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Netheril's Glory Chapter 899

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Chapter 899: Conspiracy outline..

After watching the memory of the dragon vein warlock Angelo, the punk's eyes began to become deeper involuntarily.

Angelo’s childhood experience is simply an aggregation full of weirdness and conspiracy. First of all, the group of “homeless people” who don’t know where they came from in the oasis of “praise of life” are strange. From the beginning to the end, no one knows who quietly gathered a large group of "refugees" enough to form the population of a country? What are the reasons for these "refugees" to show obvious physical strength and disease resistance beyond ordinary people?

The most important thing is that these "heterogeneous" ordinary people were all gathered in the same place, and then quickly and methodically formed an equally weird "Karu" kingdom.

As for the strangeness of this kingdom, let’s not say more... If an imperial country does not have religious power, it may be because legendary powerhouses such as punk or Ankazan are determined to resist, but there is no legendary ruler. There is no religion in the small kingdom, which is too scary for people to think carefully.

On the basis of no religion, the Karoo Kingdom deliberately ignores the "national ownership" education that all rulers should not miss. This directly leads to its citizens only knowing that their place belongs to the "Karu" and leave this place. The country can forget it in one or two years.

In addition, the "magic" in that "oasis" also made punk feel an indescribable strangeness.

The environment without natural disasters and the ever-fertile land can be explained by the far-reaching effects of legendary spells, but how can we explain why even the most common rumors such as "Warcraft attacking towns" are not there?

In the memory of Angelo helping his family to do farm work, Punk has never even seen the farm pest "Mouse" that should have spread all over the plane of Faerun and should be extremely common in any populated areas, and Angelo is there. The concept of "famine" and "battle" has never been experienced in the villages of China.

I have to admit that the sufficient food output provided by such a perfect environment and the poor people’s concept of “one can have one, the more the family is prosperous” is simply an accelerator of population growth, which can be seen from the perspective of a little girl. In the small village where she lives, the number of people is comparable to that of a normal imperial town. If you zoom in to the entire kingdom, the total population simply ignores the basic productivity and production rules.

However, it happened that such a peaceful and prosperous country collapsed overnight without warning, and after the disintegration of the Karoo Kingdom, as many as five to six billion residents not only did not usher in wars and turmoil, but also I was organized and moved to a new environment to live a new life in an orderly manner.

Faced with such many "irrationality", I am afraid that only those farmers who do not know the big words and only care about the growth of the crops will accept it without doubt...

It is worth mentioning that the last portal that Angelo and her parents entered is also a very surprising thing.

Maybe the refugees who walked into the portal with big bags and small bags don't know what the "gate" they walked through is, but the punk as a legendary wizard can recognize that thing at a glance only by basic images.

That is clearly a master-class magical creation—"Stable Transmission Gate". This kind of gate that can transmit materials through the establishment of a "transit station" throughout the range of Faerun is not a bad thing. In fact, punk was in the truth back then. The Thinking Division had purchased magical materials through this portal when it was a mentor.

You know, at that time, the cost of teleporting things was very painful to Mr. "Senior Instructor" who was still a master-level mage.

But now... punk has seen someone use this kind of portal to transport hundreds of millions of refugees in one go... Obviously this kind of handwork cannot be done by any master-level professional, and only the legendary power can participate. Can explain this kind of extravagant behavior of "rich financial resources."

"Did you deliberately increase the population? This is for... the carrier of "mass production" gray energy? When the population is sufficient, the "harvesting" will be carried out? The way of harvesting is...to drive all the "infected" into the world Everywhere?"

After thinking about what Angelo encountered later, a clear context has quickly formed in the mind of the caster.

A certain legendary organization... The Eight Achievement is the Guild of Masters... They built a strange and weird kingdom in the oasis constructed by the "praise of life". In this suddenly established kingdom, it ranges from princes and nobles to poor beggars. They all got a little magic bloodline more or less, and at the same time they were infected with the legendary "grey energy".

However, under the control of some invisible black hand, most of these "infected" did not take the path of warlocks, and did not detonate the chaos in the bloodline. They have been quietly multiplying and increasing the population, and then stabilized the gray energy. Pass it on to his own children who also have magical blood.

It's just that due to certain characteristics of "gray energy", these blood vessels passed from generation to generation have not gradually faded and disappeared, but have become more dense and even have a small chance of "return to ancestors."

And during this period, the invisible black hand also conscientiously controlled the natural environment, cleaned up all wild beasts that invaded the oasis, and prohibited all wars, until the potential warlock population infected with the "gray energy" reached one. At the peak level, Black Hand did not hesitate to dismantle the Karoo Kingdom, which was originally a puppet, and then spread hundreds of millions of infected people carrying weird "disease" to all parts of the vast sea of ​​Faerun Plane... …

Even punk seriously suspects that apart from the oasis where the Karoo Kingdom is located, tens of thousands of other "praise of life" oasis are all implementing exactly the same action strategy, and the purpose of the wizard guild that did this is obviously only one. ——That is to spread the "gray energy" as quickly and covertly as possible, so that this weird thing will bloom all around Faerun before it is discovered!


"Hiss, as expected, the "guildmaster"'s suspicion of those "oasis" is by no means groundless. The hypocritical guys in the Mage Guild are not so kind. The hideousness and craziness that Messul hides under the mask of honesty and stability are far more than that. Everyone’s imagination"!

Stretching out his white fingers and rubbing his temples, feeling the smooth touch of the star robe, punk couldn't help but sigh in his heart silently.

In people’s usual impressions, the Wizards’ Guild has always been a stable and “honest” legendary organization. Although it has a lot of cooperation with the gods that are disgusted by the majority of spellcasters, hypocrisy has once become the home of the Wizards’ Guild. But at least as the leader of the Mage Guild, the "Archmage" Messoul has always been praised by many kind-hearted professionals for his low-key and calm personality. It is estimated that few people think that he will lead his subordinates to do something too much. Outrageous conspiracy incident.

But now...is this powerful Throne of Sun and Dew finally revealing his true madness?

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