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Netheril's Glory Chapter 920

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Chapter 920: loss..

When the explosion of flames mixed with fragments of the law gushing out from the magic tower break, Punk's three thousand years of golem production plan has been declared a complete failure, and the precious materials he put in during this period include the flesh and blood of Amoda and Owen The large amount of resources, including the corpse, has never been completely wiped out in this "accident". It is appropriate to describe the three thousand years of golem research at this time with no return.

Although during this long and sleepless research process, the caster has accumulated a lot of experience on the ground and mastered more knowledge of alchemy through practice, but when he sees his large amount of magical materials turned into bits and pieces of waste. When the wreckage fell on the glazed ground, the legendary mage couldn't help but feel pain in his heart.

That is the magic resource that occupies half of his wealth. With this loud noise, the amount of materials in the magic tower's storage room suddenly dropped from "a large number" to "a few", and half of his possessions instantly The feeling of evaporation is really bad, not to mention that this explosion has seriously damaged the magic tower that is not easy to repair.

"Oh, is this a problem of luck? It must be a problem of luck? The golem made by the Great Oman Vedraza back then is a little more complicated. He has completed his plan smoothly, how to change it to The result I... got was such an unlucky big explosion? Could this kind of "accident" with a very low probability be the ghost of the damn "fate"?

Standing up from the fragmented ground with a cold expression, scanning the mess around him, the legendary mage who was not stained with any dust couldn't help but sighed secretly.

He is not sure whether this accident was a mere coincidence or was affected by the "interference mechanism", but according to the caster's guess, the possibility of both of these factors may be higher............

I have to admit that as more and more things have been experienced since he was promoted to the legend, punk has become more and more able to understand why those secluded legends that he once called "cowards" shiver in front of the "interference mechanism" because of this I don't know when something suddenly popped out of the cold. It is no longer a sentence of "disgusting person". It is truly "highly dangerous".

When it arrives, a legendary profession often needs perfect judgment and all-round strength to "have the opportunity" to use it to gain benefits. A slight response to carelessness or untimely is more vigorous. Injury, serious is life-threatening!

In fact, the accidental explosion faced by "Whisper of Destruction" this time is enough to be called "very dangerous". After all, the production process of legendary creation is always dangerous, such as the lethality released when this semi-finished legendary golem suddenly explodes. It is comparable to ten offensive legendary spells exploding at the same time, and the destructive power of this horror is almost close to the ordinary Morningstar ultimate move.

To be honest, ordinary legendary professionals, even if they bless themselves with more ordinary legendary defense methods, can never survive in such an explosion center. If they are replaced by Babon or "Plague Box", guys with no life-saving cards will encounter the same situation. There is absolutely no doubt that punk is dead. This means that punk has the solidified "powerful suspension" on the "pale scepter" as a super defense so that it can be unscathed in such a dangerous "accident".

So in a sense, if they are replaced by some "not strong enough" legendary professionals who dare to provoke the "long river of fate", then such an "accident" in a research is enough to make them fall suddenly, even if a legendary mage There is not much safety in hiding in your own laboratory for research all your life.

However, from a practical point of view...If there is no such a defense method that can absolutely ensure safety, punk cannot risk studying complex legendary golems, and when an accident occurs, "powerful suspension" is perfect. It showed its powerful defensive power at the Huiyue level, so in this sudden power, the caster himself was not harmed anyway, and financial losses...for the time being, gritting his teeth is not unacceptable.

"Okay, okay, this "accident" happened in the middle of the way, if I waited until I put the remaining half of the resources into it, and then came to me when the work was about to be completed... that's really called People want to cry without tears, now I have only lost a few catties of legendary metal, 30 kilograms of Mopu desolvent, the flesh and blood of two legendary professionals, a lot of alchemy bearing structures... just"?

The caster took a deep breath and tried to calm his mood, but when he looked up and saw the pitiful big hole in the magic tower, he thought that his set of expensive alchemy tools were all scrapped... a faint heartache Still inevitably lingering in his mind.

"Oh, the loss is big. In the final analysis, it's because I'm a little greedy. There is nothing I can do now except to recognize the plant. The next 10,000-year period is less than two thousand years away. During this period, I should seriously reflect on this mistake. Alright...Speaking of which, after such an "unlucky event", will this damn interference mechanism stop a bit during the next adventure?

While muttering to himself in frustration, the legendary mage ordered the magic tower to close the emergency shield, and then began to personally pick up the broken materials scattered on the ground.

Although the loss this time is very serious, the mysterious long river of fate "again..." once again showed its powerful and unpredictable power, but the caster who never stops moving forward will never choose to back down because of this. If there is enough interest in the adventure, he will still participate.

After all, Punk-Sean is a monster without fear, not to mention... This devastating explosion has not completely destroyed the most important basis for the caster to make a "powerful legendary golem".


After using the hand of the mage to tear open the lava soil that melted into colored glaze, the punk, whose expression had returned to its plainness, easily dug out a silver-white metal sphere that was still extremely hot and glowing blue from the burning hard crust.

That is the energy core of the magic fan lock. The terrifying energy released by the golem explosion just now bursts out of this fist-sized sphere, but as a luminous moon-level creation of the Netheril era, this alchemical energy source It is definitely stronger than the "power pause" activated by punk. Although it is raging with the collapse of the law, it is shot into the earth's crust by shock waves like a cannonball, but when the legendary mage gently wipes the dust on the metal shell After that, the metal ball was restored to a clean and shiny perfect state.

As long as there is enough alchemy creation for a whole magic fan to lock the function, a "powerful golem" is by no means a dream!

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