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Netheril's Glory Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Uninvited guests.
Just when the black goblin jumped from Jack's shoulders into the air with nowhere to take advantage, a black and matt dagger pierced his right chest, where the official black goblin core spell model was located.

As a pure summoned creature, no matter what the other body parts are destroyed, it is only reduced to combat effectiveness, but if the core of the spell is destroyed, this summoned creature will really be finished.

Although the summoned black goblin does not have the wisdom of the real black goblin, its summoner is also an official mage, and the virtual soul's reaction ability is still strong enough.

As soon as the blade came from the air, the black goblin suddenly rotated its body. The matte blade that was about to pierce the right chest instantly pierced its chest, but it narrowly avoided the key of the spell core.

The black goblin who had escaped the first assassination squeaked twice, and then hit the ground several times to avoid the ensuing darts.

"Qiang Qiang, Qiang Qiang"! !

This is the sound of two steel darts hitting the ground one after another.

At this time, the black fairy whose chest was cut seemed to have been seriously injured, but in fact he was not affected much at all, and there was no drop of blood flowing out of the wound.

But poor Jack is different. This bragging fellow has taken the place of the black goblin. Now Jack has been pierced by the dagger in the sky spirit cover, and he can't die.

"How is it possible? Summoning creatures"?

Since a hit attack had no effect, a female voice appeared in the dark, which seemed very surprised. It was obvious that the assassin had recognized the identity of the black goblin summoning creature and was very unbelievable.

In fact, the girl assassin hiding in the shadow was not only surprised at this time, but also terrified. A big drop of cold sweat was already secreted on her forehead.

This female assassin who suddenly took action without a word was a stalker who thought she was a trainee. She didn't seem to have identified the identity of the black goblin summoning creature until the black goblin started to activate the energy model to brew attacks.

You know that her purpose at the beginning was to be ordered to bring back an "unusual thing" in the slum, but now, after discovering that the black goblin that she had been ambushing for a long time was a summoned creature, the assassin girl immediately realized that she had provoke her. Big trouble.

This apprentice-level summoned creature can not only be true to oneself so that he can't see a trace of Duan Rui, but also has unexpectedly good skills. This kind of guy is not like an apprentice-level professional can do it.

"Don't go back to memorizing it like this, the first time the investigation got involved with a formal-level adult."

Thinking of this, the assassin girl's fingers on the handle of the knife trembled, and she even felt like the sky was falling.

You know, her master had previously warned not to be discovered by anyone, let alone by a guy in the good camp or a strong official, but... the girl’s first "unobtrusive" exploration I just got into a formal mage. If you go back, you might be stripped of skin if you don't die, right?

"No, right? The master spoils me so much, there shouldn't be such a terrible punishment...Anyway, you have to leave here quickly, or you won't be able to leave when you encounter a formal monster!"

The girl thought with trepidation.

However, although the assassin girl had a retreat, the black goblin who was stabbed inexplicably didn't intend to let it go. After all, he was a dull summoned creature. Because punk gave the order to "catch all enemies alive", this guy is completely Yi Gulu got up without hesitation and rushed up with his bare hands. The tightly clenched fists were covered with exposed veins, which was enough to see how hard this little guy was.

But after all, the black goblin is only a class of troops for investigation, not to mention that this black goblin does not have any weapons in his hand, and even he has been insisting on the order to "capture" the enemy alive, so he turned into a ghost with a shadow. The punch hit the assassin girl's waist, perfectly avoiding all the vital points.

It turned out that there was no result. This time the enemy was very cruel and stubbornly resisted the black goblin with a small punch, and then smashed the black goblin's summoning magic model with a single blow.

Along with a shock of black haze, the body of the black fairy dissipated in the air and dissipated countless energy ions.

But the assassin girl who wanted to cry without tears couldn't bring up her joy at all. Just as the energy of the black goblin overflowed, the last bit of luck and fantasy in the assassin girl's heart was shattered.

Even if the strength of the summoned creature can be increased because the summoner uses a certain secret method, the official magic power still remaining in the air can never be faked.

So at this time, there was only one sentence left in the girl's heart: "I have a big deal, I have a big deal".

Regardless of the fact that there were two awake hungry people who were confused, the girl assassin quickly pulled off the black mask, revealing a beautiful face with wheaten skin, and then hurriedly took out a pale yellow crystal from her pocket. Put it on the forehead and start sending messages to unknown recipients.

"Master, I really don't fit to come out to investigate, now it's over, what should I do if people get into trouble?"?

--------Dividing line------

At the same time as the black goblin died, in the trash pile deep in the slum, a pair of azure blue eyes opened sharply.

As the master of the summoned creature, punk had already noticed the moment the black goblin died.

He quickly stopped the deep meditation that was in progress, and then immediately dispelled all the other black goblin summoning magic. This was to prevent enemies who were good at prophecy spells from tracing back to their location through the traces of magic.

It has been more than five years since the establishment of this base. Although it has been calm for the past five years, punk has not only successfully been promoted to a thirteenth-level mage, but also got your wish. You have learned the super magic technique of "magic compression", but he has grown in strength. But he did not relax his vigilance at all.

Although he couldn't understand why the attacker had to attack the few insignificant black fairies he had summoned, these didn't affect the punk's immediate battle state.

At this time, in the dark basement, only the squirming voices of shadow maggots cultivated by punk kept coming. In addition, only some subjects groaned and screamed, and the alert circle set up outside the laboratory was not triggered. Signs.

It took a while, until Punk confirmed that no enemy had invaded his base before he began to cast one prophetic spell after another.

"So, is that an investigator who was instigated? Will it be someone sent there? Is it from the Kingdom of Dylan? Or is it a lunatic of the church? Or is it a "kind" who hides from the light? It looks like... Went out"

After receiving the result of the prophecy spell, Punk picked up the emerald staff with a heavy face.

Before he knew it, the brilliance of magic power began to flow slowly in his pupils again.

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