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Netheril's Glory Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: enemy?
After blessing three common defensive methods and "High Swiftness" on his body, Punk carried the emerald rod and ran to the location where the first black goblin was killed, and his golem No. 2 He followed closely behind him without leaving.

The speed of the official mage was absolutely beyond imagination. Punk quickly passed over the garbage dump, rolling up the dust on the ground, leaving only a phantom in the dark night.

In less than a minute, punk traversed the entire eastern trash mountain to reach the destination.

The assassin girl was standing trembling and waiting. Behind her, two unsuspecting ordinary survivors had been wiped out. There is no doubt that this girl with wheaten skin succeeded. Seeing that only a shallow fatal wound was left in the throat of both people was enough to prove how skilled the stalker who killed them was.

But skillful technology can't help an apprentice-level stalker face a formal-level spellcaster, so the current assassin girl seems to be frightened, she can't help praying in her heart:

"Great dark girl Eilistraee (medium divine power god), please protect your believers. God knows what my unwired master is thinking. He actually asked me to negotiate with a formal-level mage. Dare to say that I was pinched to death by that master before I could speak, oooooooo".

The assassin girl is terrified at this time. The mages who send summon creatures to hunt hungry people in this slum are no match for kindness, and many of your professionals in the evil camp believe in "only dead enemies are good enemies." , There are really as many lunatics who don't agree with each other.

What's more, the assassin girl just killed the opponent's "men", which in a sense is equivalent to declaring war.

God, declaring war with an official mage, just thinking of the assassin girl here feels dizzy.

"The trickiest thing is-if you don't obey the order, you will be killed by the master, if you obey the order, you will be killed by another official-level powerhouse, so wouldn't it be over?"

Negatively thinking in her mind, the assassin girl was about to cry, she could even think of herself being blown into pieces by a fireball from a "hehe" evil-smiling mage in the next second or next minute.

In fact, in a sense, the assassin girl really didn’t think wrong. The first reaction of punk when she arrived at this place was to slap this dumbfounded guy to death. He treated himself My meditation is disturbed, but it is very hot.

However, although punk belongs to the chaotic camp, it is far from chaotic to the level of a lunatic saboteur. After carefully observing the surrounding environment and confirming that there is no danger, punk silently canceled the release of "kinetic energy burst".

He decided to first contact this little girl who seemed to be waiting for him. After all, according to the prophetic spell information, punk suspected that there was a formal power behind this incident.

Punk is now in a period of low-key development. If it is not necessary, it is not suitable for rushing to fight with a strong at the same level.

After making up his mind, Punk didn't continue to use swiftness, he walked in from the front of the alley without any concealment.

I have to say that the punk wearing a black robe at this time has the demeanor of the evil big boss. His footsteps are more silent than most apprentice-level stalkers, and the master-level robe is blood-red. The color of the energy rune, the emerald green staff in his hand emits a faint green light in the dark, and a pair of blue eyes can directly shine into the depths of anyone's soul.

Compared with punk’s calm and calmness, the assassin girl standing at the end of the alley is not calm at all. You must know that her original mission was to investigate the "supernatural" phenomenon in this slum. Such a simple and easy thing is inexplicable. It turned into contact with a formal-level evil archmage, what else could she say, only the sentence in her heart was "Would you like to be so cheating?"

However, even if she panic, she can’t solve any problems. The assassin girl knows that the only reason she was not burned to ashes by a fireball was that the handsome and young spellcaster on the opposite side wanted to get some information. , So she must prove in the shortest time that "I am alive is more in your interest than death", otherwise her fate may be more difficult to accept than death!

The assassin girl who barely calmed down gave the punk as much as possible the etiquette of the lower person facing the upper person, and then said softly:

"Dear Spellcaster, I sincerely apologize for the death of your entourage and my master. If necessary, my master hopes that you can go to the house for a report, and then my master will definitely do something to your loss. Out of compensation".

After saying these words, the assassin girl lowered her head and didn't say anything. These words were not her own thoughts. The girl who was already blank in her mind could still think of these "concepts". Almost all the "lines" are Her master confessed.

Looking at the trembling girl with her head down, Punk snorted coldly and said:

"It's so funny. I broke into my site without permission and I still dealt with my servants here. What invitations are there to talk about in the end... Don't worry, I will definitely visit your master’s house. I don’t need his invitation, of course. You won’t be able to lead the way.”

Punk had already completed the official-level spell of "memory reading" while speaking, and in order to ensure that he could obtain all the memory information of an apprentice-level creature, he also activated the super magic technique-magic compression while using the spell.

As soon as the voice fell, punk controlled the silver tentacles formed by the spell and extended to the head of the girl opposite.

Of course, punk will not rashly accept any invitation, let alone the dangerous thing of entering the enemy’s base. No one can guarantee that there will be a group of official-level guys where they will place a net to encircle themselves, but in A formal-level enemy inexplicably broke into his yard, and it was impossible for him to sit idly by, so punk used a rougher method from the beginning-reading the memory of the enemy's men.

Punk’s idea is very simple. Since the assassin girl in front of her can say "invite to be a guest" in the name of the other party, then she is very likely to be the enemy's core subordinate, and she can also know many enemies. Intelligence, so he didn't say anything, and acted decisively.

A group of tentacle-like silver filaments approached the assassin girl’s head at a speed that could not cover her ears, but she was shocked to find that she could not use any shadow energy. Seeing that a tentacled was about to touch her and touch the tip of her nose. There were only three words left in the girl's mind-"Dead".

But just as that group of silver energy tentacles was about to touch the girl’s head, in the silver radiance of energy overflowing, under the assassin girl’s surprised gaze, five bloody flashes of light cut off everything from top to bottom. The energy tentacles, one of the blood beams smashed the spell structure evenly.

At the same time, a voice like an ordinary big boy next door also rang out abruptly in the alley:

"Don't be so good, this is my new lovely maid, who uses her tentacles at every turn and she doesn't pity Xiangxiyu."

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