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Netheril's Glory Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: fire...

Flames, flames, flames everywhere!

After the female priest carefully used the magical shield to protect the statue of Atdylen, looking back at the situation, she was surprised to find that the church that was originally covered by the official magical shield had been consumed by fire.

Obviously, the existence of such a terrible attack at the core religious power base of Fulaera must be extraordinary. It is not difficult to see this attack from the sudden arrival, instantaneous tearing of defenses, unstoppable and unperceptible means. The horror of ——The disaster spreading in various locations of the Broken Church today is not broken rocks or sudden enemies, but many weird orange fireworks jumping between the walls and metal vessels.

These peculiar flames did not release billowing smoke or spread wantonly, they just bounced on the floor like a living creature, accompanied by the rock floor engraved with decorative patterns quickly cracked and shattered in the high temperature. The "naughty" fireworks began to scatter, and randomly found the followers of the Hurricane Sect who were still in a shocked state.

Then, a tragic scene of horror was staged in the once quiet and holy church!

After discovering the pastor apprentices who were still in a daze, the lively flames suddenly increased their jumping speed. Like cats smelling fish, they quickly rushed onto the bodies of several pastors. All apprentice-level defenses Divine art and even formal blocking methods have no effect in front of the fire. A total of hundreds of palm-sized flames in the smoke and dust are unprecedented freedom. It only took less than a few seconds. These foreign terrifying little demons are there. The church with the largest number of clergy found the target one by one.

Then...as if a torch was put into fuel, as if strong wine was poured into a brazier, the flames that instantly ignited completely swallowed the apprentices and priests who were too late to roll over!

"Ah ah ah ah ah"!

The poor believers who turned into a human-shaped torch in an instant are undoubtedly very miserable. Although the orange flame is so strange that it can ignore all the defenses of all the clergy, its temperature and lethality seem to be not very strong. Therefore, it is The male and female priests who licked their bodies by the fire did not turn into fly ash and died in the first place. On the contrary, they were still living in the pain of death.

The intense high temperature turned the skin of the believers into charcoal, and the dried blood flowed from the cracked eye sockets. The pastor and apprentices who were rolling on the ground in pain were desperate and prayed while trying to use any method to extinguish the fire on their bodies. Efforts are destined to be futile............

Compared to enduring such torture, perhaps the ordinary nuns who were killed by the fragments were already considered lucky.

"Ah ah, it hurts, God, it hurts! Is this your punishment?"

"No, save me, I don't want to die, the great hurricane god come and save me..."

"Fire! It's all fire! The flame will melt into the wind, and our soul will merge with the hurricane! Hahahaha, the great god is coming to take us away"!


Many believers whose bodies were burned by the fire scratched their skin with their scorched fingers. Pieces of carbonized flesh were torn off. The dark blood continued to burn on the ground like hot oil, while the rolling fanatics were using it. Pray for the salvation of the gods with the last bit of will.

In this boundless burning pain, the only savior they can count on is the god of hurricanes they believe in, Atdylan!

"This...what the hell is going on? What the hell is going on! Why...Who is it that made such a blasphemous act? Who dares to attack a true god with such a terrifying means? church"!

The staring and bloodshot eyes watched several apprentices who were transformed into torches, bouncing and tumbling like charcoal-roasted live fish. The pious female priest was almost trembling and using divine magic to summon a stream of water to try to extinguish the orange flames.

But it is a pity that her efforts are useless, even if the official priest has controlled the water element to cover half of the church hall, the jumping fire is still boiling and burning in the water, and many believers who are on fire are still suffering. Struggling and crying...

It was not until a full ten seconds had passed that the flames that had scorched the flesh, penetrated the internal organs, and burned the soul did they finally kill the tortured and desperate apprentice priests and apprentices.

But so far... this incredible disaster is far from over.

I saw believers who had turned into a scorched corpse were still floating and rolling quietly in the summoned water element. In the next moment, their heads burst open like a watermelon that was trampled on. Duo Duo has not been stained with the slightest blood, and the clean flames have also jumped and drilled out of the scorched black body.

Immediately afterwards, these flame evil spirits, who swallowed the soul of the "host", hopped towards the new target, and the female priest who was controlling the water element to form a wall in vain was the second batch of selected attacks. One of the goals!

"No... this is the sacred church... you can't treat a priest like that."

Seeing a "harmless to humans and animals" or even a little cute flame easily penetrated the package of the water element and jumped towards herself, the female priest who stood in front of the statue of Atdylan couldn't help but widen her eyes in fear-you must know , She saw with her own eyes what kind of pain her apprentices had gone through before they died miserably, this way of death is mostly unacceptable even for fanatics.

"No... don't come... the great god of hurricanes, your followers are calling your name, the sad blasphemer needs you to punish you, everything that dares to blaspheme the gods will be torn to pieces by the hurricane In the end, all unbelievers will...Ah, ah, no, ah, ah!"!


The female priest chanted the words of prayer aloud in despair, because at this time she was looking forward to the appearance of great gods like never before. She also wanted to spread the faith of the true god. She didn't want to become charcoal and die in pain. She knew she had defended. I can't stop the majesty of God, and I know that the spread of disasters is unstoppable. At this moment, praying to God has become all the efforts a small official-level pastor can make!

But...it's a pity that the so-called "True God" did not respond to the pious prayers.

In less than a second, the "naughty" flame, which has increased rapidly, quickly tainted the followers of the Hurricane God, and then accompanied by the sound of a match struck, an "official torch". "It was born surrounded by layers of water elements............

Amidst the weird fire, there is no difference between a formal-level professional and an apprentice-level professional. The female priest's body has also been unstoppably burned into charcoal by the flames, and the screams quickly melted into the wailing. Within the "new movement" of churches everywhere.

Obviously, the perpetrators of the disaster that struck the core church of Hurricane Divinity really didn't care about "God's wrath."

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