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Netheril's Glory Chapter 942

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Chapter 942: Meteorite 1 battle (5) The escaped god...

When the flames of the explosion brightened the entire night of the Fulaera plane, there were three legendary powerhouses who bounced out of the shock wave.

The first person to be shaken by the shock wave was naturally the Hurricane God himself, wearing jet black armor, because the center of the explosion was the weak divine power necklace on his neck, when the fragments of the law turned into a violent energy torrent and blew away. All the substances within the scope, the current Atdylan also flew to the direction of the kingdom of God he had booked at an astonishing speed.

Of course, as the price of escaping, the fragments of the soul and the blood of the gods have already drawn a red afterimage in the sky. During the detonation of the Morningstar equipment this time, the one who has benefited the most is Ah Tedylon himself, the one who suffered the most damage was Atdylon himself. After experiencing two legendary killer moves so far, the hapless Hurricane God finally entered a state of inevitable serious injury, and his escape seemed to be completely inevitable. Quite reluctant and difficult......

After the "prey" who intended to retreat was blown away without any suspense, the second who burst out from the explosion was the golden mad knight. This guy was no more than Artedi from the center of the explosion. How much is Lunyuan? Although Kane’s physical defense is by no means comparable to that of a god, he’s been harmed by the sudden explosion at such a close distance, although he is the most legendary fighter of the thirty-second level. It should be second only to the most miserable Atdylan.

But in fact, today's legendary knight was only slightly injured.

At the moment when the pale green gemstone necklace was crushed, the punk farther from the center of the battlefield clearly saw that Kane took out a side of the silvery white that had been prepared from the storage ring at an astonishing speed. The shield, the powerful shock wave hits the shield and ripples like a water wave hitting the reef. The "instant killing gun" that was blown out simply smashed a few mountains and then embedded in a piece of lava. Only in the crust, there was not even a scratch on his golden armor.

Sure enough, this insidious knight would never act recklessly. His courage to rush to the enemy first came from self-confidence rather than arrogance.

It now appears that the lance, which is obviously a magic weapon, and the shield, which is also obviously a magic weapon, are the source of the mad knight’s confidence. After nearly 20,000 years of precipitation and accumulation, he was once “destitute and impoverished”. Kane finally stopped empty-handed, at least he didn't know where he got this set of magic equipment that looked really good quality.

Although at this moment, the lance engraved with runes followed Atdylan’s flesh and blood quickly away from the legendary knight who plunged into the crust...

"Smart people who have the courage and destiny will have two hole cards. This sentence is really correct. The mad knight has his own means of life-saving, and even the "smile" has some unforgiving abilities... …But compared to Kane’s mysterious hole cards, this sad god is still a lot worse."

While looking up at the huge pink "jewel" that suddenly appeared in the sky, punk said to himself indifferently in his heart.

As the caster’s "Destroy Whisper" is of course very far away from the center of the battlefield, he suffers the least damage from the attack. After all, the explosion of the magical equipment is not a true legendary spell. It does not have any continuous damage. The endurance and power decay speed is called "transitory", so just a little farther from the center of the explosion, the punk suffered divine damage is much smaller than the three "unlucky eggs" of the "zero distance contact shock wave". ,

Now he only paid the price of nine layers of magic defense being shattered to resist this shocking explosion.

However, in mid-air, the girl god who has no time to escape and does not possess the legendary equipment is more unlucky.

"Smile" has a life-saving trump card. Obviously, there is no doubt about this. Now the "huge pink gem" suspended in the fragmented space and law is the ultimate defense method of the God of Red Sand.

However, compared to Kane's mysterious silver-white shield or punk's "pale scepter", this pierced gem constructed using divine art is a bit inadequate.

Punk can recognize that the divine art used by "smile" is a more common and common legendary divine art-divine power gem. This legendary divine art can quickly consume extraordinary divine power to build a huge gem to protect the god body.

As a defensive method, the effect of the "Gem of Divine Power" can only be described as "unsatisfactory", although its solidity after being fully formed is very impressive. For example, the gem floating in the sky is flawless and has no cracks. But in the process of launching this legendary magic, energy attacks from the outside can still penetrate into the still weak gems, so when faced with a sudden attack, this magic is a bit insecure.

For example, in the current situation, punk can predict that the girl god wrapped in gems is definitely not in good condition, even if it is not "seriously injured", a moderate injury is definitely unavoidable.

"This will be troublesome. Atdylan is not slow at all. If his kingdom of God is a little closer to the Fulaera plane, there is really little hope of catching up."

In the absence of a full nine layers of defensive spells, the legendary wizard will never chase the enemy rashly, but while quickly replenishing himself with defensive spells, the hurricane body also uses a short time to run more. It’s almost farther, although punk, who has kept the "twisted world of the muse" in effect, is very unwilling, but he can only speed up the casting speed of the spell as much as possible and keep a close eye on the fading far away. The white light frowned.

I have to admit that even if he loses the weak and other divine powers, the strength of the god of the hurricane is very good, at least it can run so fast under such severe injuries, it really makes punk feel ashamed.

Although with the mentality of being a dead horse, "Destroy Whispers" is still trying to use "Muse's Distorted World" to interfere with Atdylan's escape route, but the delay of this time is of little use.

It only took a very short moment that the white cone of light wrapped in the "prey" was about to run out of the effective range of the "twisted world", and at this time punk had just added two layers of defensive spells to himself... It seems that it is too late to pursue and kill now............

"Quickly catch up! Sai'an, if you can catch up, you will catch up. If you can't catch up, you will have to find his position in the kingdom of God. This uncle can't just let the opportunity he finds hard to find.

Rushing out of the hot lava, the rare mad knight with an anxious expression grabs his shield and will continue to chase the enemy. It is not difficult to see that he can't tolerate the failure of his important plan, just as a battle. The legendary knight of the master has nothing to do with enemies that run far away, so he expects punk to come up with some powerful "hole cards."

However... at this time the "Destroy Whisper" was extremely calm, he just continued to add defensive spells methodically while saying:

"You take me too seriously, than Thadarus. My defensive spells are more than half broken. In this state, no legendary mage with a brain will go after the enemy, so I must admit...Ah Mr. Tedylon has successfully escaped. But the good news is...you don’t have to worry if you can find the position of the God of the Hurricane God. Look at the divine blood and soul fragments that this "prey" drops along the way. Very good waypoint"!

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