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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1283

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Chapter 1283: Trial of punk. .

Information about Obama? I don’t know if it’s true or not, but at least it doesn’t look like a fake.

It must be admitted that the real-time calculation ability at the god seat level is too powerful and outrageous. In fact, let alone fabricating the life deeds of a foreign president, this thing can be deduced out of thin air with the memory of punk in just half a second. It is almost impossible to compile all the historical information of a whole planet and civilization, and it is almost impossible to expect to find flaws in the illusion of the god seat level, even if all the records in the history of the Internet in the information age are for a god seat structure Data storage is just a drop in the bucket.

So just flip through the webpage punk on the mobile phone to be sure-the information on the Internet in the fantasy world is extremely comprehensive, from celebrity gossip to travel science popularization, it must be more logical and logical, and more detailed and in-depth The details, even "Naruto" and "One Piece" and other animes have been abruptly updated on time!

If you want to say that the only thing that makes people feel a bit offensive...It may be that these animation works that are calculated in real time are more sophisticated and the plot is more exciting...

All in all, what punk knows is also known to the test terminal. People who punk doesn’t know can also make up seamless clothes. Considering the powerful power of the gods professionals, a virtual reality illusion is fully capable of guaranteeing one plant, one tree, one flower and one tree. The arrangement of the atoms of ”will not go wrong, down to changes in temperature and the movement of stars in the Milky Way can travel freely. Finding flaws in such a false world is purely a dream, and “Destroy Whispers” does not think that the great master Dorothy. The trial that I worked hard to figure out is a ridiculous game of "Let's find the difference", so............

"Does it cost me that this trial is to seal my memory, and then test certain questions about will? As a result, because my willpower is too strong, even the god-level sealing methods are helpless, which has led to this situation. A "seemingly inexplicable" situation arises?"

Suspiciously, he put down his phone and looked around, watching the flowers on the balcony sway in the wind, and sniffing the summer fragrance in the air. Punk seemed to have thought of some facts that should not be ignored.

He felt that his guess was inseparable. After all, this was the only reason why he could be so sober in the illusion.

But if this kind of bug that is not a bug really occurs because of this, how can he, an out-of-spec professional with too strong willpower, pass the trial?

Find a higher place to jump down and try? Will the chance of direct failure be great? This is a precious trial that every legendary professional can only try once, unless it is the most lasting moment, otherwise any reckless decision must be considered twice.

But if the final result of the caster is that he cannot pass the trial, wouldn't the hapless Kane face the Construct Queen alone? Didn't he and the old Eman's knowledge of Netheril also all soak up the soup?

It seems quite annoying to think about it this way.

However, punk really has nothing to do with such a situation beyond his control. He has no way to control the progress of the trial. Today, when Netheril has been destroyed for a long time, it is impossible for him to call GM to deal with "program errors". In this embarrassing situation, even the "Destroy Whisper" finally shook his head helplessly, and then sighed casually while walking towards the door:

"Oh, the sky is unpredictable, the moon is cloudy and sunny, but I tried my best. I really didn't expect this situation. I can't help it. Take one step and count one step. It will be thrown out by the trial space in a hundred years. It is this trip to the Eye of Dorasz, I am afraid it can only be regarded as an unpleasant "going out for relaxation." As for the knowledge of Netheril...Forget it, we will discuss the countermeasures with Elman at the time." .


Turning the handle to unscrew the door, the punk strode forward and walked into the living room of his own home without rushing into the living room of his own house, keeping his emotionless gaze.

When on earth, although punk was not the elder brother of a wealthy family, he was still in a well-off family. The five-bedroom and one-living house was not too big but not too small. The furniture in the living room was not high-end but it was suitable. Complete.

Of course, because parents often travel for three or two months, the cleaning of the house is left to the punk himself. These tasks usually include sweeping the floor, cleaning the table, washing clothes, and...feeding the cat!

That’s right, the punk family keeps cats, or the same sentence, if you are a city-level three-good student who has never fallen to the top three in the exam since childhood, then keeping pets and playing with mobile phones are not a problem at all. After all, learn Isn't he able to do whatever he wants? Similarly, playing games and feeding pets is called "playing with things" for students with poor grades, and "relaxing proper relaxation" for students with good grades.

For example, "Whisper of Destruction" as a "good student" has already seen the snow-white kitten lying on the edge of the window basking in the sun.

"Doughnut...Is it even simulated? After being attacked by the void storm, all the matter in the entire solar system and even the Milky Way in the real world will definitely be wiped out so that there is no slag left, right? The souls carried by the wind obviously have no life except myself, and the souls of ordinary creatures that have not been taken away are even less likely to exist for too long in the cosmic space without material protection... Human civilization and don't know how many unfortunates. The Star Civilization has long ceased to exist, and I did not expect to see my "doughnuts" here."

With a little emotion recalling the time he played with the cat when he was a child, the punk who walked to the window sill decisively picked up the soft white cat.

The simulation of the illusion is extremely real. The character displayed by the cat "Doughnut" is no different from the lazy house cat in the memory of Master Huiyue. For example, this three-year-old cat doesn't like being hugged by anyone very much. , So after struggling with a few meows, the white cat that found the gap like a liquid "flowed away" directly from the punk's arms.


The "Master" stared like a warning, and the "Doughnut" who jumped on the window sill again found the most sunny place and lay down.

At this moment in the afternoon, it is not too hot in the summer, and the air conditioner in the punk home is maintained at a temperature that is just right to make people feel comfortable. For a cat, such an environment is indeed too suitable for a nap.

Although the cute little guy lying here is not the real "doughnut".


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