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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040: Surprised.
"The lost lamb did not look back in time to search for the light. He fell deeper into the dark abyss... if the White Leaf family once had those upright and kind ancestors knowing that their only descendants have embarked on a path. The evil road full of thorns, I don’t know how sad they should be."

The communication between legendary professionals still does not have any drama of reluctance and retreat. Punk’s veto can basically be regarded as a "failure to win" for the Elven King Court and the Pantheon. It is precisely because of this. The pastor of the Morning Star, Aikar, used this tone of pity and prayer to express his emotions without concealment, although in his eyes...punk did not see any real regret or disappointment... …

Yes, the very weird place is here.

The solicitation of the Elf King’s Court failed, and the idea of ​​digging the walls of the Pantheon fell into vain as soon as the start. However, as the chief priest of the Life God Cult, the "piety" who carried out the will of the Goddess of Life in the "mortal" not only did not have any dissatisfaction. On the contrary, he expressed indifferent and even a hint of joy to the attitude of the caster?

On the surface, Aikar’s expression is still an unchanging gentle smile, although the two “legendary followers” ​​standing behind him who have been guarding against punk can never observe the eyes and thoughts of their own chief priests, but they are cautious. "Destroy Whispers" can be sure that he has never read or understood wrong-this "pious man" is indeed very pleased with his decisive decision to refuse the solicitation of the "good and lawful camp"!

"This is really weird. No wonder Aikar, the old fox's solicitation rhetoric is so blunt and annoying. Is this all intentional? Well, although in order to ensure that the erosion of faith will not be too violent, even the most annoying Powerful gods rarely choose true fanatical believers to become their own legendary priests, but no matter what they say, they have no reason to make a fellow who is not one with him become the chief priest of the Morning Star... It looks like the elf king's court is right. The water in the pool is still deep"!

He continued to stare directly at the smiling Pastor Morning Star with cold eyes, and Punk watched Aikar's expression become more weird and meaningful.

Yes, it’s so strange. Although this “feeling” is unclear, but “intuitively” punk feels that this god stick with the title of “piety” is very wrong inside and out, even in his language. Gentle, even if his smile is sacred and friendly, even if he talks about the goddess of life Psyche, he will use the adjective "great" as the prerequisite affix-but punk just feels that this guy is not like a priest, his whole body is A guy like Kane who is good at pretending doesn't feel as violent as a knight!

"Forget it, what's the conspiracy brewing between the Fairy King Court and the Life God Cult to do with me? Rejecting their boring invitation, I'll confess the letter from the "chairman" as soon as possible and leave."

Silently thinking about the work he really needs to complete, Punk decided to temporarily ignore the "sense of violation" of Aikar, who had no evidence, and he simply asked directly:

"The private chat is over, and it's time to talk about business affairs. My trip is here on behalf of the "Silent Alliance". My intention is to convey the will of Mr. "President". I need to step into yours. The temple meets with the projection of Ms. Psyche, and then..."

"No, you don't need it! I mean... the great goddess of life has everything to do with everything, her time is too precious, so as the chief priest of the god of life, I can act for Ms. Celebona to deal with most of the "mundane things" "Things", even if some important decisions are made...this is the trust and obligation that the great goddess of life has bestowed on me"!

Astonishing words were narrated in his mouth, and Pastor Chen Xing's gentle and handsome face still showed a perfect and elegant smile.

But at this moment, Aikar's smile is already sacred, a little unreal and even "creepy"!


"What are you talking about? Mr. Aikar..."

"I mean, I can handle various affairs related to the religion of life on behalf of the great goddess of life. You can just hand me the letter from Mr. "Chairman" directly. You don't need to meet the ever-sophisticated Psyche at all. Ms. Ona"!

"...Is this the right recognized by the mother of vitality and emerald, the giver of the overture of life, the queen of the emerald country, the third goddess of life, and Ms. Psychia Trentrelin?"

"Yes, as you said, this is the trust given to me by the great goddess of life"!


Well, punk is really a rare surprise this time!

Listen to what this Pastor Morningstar is saying? Acting on behalf of an ancient great divine power to deal with things? He is just a Morningstar professional. Isn't this world going crazy? A Morningstar professional...Even if the sole chief priest of the entire church has the full authority to endorse a great divine power, it is too exaggerated and outrageous!

However, considering that Aikar is indeed using the kind and lawful divine power derived from the goddess of life, it is impossible for professionals in the world to have the opportunity to blatantly pretend to be the chief priest of a great divine power and to "speak out wild words". Not being attacked by gods, so even if it sounds absurd, the words of the "piety" at this moment are undoubtedly credible.

So now a troublesome situation lies in front of punk-I don’t know what crazy Psycheona has given so many and important rights to this morning star priest who has a knife in his smile, no matter how stormy the situation is. As a result of the undercurrent conspiracy, who should the punk who came to the Eternal Forest just to deliver the "danger notice" give the letter to?

He couldn't ignore Aikar's blockade and rushed into the palace of the elves to meet the missing goddess of life, right?

This is not an easy question to answer. Punk's current status is just a mercenary and a mission performer. He doesn't want to be responsible for arbitrarily determining the ultimate destination of this important letter.

So without much hesitation, the caster, who quickly erased the surprised expression, calmly took out the black magic crystal card and asked Aikar, who was still smiling:

"Your proposal is beyond the scope of my jurisdiction. I need to ask Mr. "President" for his opinion, please wait a moment."

"Of course, you can please."

Spreading his hands softly, the calm "pious man" naturally agreed to the request of the Morning Star Mage.

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