanni is dead", the two strange birds quickly and respectfully handed back the verified identity plates. The death of the master-level masters is not what they see. The goods can be questioned.

Ignoring the two weird birds that were extremely limp, Punk strode directly into the Division of Thinking of Truth.

But... the moment he stepped into the branch enchantment, punk's complexion instantly became extremely cold, and his unprecedented anger even made his fist clenched the emerald staff in his hand.

In punk’s perception, the magnificent thinking of truth seems to be all normal, the circle is not lacking, and the work and rest of the apprentice and mentor have not changed at all, but... what makes punk unbelievable most is that Anya is gone.

"Damn, what the hell is going on, it's only been more than a month, did the guy Kirk Weilun discover something? Impossible, if the branch president of the kind-hearted camp really moved his hands and feet when I came back It's already under attack by then"!

Faced with the fact that he might lose his important and strange eyeballs, punk can’t accept it anyway. Under the influence of excited emotions, the magic around punk began to surge ferociously, and the dust and shadows affected by the magical power even Formed a weird claws fluttering, the newly promoted punk can't control his emotions very well, and...now punk has no time to mediate his emotions.

Without any hesitation, when he felt Anya was gone, punk began to release prophetic spells one after another. The fragments of the law in the weird eyeballs were an opportunity for punk to advance to the legend. Possibly, punk had already made up his mind at this moment. Even if the guy who did it was really the nineteenth-level division minister, Kirk Weilun, punk would have to take the plunge. Now he has reached the eighteenth level. Kirkweilun may not be more difficult to deal with than the nineteenth master pinnacle Ovak.

Under the release of a series of prophetic spells that do not count the consumption of magic power, punk soon discovered some unusual places.

Before transplanting the strange eyeballs to Anya, punk actually did a lot of methods to locate it. Although these positionings are now obscured by some interference, punk can still detect the direction of Anya. This is undoubtedly It's good news, at least it can show that what punk is most worried about has not happened.

The disappearance of Anya had nothing to do with Kirkweilun, otherwise punk wouldn't believe that as a nineteenth-level master-level expert who specializes in prophecy spells, Kirkweilun would have no way of positioning himself.

"Fortunately, as long as you don't confront that old guy, things will turn for the better. Although accurate predictions won't work,... there is still a chance to catch the weird eyeballs back with the location lock."

Although he did not stop predicting the release of spells, punk breathed a sigh of relief. The recent events really made punk very upset. Nothing has gone smoothly since he entered the thought of truth. So far, his own experiments on spell improvement have been carried out. Still in a state of shelving indefinitely, the research on the weird eyeballs has not been carried out at all but almost lost the weird eyeballs. Going out to do tasks and inexplicably provokes a half-step legendary terrifying black dragon...

"Sure enough, any master spellcaster who wants to advance must run around for resources. Anyone who runs around for resources must endure the danger of life and death. What Vedraxia said is really correct."

Thinking of this, punk couldn't help sighing.

Like bin Rachel, hiding in the mage tower for thousands of years and enjoying life can be peaceful, but that also means that there is no resources, no hope of promotion to the legend, and if you want to promote to the legend... the resources need to be desperately grabbed. , Opportunities need to be searched desperately, and there are a bunch of enemies who will try their best to support you. The final success requires a lot of luck... "The road to legend is the road to gambling" is definitely more than just talking. That's it.

Want to be promoted to the legend without causing trouble? Go dreaming.

Self-deprecating smile, punk adjusted his mood again, just fighting for his life, there will be more such things in the future.

A calm heart might really have a certain bonus to the prophecy spell. As punk's mood returned to the state of Gujing Wubo, one of his "contact retrieval techniques" finally got useful results.

Although the information obtained by the punk probe who minored in prophecy spells is still a bit vague, this bit of news still provides him with some clues:

"A mage apprentice is often with Anya. She knows a lot of important information."

After thinking about it for a while, punk felt that it was better to get some information and then pursue the hunt. At least to figure out why Anya would suddenly choose to leave the thought of truth in spite of her order, in case she stupidly catches up and hits her head. It would be too much trouble to get into the trap of a certain master-level powerhouse.

Detecting the information of an apprentice is still very simple. With only the most basic "identity detection", punk has obtained most of the apprentice's information.

"Jasmine... apprentice of a third-level mage? This little girl seems to be Anya's little attendant, so let's go for an interrogation!"

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