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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1282

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Chapter 1282: Not a normal process.

People always have a misunderstanding, that is, "the strong are fearless". The key to this misunderstanding is that people always think that only those who are fearless can become strong... It's strange, isn't it? Causality is not established at all. good or not? Shouldn't we "become the strong" and then "fearless"? When will we become "fearless" and then "become the strong"?

Let's not say whether this kind of thing can be done, first of all, it is completely unreasonable, why should we be fearless before becoming the strong? Is there any relationship between being afraid and becoming stronger?

Learning knowledge, exercising strength, gaining wealth... Isn’t this the right way to become stronger? What is the meaning of fighting against fear every day? What if we win, what if we lose? Strong or strong, weak or weak.

In fact, as long as the emotions that come from the heart do not affect learning and reason, then it is a waste of time to compete with it. In a popular metaphor, it is impossible for everyone to be choked to death without fear of eating. Is it because they are afraid of being choked to death? Stop eating? Eat liquid food?

Isn’t it still happily eating big fish and meat, even if fear persists, doesn’t it matter?

The same is true for becoming stronger. The conditions for becoming a strong person are very harsh, but not so harsh as to be unbelievable. Although in theory, like a monster mage without the influence of extra emotions, it is definitely the best to concentrate on gaining power. It doesn't matter even if you have a lot of emotions, as long as you can control your own mind, like Kane or even Elman, collect the "stallions" of the harem without any problems, aren't they still getting stronger?

The test of the Great Austrian Teacher is actually to test whether a professional can get out of the zone of thinking and find the direction that he should really strive for, instead of starting to think about "overcoming fear" just because of a trivial test question. It is precisely because of this and that. The shadow turned into "fear" will be deliberately set so "invincible". It can even be said that the terrifying power displayed by "fake punk" is itself a vague reminder.

Of course, this method of deliberately misleading others to take the horns is quite insidious. Whether someone can calm down and think carefully about the problem when the nose is bruised and swollen by others also requires the subjects to have an extremely firm psychological quality.

Fortunately, now Kane has successfully realized his thinking problems, he has walked out of the misunderstanding of thinking, and let go of his fears.

So as the mad knight's innermost calmness returned to his heart, the emotions flowed like a trickle of spring water, and the "fake punk" image standing in the white space finally slowly dissipated into nothingness without a word.

So far, "Instant Kill Gun" finally passed his final trial!

--------Dividing line------

Kane’s trial was neither smooth sailing nor too difficult. In fact, there was nothing special except for the inexplicable beating for more than ten minutes. It can be said that the trial he walked was completely the most ordinary "normal process." The swaggering mentality of a mad knight through this "normal process" is simply "normal".

But for another Huiyue professional who also participated in the trial... this trial process was a bit... not so normal.

In fact, when "Whisper of Destruction" accepted the trial teleportation with curiosity and even a little expectation, he was a little dazed, because everything he saw now was really familiar. Look at that room. A small bedroom, look at the whitewashed four walls, look at the writing desk made of mahogany, look at the Naruto posters posted on the wall... Of course, this place is familiar to punk, and this is not him. The bedroom that lived on earth before crossing into the multiverse?

The most important thing is that the memory of punk has not been sealed at all. Although his thinking speed has been completely reduced to the level of ordinary people, he still remembers all his experiences and knowledge.

In fact, while feeling the state of his body when he was a human, the mentality of "Destroying Whispers" still feels very strange.

Obviously, this trial space has built a virtual scene with the memories of its former "ordinary people", but what does it do to project its conscious thinking here after slowing down? Does this make any sense?

Is it simply inexplicable? The "Five Years of College Entrance Examination and Three Years Simulation" spread out on the desk has not yet been completed, and the ten sets of real test simulations have only achieved the sixth set. It can be seen that this scene should be the "sprint" time before the punk college entrance examination.

So what use is this period of time and memory for trials?

Silently shook his head, and turned around and took out his phone from the pillow. Punk decided to unlock the phone for the first time to see how far this virtual simulation can reach. After all, in an information age, it is just a punk of high school students. It is impossible to know the massive amount of news on the Internet, and now he intends to check the information he didn't know before to see how this inexplicable trial system will react.

It is worth mentioning that punk in high school had a mobile phone, or the latest "Grape mobile phone"! Although it stands to reason that a senior high school student should not carry such enticing "entertainment goods" with him that affects his studies, but because punk's parents are business managers who travel frequently, he is a special case of having a mobile phone. ".

Of course, for an "absolutely good student" who has never fallen in the first three grades since childhood, punk parents must be very relieved. Even though the most important college entrance examination is coming, the temptation of mobile phones is still not a problem. His parents can also safely go on business trips without worrying about their children alone.

In fact, before being taken away by a void storm, the "Mage Huiyue" who was just an ordinary person was studying at home alone.


"Search first...Well, how many children American President Obama has. This is information that I definitely don't know. Let's see how this space will be simulated."

The caster who enters the browser after turning on the phone and entering the browser decisively presses the search option in the Thousand Degrees Search after skillfully entering the password. After all, the Great Master of God has promised that his trial is absolutely safe. Even if there are bugs in the God seat level system, there is no possibility that there will be bugs. The processing power is preset, so today's "Destroy Whispers" can be tested with confidence and boldness.

But the result of this test is a bit...

"The Oba Niu has only one child, a boy named Miguel Oba Niu, born in... Barabara"...

Ok? Is this true, and why does it always feel weird?

Looking at a large amount of decent information searched out on the monitor, punk only felt that he was a bit stupid-no matter whether the information was true or false, as long as the trial system was compiled decent enough, he seemed to be unable to judge the truth. Fake, it seems that the barriers of the information age can't help a magical device at the level of gods...

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