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Netheril's Glory Chapter 968

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Chapter 968: Double cultivator...


Accompanied by a short and crisp blast, a dagger flashing cold and sharp suddenly appeared in the shattered space and violently opened the "destructive fissure" that was about to hit Ankazan's head, an ultra-high pressure shock wave Along with the trembling and buzzing of the blade, the gray-black magic blade that flew away from the target position nearly ninety degrees also deviated from its original trajectory and severely shredded the soil and rocks around the pit.

In the sound of "crashing", the rubble torn by the force of destruction rolled down the straight and steep rock wall, and the large brown-yellow soil residue also turned into a mist, and the breath became weaker and weaker. Ankazan's body............

Because of the sudden appearance of this "outsider", the relaxed and smooth atmosphere after the battle has disappeared under the provocation of a knife, and replaced by an indescribable, cold and solemn solemnity, in the pit. The gloomy color was stained with a sense of inconsistency due to the distortion of the law, and the silver-white dagger with the black translucent flame attached to the dim background flickered with a hideous brilliance!

Sure enough, hunting a "legendary level prey" is never that simple!

"Huh! Huh! Almost, almost... Fortunately to catch up, my dear friend, I have said long ago that you are absolutely lucky to meet my friend. Let’s see now. Except for the slow pile of rock fragments, there is only me in the world who will stand up and carry the knife for you"!

The voice that resembled self-talk seemed to express emotion to the "burner" who fell on the ground in an inhuman form, and at the same time, these words seemed to be simple fortune and ridicule.

However, in the hoarse voice that is almost insignificant, the unpretentious anxiety and sadness echoed undisguisedly at the bottom of the empty and dark pit, and when the last flick of smoke dissipated, punk finally saw clearly. To this brand new enemy that suddenly appeared before his eyes.

There is no doubt that the middle-aged "uncle" who wears earthy and tattered brown leather armor, wears a nondescript cowboy hat, and still has a sighing beard and smokes is the best friend of "Ankazan"-the legendary ranger "Lemans Flying Blade" Bill Kayton, his appearance without borders is also in line with the insignificant records of many national history books, and at this moment, this guy suddenly stepped into the battlefield to prevent the legendary mage from killing "Fen". The behavior of "The Burner" is naturally enough to prove his friendly relationship with Ankazan.

In punk, Mr. Leman Flying Blade, who was waiting for his friends to visit the Ero Empire, should have felt the fluctuations in the laws that detonated when the two legendary spells were released before realizing that his friend might have been attacked.


"The power attached to that knife seems to be the flame formed by the shadow, and your silent way of appearance is obviously also a proficient application of the law of shadow... As a professional with the title of legendary ranger, don't you actually Is this a legendary stalker?"

Faced with the unknown enemy who suddenly appeared in front of him, Punk did not attack immediately, he just stood there and asked questions as if he were talking about the weather.

After all, for the time being, the "Legendary Ranger" who is blocking the dying Ankazan behind him hasn't even revealed his identity, and the class level and hole card methods hidden by the Law of Shadows are even more unknown, so face In this sudden situation, the prudent spellcaster decided to try his best to extend the perception and explore whether there are other "foreign aids" hiding around the battlefield, and then use words to probe the enemy and think about the next action.

Anyway, Ankazan’s dying serious injury will never be able to recover in a short while, if Bill Keton, who is currently on the battlefield trying to rescue his old friend, is just alone......the current "Destroy Whisper" is not Will be afraid of enemies of any ordinary level!

"Guess what, mean fellow"!

"Looking at the expressionless legendary mage cautiously, Bill, who pretended to relax and play with the dagger in his hand, did not respond directly.

It must be admitted that in the legendary magic "Muse's Twisted World" that covers the entire battlefield, the suppression from the law has begun to make the ranger who finally rushed to the battlefield feel extremely uncomfortable. It seems that he is thinking extremely anxiously. What should I do next to save my friend? The trembling bad words are only covering up the panic in my heart.


It is estimated that if anyone is standing in front of a 39th-level legendary spellcaster staring at him, "how to take a friend who has been on the verge of death and become a burden" will definitely become the most incomprehensible one in his life. problem.

What Bill can do now...seems to be chatting and delaying time.

"Dual professional practice? Or a stalker pretending to be a ranger? But these are meaningless. The above two tricks can only increase your means a little, but the lack of strength is still an irreparable hard disadvantage."

Looking at his opponent extremely indifferently, the punk warning did not carry any sentiment in the strong words.

Bill's way of fighting that doesn't match the intelligence is indeed a bit confusing, and the timing of his arrival on the battlefield with such an appropriate advantage surprised the caster.

But... the "surprise" he brought can only reach the level of "a bit surprised" after all.

According to punk’s judgment, "Liman Flying Blade" is likely to be a dual professional of "Stalker" and "Warrior". He may have more than 30 stalker levels and more than 30 combat positions at the same time. Player level, which means that he is able to skillfully use vindictive energy as well as shadow energy, and may even develop some special skills for matching shadow and vindictive energy.

But... what about then?

In this world, the level of strength of a professional is only linked to the level of the soul. No matter how many energy systems of different professions you have studied carefully, the level of the soul will only be equal to the highest level of the professional level. For example, punk himself is one level. He is also a second-level ranger as well as a thirty-ninth-level spellcaster, but his strength level is a clear and incomparable thirty-ninth level, and it is impossible for the level of different professions to become "39+2=41" to advance to Morningstar.

And because a professional has only one soul, the power that a soul can create is also limited. For example, as a pure mage, you can create 100% of the magic power for battle, and as a mage + warrior, you can only create 50% of the magic power + 50. % Fighting spirit is used for use, it is absolutely impossible to break through one's own strength level to create 100% magic + 100% fighting spirit into 200%!

Therefore, to learn a few more professions, at most, to increase the means that can be used in combat, and the increase in the level of the secondary profession can only lower the learning threshold of the corresponding professional skills.

However, as a price, the "double repair" professionals have to spend a lot of extra time and energy to master additional skills, so in general, only fighters with too single methods will struggle to find ways to own some other professions. The professional level improves your flexibility in battle.

How much strength do you really expect to rely on this to raise?

That's definitely too much thinking!

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