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Netheril's Glory Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: Fugitive.
Grey Rain Country, in the city of Ankara not too far from the Grey Swamp, two figures in black robes are quickly passing through the hustle and bustle of the bustling city. The hawking of the surrounding vendors and the hustle and bustle of rude customers seem to be forever with these two people. In two worlds.

"Anya, we have to speed up our pace. It's still too close to the Grey Swamp. We'd better reach the verdant forest before the sun sets, so we can bear with the fatigue of the journey a little bit."

"It's okay, Mr. Micaka, I can still hold on, I always have a bad feeling... Anyway, let's leave the Gray Rain Country quickly."

I'm afraid no one can think that these two people walking in the filthy and muddy streets and alleys are a powerful official-level mage, and the other is a disciple of a master-level powerhouse, and now, these two people are trying to escape. It usually represents the thought of truth for a better future, for which they will not hesitate to travel for a long time and even endure the noise in the busy city.

Gently released the hand of the mage and helped Anya, who was extremely exhausted but still struggling, staring at the girl's red face, Micaka couldn't help but sighed and said:

"Anya, I don’t know if the current choice is correct. If my guess is correct, Master Punk-Sai’an is probably going to perform the mission. The mission of the master-level expert can be as short as one or two days, and as long as one or two thousand years. However, when Master Sai'an returns, you and I will be in danger, and no one can trust the other masters of Truth Thinking. If they fall into their hands, it may be no different from being caught by Master Sai'an, so …………"

Gently lifted Anya, who seemed about to faint, to a small dark corner, watching the girl's flushed face, Micaka said a lot of nagging things.

In fact, it has been difficult for Micaka to be sure that his decision to take Anya to leave the mind of truth is correct. It is true that there is a problem with Anya’s soul, but this does not mean 100% that punk’s behavior is malicious. Now I leave the thinking of truth without authorization only by guessing. If my guess is wrong, wouldn't it ruin Anya's chance to be healed?

Thinking of this, Micaka couldn't help clenching his fists.

"It's okay, Master Micaka, as long as you follow you, Anya will not regret whatever happens. Can we go to the Harpers League for help? If we can join the Harpers League, it can be safe or for treatment. Is it guaranteed?"

Trying to calm her breath, Anya showed a smile as happily as possible. Although the punk rules that are completely violated now make the girl unavoidably frightened, Anya still has no regrets.

"However, Master Micaka, can we really escape from Master Sai'an's claws? It seems...Master Sai'an is very good at prophecy spells."

Thinking of her almost always expressionless teacher with cold eyes, Anya always has a horrible feeling like falling into an ice cave. No matter when, punk’s gloomy eyes are the indelible shadow of the girl’s psychology, even if she is far away. Without thinking of truth, Anya still finds it difficult to ask punk to bring her fear.

"Be more at ease, Anya."

Touching Anya's little head distressedly, feeling the girl's body trembling slightly, Micaka made his voice full of confidence as much as possible, even though his psychological anxiety was not much less than that of Anya.

"I used up all the exchange points left by Mage Sai'an, and sold my mage’s residence and a good master-level staff in my hand. Finally, I bought a magic brooch that can shield the prophecies of the master-level experts. With this, even a spellcaster who specializes in prophecy spells like Master Kirkweilun will have difficulty in detecting our location."

Gently brushing the brooch on Anya's neckline, watching the golden brooch gleaming with colorful magical luster in the sun, Micaka's mouth was filled with a smile, although Micaka sold it in order to buy this master magic brooch A master-level magical item left by the instructor, but if he can escape, Micaka will not regret it.

"Master Micaka..."

Feeling the young man’s fingers lightly passing by his neck, watching Micaka’s confident smile, even though he is still on the journey of fleeing, even if the two of them are still in the messy alley, Anya Still feel that the whole soul has become excited.

Every girl has the dream of riding the world with Prince Charming. Of course, Anya is no exception. Although danger may come at any time, although the journey is tired and long, Anya still feels at ease and happy, because...

"Thank you, Master Micaka, it's nice to be by your side..."

The girl's lips squirmed slightly, and her words turned into vague murmurs.


"It's nothing, Master Micaka, let's hurry up and get on the road"!

Trying to stand up, the girl put on a vigorous look.

Carefully released one or two healing spells for the girl, but looking at Anya's pale face, Micaka still persuaded with some distress:

"Don’t worry too much. It’s okay to take a little more rest. As long as we go through the green forest and reach the other side of the Imperial Kingdom, we can find the Harp League. I want to come to the Harp League, which has always had the creed of "Desperate to help anyone who is kind". Will refuse us to join".

Speaking of the original thinking of truth, Micaka's voice is also a little lowered. He is also a spellcaster who grew up in the thinking of truth. Although the lifeless place did not bring any childhood memories to Micaka. , But it can also be regarded as a teenager’s "hometown". After leaving in this way, I don’t know if there is any chance of going back.

"Master Micaka...you..."

Mingrui sensed the momentary sadness of Mijiaka, and Anya's voice trembled slightly. The next moment, the girl with red eyes turned to say something.


Micaka gently put a finger on Anya's lips:

"Don't apologize, Anya, it's all my own choice, I won't regret it, and you shouldn't regret it either."

After talking about these transformations, Micaka carefully hugged Anya's petite body, and after carefully dispelling all the magical energy he had left in the alley, he was ready to continue on his way.

"Let's go. The "Members can leave freely" on the Think of Truth is basically empty talk. We only successfully leave after accepting the task. If other masters find something wrong, we can't spare time. The masters are about to take action, we have to hurry to the Harpers League branch."

Holding the girl in a gentle embrace, Micaka started to shuttle quickly in the alleys, now not far from the verdant forest, success... is right in front of you!

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  1. if this'anya' was the female lead or this'micaka' was the mc I would have dropped this novel. I seriously cant stand romance because of this fluffy romance God. THats why i always ignore romance and like cruel evil mc because I know the girl will be either killed or ignored by mc. Welp I am here arent I

    1. I'm the same as you, you can still read The Soul of Negari, no romance. The main character there and here are quite similar


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