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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: Win over.

"What do you mean by these words? Or is it that nowadays the Elf King Court is accustomed to using a bunch of incomprehensible words and sentences for dialogue"?

Clenching the "Pale Scepter" in his hand, frowned slightly, and punk watched the emotion in Aikar's eyes with only doubt and incomprehension.

To be honest, no matter how you look at it, the large part of the rhetoric just said by the "piety" is obviously not just a discussion of the so-called politeness and "kindness". These elegant words in the dictionary must imply something else. Only this time, the punk who had been thinking about how to "meet the goddess of life Psyche" as "friendly" as possible did not fully understand the request.

After all, Ikal has too many metaphors and hints in his own language, which is too inexplicable. After a quick word-by-sent analysis in his mind, the information that punk has harvested is only full of questions...

So if you don’t understand nature, you have to ask questions. It’s about important negotiations. The Morningstar Mage, who never underestimates any opponent, is not willing to fool around and get through. Therefore, in this case, he will explicitly question Aikar whether he wants to express. What does it mean.

Faced with the doubts of the caster, the chief priest of the Elf Royal Court raised his eyebrows a little displeased, whose expression gradually became more solemn.

I saw him standing in the fiery waves rendered by the natural fire element and then calmly said:

"It seems that you don't appreciate this kind of metaphorical and suggestive language art? Then please let me be blunt, representing the elf palace, the god of life, and me-Aikar-Call of Life. A question... Mr. "Destroy Whispers", what do you think of the Pantheon? What is your view of mainstream order and kindness? Do you have any intention to... break away from the precarious alliance of silent ones Join a more promising and perfect legendary organization"?


The picture was poor, and the truth came to light. With these three questions seriously asked, the strange attitude of a certain Morningstar pastor until now was instantly explained, and the quick-thinking punk immediately understood that Aicar had been discussing order with himself. And what's the purpose of kindness—this whimsical guy...no! It should be said that the whimsical goddess of life and even the Pantheon wanted to dig the corner of the Silent Alliance! They want to persuade themselves to switch jobs from the "executors" organization!

Well, if you analyze it from Aikar's perspective, his teamwork seems not to be purely whimsical. After all, as we all know, the "Elven Aristocratic List" owned by the Elven Royal Court records every elven clan who has a noble blood in the history. The name of the elf-that is a legendary "life-use" magic equipment (that is, only the ancient elf kings would have nothing to do so easily). If nothing else, in the punk body mother Tana The moment Ms. Si successfully gave birth to an offspring embryo, the magic book that could almost perfectly record the name information of creatures below the legendary level had already recorded the new "little young master" of the "White Leaf" family.

Maybe until the official-level professional caster gets the Hetzta magic box and turns on the "Legendary Prophecy Shielding Spell", "The Elf Nobility Roster" may continue to record his location and physical state. Even if the shielding power from the magic box and the soul level after the punk advancement to the legend perfectly prevented the continuous leakage of its own information, it is estimated that the current "Roster of Elves and Nobles" will still be on the page of "The White Leaf Family of Ancient Elves". The list is marked with a message like "Punk-White Leaf (Have not obtained the right to inherit the surname! Status: Missing!)".

As long as the goddess of life wants to investigate the recent rise of the "Legendary Supernova" Whispers of Destruction, then she will be able to easily confirm through many Yao Sun-level prophecy spells-punk is the nameless who was expelled from the Elf King's Court. The child born by the combination of the noble family master "Tanas" and a human mage!

Well, for the Elf King Court, who can't even support the scale of the legendary organization now......this is really a sad story...

Although everyone knows that this kind of event is a completely unpredictable small probability event, the irritability of losing a morningstar professional from the "good and lawful" camp will inevitably linger in Sergei's heart.

Moreover, neither the Elven Royal Court nor the Pantheon have any understanding of the character of "Destroy Whispers". The basis for their judgment is only a variety of individuals who have long been punk by Messoul and the Thinking of Truth. The "neutral chaotic camp" that the information was released together is just an introduction.

Perhaps in their opinion, the punk, who has a half-elf bloodline and who should have grown up under the kind guidance of a pure-blooded mother, has a unique affection and yearning for the kind and lawful gods and even the entire elves? After all, the neutral chaotic camp is only the "neutral camp" in the final analysis, and it doesn't seem to be too far away from the so-called "goodness"...

In this way, the idea of ​​trying to win over the Morningstar Mage is naturally justified. Didn't I see that Aikar, who is very good at persuading others, started the process of "flickering" without discussing anything else?

For today’s Elven King Court and even the Pantheon, which is an important ally with the Mage Guild, the "Whisper of Destruction" with amazing combat power, fearless fate, and knowledgeable talent is undoubtedly a very worthy target, even if it is once or twice. Simple "digging the foot of the wall" action cannot be successful. It is also necessary to have a deep understanding of the true character of this "powerful enemy" and the "guild leader" who "provokes divorce" and is far in the abyss through serious dialogue.

Of course, they don’t know how magnificent the real experience of punk is, they don’t know how cold and ruthless a "monster" is, and they don’t know that the Pantheon under the guise of the elven king’s so-called win-win The "Whisper of Destroy" that is well paid in his hand is a joke.

Perhaps one day in the future, when the leader of the Silent Alliance can no longer squander such generous three times and three times the reward, punk will relentlessly consider "hopping" and leaving, but now...

Mage Chenxing’s answer is destined to be one and only one:

I’m taking the kindness of Mr. "... the Pious" for the time being, but unfortunately, I don’t think that the Pantheon is a "promising and flawless" legendary organization, and I am more fully aware of the so-called kindness and order of the world. No interest at all. Time is limited, so let's talk about the more important "business"... For example, it is a good option to meet Ms. Psyche as soon as possible."

Without pause, resolutely refused, decisively!

From the beginning to the end, the dark golden eyes of the caster were as indifferent as before, and the cold and gloomy chill in it was even more emotional.

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