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Netheril's Glory Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Where are the festivals?.
"Yes, this is the relic of Netheril civilization. It is the place where Netheril's heritage is carried. Before the "Final Battle", the great Austrian divisions of the "Avenging faction" already knew the inevitable failure, so, In order to inherit the Netheril civilization as much as possible, a total of 70 billion such relics have been established in hidden corners of the multiverse, and each relic has distributed at least 70 billion "keys", but now So far I don’t know how much is left."

The projected sound echoed empty in a small room. Although the cool narrative told of the great feats left by the Netheril civilization in order to preserve the heritage, the projected sound was too mechanical, and there was no ups and downs at all. Just like reading a history book with a robot, it sounds boring, and a great man has turned into a robot storyteller forcibly.

But punk is not someone who will let go of any information just because the other party is awkward speaking. So far, he has judged that the words of this projection are 80% true, because he is a formal-level little mage that can be said to be completely in front of the legendary powerhouse. If you don't look good, the other party doesn't need to spend time and energy to calculate yourself.

For the Netheril civilization, there are 70 billion relics, each of which has issued more than tens of billions of "keys". In the end, what kind of scrolls Trelinka got is also theoretically based.

The old generation of gods did have a madness for a long time to launch "holy wars", searching and destroying some "not allowed to record" things. Now it seems that the gods at that time should be the Netheril civilization. The remains and "keys" left.

However, even if the gods have not relaxed their search for all the "Relics of Netheril Civilization" (as can be seen from the arrival of the divine punishment in two seconds), there are too many relics left by the Netheril civilization. The ability is also well-deserved, and it is not surprising that one or two survived thousands of years of searching.

"Well, since I am the successor of "lucky or unfortunate", tell me how to get the legacy of the great Netheril civilization"!

Punk also used the way of thinking to send questions to the projection, and calmly praised the Netheril civilization.

But the projection didn't say anything about it. It seems that this guy really has no emotions at all, just a program that is so advanced that it can be called "artificial intelligence":

"The four "attributes" of a creature are most important to the Netheril civilization. They are will, wisdom, intelligence and curiosity! So you need to pass four trials to prove that you have these qualities, the inheritance of Netheril civilization. Will be like you to open up and make my great master, Miguez-Onosen, very sure that only these four high-quality creatures can rejuvenate the great Nether-year-old civilization instead of leaking precious knowledge to it. The cowardly god"!

"To put it bluntly, it is another more flexible security measure, right"?

Punk asked.

"Yes, you can understand that."

Projection's answer is also very simple.

"Well, it seems that if I want to gain knowledge, I have to pass those four trials, right?"

"To be precise, you have passed the first trial. The Great Master Miguez-Onosen is very sure-the life form curiosity that dared to directly connect his magical power with an unknown legendary creation must pass the test." .

The projection said decisively.

"You have mentioned the Great Austrian Master Miqz-Onosen many times. Is this ruin built by the Great Master Master?"

Punk frowned slightly and asked, how does he feel that this great master is a bit unreliable? The remarks instilled by that great master on the projection are too self-centered, and all kinds of self-knowledges are decisive and almost paranoid. degree.

"That's right, His Excellency Miguez-Onosen Great Austrian Master is one of 70,000 ruins builders, and he himself is responsible for the construction of 1,000 ruins including this ruin."

The projection's answer is very natural and ordinary, but it sounds a bit speechless in punk.

It sounds that different Great Austrian Masters have their own styles for building their own heritage sites. Even if there is a problem with this Great Austrian Master’s architectural style, what else can be done to put on a less reliable Great Austrian Master "Your Excellency".

Punk is an adventurous spellcaster, as can be seen from his not too overly "chaotic" camp.

However, as a sane mage, Punk feels sincerely that he should not covet wealth and continue to go deeper. After all, the builders of this ruin are no longer wicked to describe. The ghost knows how "standards" he set will be. Harshness, punk can be felt in a few words of the projection-that kind of paranoid and neurotic style is hardly concealed!

So, Punk asked the projection without much thinking:

"So... if, I mean, what if there is a "successor" you call that is not strong enough to inherit the knowledge of the great "Netheril civilization"?"

"Don’t worry, heirs, the trial of Netheril’s civilization has nothing to do with the strength of the heirs, and knowledge cannot be passed on through persecution, and creatures under persecution cannot explode with enough potential as accurate information. If you don't want to inherit, no one will persecute you"!

The projection produced by Miguez-Onosen University Master is obviously very intelligent. It immediately knows the punk’s mind, and understands that the projection that punk thinks does not have a furious roar, and there is no bitter persuasion. It is just The answer of the Great Ou Master was stated with an unchanging mechanical sound.

But punk did not relax because of this, because he now vaguely felt that there was a trace of...bad taste in the words of this projection? Although even with the use of system analysis, the projected speech is no different from the previous mechanical sounds.

Intuition told punk that the projection hadn't finished speaking, so he didn't eagerly ask how to get out, but stood blankly and continued to wait for the projection to speak.

Punk's intuition is still very reliable, the projection only pauses for a while, and then speaks again:

"But......it's a pity, for the confidentiality of the relics, the only exit here is in the "Inheritance Area". Since you are unwilling to inherit the heritage of civilization, then naturally I can't bring you into the "Inheritance Area". , So......you may have to leave this room by yourself"!

After that, the projection still mechanically shrugged under the punk’s dumbfounded gaze. Although punk knew that most of the projection actions were set in the program and did not have any emotional color, he still Feeling a "deep malice" coming from thousands of years ago:

"This is what you call non-persecution? Where did the good morals go?"

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