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Netheril's Glory Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Trial.
Now, the punk's unrestrained behavior towards Migzi-Onosen Grand Master is completely losing his temper and "leave by himself"? What a joke, the punk system has been analyzing the alchemy wall for more than ten minutes. During this time, the more punk analyzed, the more frightened, the more guessed, the more surprised.

Inferred from punk, this alchemy room is likely to use the legendary "magic fan lock" as the core. This kind of magic lock composed of countless powerful magic circles has a powerful force beyond imagination. Punk simply suspects, let alone He is a fourteenth-level official caster. Even if a Morningstar spellcaster who reaches level 40 enters this "cage", he still has to admit it!

What can punk do? He can only look at the projection floating in the air with an unhappy expression and say:

"Well, it looks like I have no choice, right?"

"I think you shouldn't complain. This is a very good thing. The inheritance of Netheril civilization is the dream of countless legendary powerhouses!"

"Very good! I see, now and then I can start the "next" trial from time to time."

Punk did not intend to argue with this rigid projection about the "comparison of interests" that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom. He does not know how long the three trials will last, but punk knows that his supplies are limited, and Trelinka's slim body is real. It's too light.

"The Great Master of Miguez-Onosen knows that the successor may express dissatisfaction with the "trial" of Netheril civilization, but when you inherit Netheril's wealth, you will know how this knowledge is used The measures to keep confidential are not exaggerated."

"It's what you say, now it's time to do some business"!

Punk was very speechless about the "Migz-Onosen Great Omen" conveyed by the projection, and was very speechless about Netheril's cumbersome insurance measures.

To say that the Netheril civilization is accustomed to setting various "codes" on almost all magical creations, of course it is very effective during war. After all, gods are not mentally retarded, and they will think if they are afraid of all kinds of magic. Try to steal some high IQ opponents.

But it is a bit cheating to follow this tradition on the ruins.

Because it can be said that after the war, which god dared to study the relic of Netheril was discovered by the long river of fate............ There is no way to go to the star realm to lie down in minutes!

After all, Io, the slave owner, needs a group of obedient slaves. They only need to sew the universe for themselves with needles and threads. It is impossible for any normal-minded slave owner to allow his slave to hold guns and ammunition.

The great austrians who came back to the past would not think that their enemies, the gods, would be restricted after the destruction of the Netheril civilization, so their various codes would be unnecessary.

However, it cannot be said that the fancy code of Netheril civilization is useless. Many gods secretly research Netheril’s knowledge in order to break free from the slavery of the godhead. In this case, Netheril civilization is kept secret. The measures will be useful.

Think about it, the knowledge of the Netheril civilization is great wealth, the gods are a group of thieves, and the "password" and the restrictions of Io are the "safes" to protect wealth. This "thief" bet all his worth and risk The risk of losing his head, after spending countless hours finally opened the first safe... He discovered that there was actually a safe in the safe!

Well, vomiting blood from these gods is also a very good way of revenge. It's magic and nothing wrong!

Unfortunately, the "password" is too big a hole, so big that punk also got into it.

Punk can only express deep discomfort in his heart, but he is still calm on the surface.

Seeing that Punk was not making any other comments, the projection nodded calmly:

"Very well, next I will try the intelligence, I will ask you a question later, you must answer the correct answer and the analysis process within three minutes, more than three minutes............you are dead"!

"Just answer here?"

Punk wisely did not struggle to answer the question of how he would die.

"Ahem, due to the scarcity of war resources when the ruins were established, the construction of the ruins follows the principle of conservation and high efficiency."

"It sounds like a good excuse for corruption..."

"what did you say"?

"No, it's nothing, please state the topic"!

Punk did not continue to pick and prick, anyway, this kind of brain work does not require a comfortable environment.


"In a remote and barren material plane, there is an empire called Agra. They have a strange currency system. Among them:

1 diamond coin = 2 gold coins,

1 gold coin = 2 silver coins,

1 silver coin = 2 copper coins + 1 iron coin,

1 copper coin = 2 iron coins

1 iron coin = 5 stone coins

The insane legendary mage Feigeda went insane again. He actually opened a magic shop here. On the first day of opening, he welcomed three guests.

When the three guests purchased magic items and were about to pay the bill, the following situation occurred:

(1) Each of these four people has at least one currency, but none of them are stone coins or diamond coins.

(2) None of these four people can redeem any coin.

(3) A goblin named "Green Lettuce" has to pay the largest amount of bills, and a Goblin named Amyga has to pay the next amount of bills, and a Tifflin (half devil) named Grice. The bill to be paid is the smallest.

(4) No matter how each customer pays the bill with the coins in his hand, the crazy Feigeda cannot simply rely on the coins left in the change cabinet in the magic shop to find change.

(5) If these three customers exchange the coins in their hands for the same value, everyone can pay their bills without changing.

(6) After the three customers had performed two equivalent exchanges, they found that none of the coins in their hands had the same face value as the coins they had originally held.

With the further development of the matter, the following situation appeared:

(7) After paying the bill and two customers left, the customer who stayed bought another bottle of Cantes caterpillar tongue. This customer could have used the coins left in his hand to pay, but the crazy Feigeda couldn't find the change with the coins he now holds.

(8) So, the customer paid with 1 US dollar (a gold voucher worth one diamond coin), but now the crazy Feigeda had to find him all his coins.

Now, please don’t worry about why the insane Archmage of Feigdah would have nothing to do with a few broken coins.

I now want you to tell who among these three customers used a voucher worth 1 diamond coin to lose the money of "Cantes Caterpillar's Tongue"?

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