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Netheril's Glory Chapter 86: A new Staff.

Translated and published by eviltranslator.xyz :Chapter: Netheril's Glory Chapter 86: A new Staff. Elenka asked for Punk's permission to let the housekeeper who was waiting outside come in. Surprisingly, she directly brought the last bargaining chip of the Dokdo family with her. Obviously, this kind of behavior of the Dokdo family was intended to tell Punk how desperate they were, and also, this was an indication to him that this thing was all they could take out.

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 86: A new Staff.

Elenka asked for Punk's permission to let the housekeeper who was waiting outside come in. Surprisingly, she directly brought the last bargaining chip of the Dokdo family with her.

Obviously, this kind of behavior of the Dokdo family was intended to tell Punk how desperate they were, and also, this was an indication to him that this thing was all they could take out.

Punk stared directly at Elenka's eyes. His glowing blue pupils and the coldness in his gaze made Elenka feel a chill all over her body, and she had a strong urge to turn around and run away, but she still gritted her teeth and said:

"Lord Mage, almost all the wealth of the Dokdo family were consumed after trying many unsuccessful methods to restart the perfume production, and recently there were some business competitors who took advantage of this situation and kicked our family when we are down. I swear this gift for the lord is the last valuable collection of the Dokdo family…"

After speaking, Elenka bowed her head worriedly. Half nervous and half resigned, she started to wait for Punk's decision.

"Alright, alright!"

Punk pretended to be helpless and shrugged:

"After all, it should be our responsibility to eradicate all evil. Although there are really some important experiments to be done, I think I can still spare some time. Ok, then... let's talk about the mysterious spider cave, shall we?"

After secretly using a few prophetic spells and confirming that the Dokdo family really couldn't take out more, although still a little dissatisfied, Punk decided not to push the Dokdo family any farther. After all, excessive greed might just start an unnecessary feud with the noble circle of Dolez City.
So now, after already squeezing some benefit, the righteous mage Punk Saian decided to postpone his own important experiments to stand up for "justice."


After seeing off the heartbroken Elenka, Punk returned to the hall with a large package in his hand. He could feel a strong magical fluctuation from this package. This seemingly inconspicuous package actually contained a piece of official-level magic equipment.

Punk was a little surprised by this. He originally thought that, at best, the Dokdo family could come up with some rare official-level magic material. He really didn't expect that they could still take out such precious magic equipment.

"Sure enough, with these noble families, there is always one or two treasures at the bottom of the box. It was a right decision to squeeze them hard."

Punk gently tear opened the thick silk on the package, and as the strips of cloth fell to the ground, an exquisite emerald green staff about one meter long was revealed.

The whole body of the Staff was made of some unknown green tree. Two green wooden branches of almost the same size, engraved with golden runes, were tightly twisted together in a spiral shape to form the body of the Staff.

At the end of the Staff, a piece of golden crystal was entangled by the branches, and only its tip was revealed, which looked like a gleaming sharp spear. The sharp tip at the tail of the Staff gave off a penetrating power and lethality that was not inferior to any well-crafted spear.

The head of the Staff was inlaid with a fist-sized emerald-colored crystal ball. The crystal ball was filled with light green mist. It emitted a faint fluorescence, and matched with the gorgeously glowing golden runes; the whole Staff looked harmonious and beautiful.

Punk caressed the Staff carefully and felt the energy runes on the shining wood. He could see that this Staff had existed for a long time, but the magic attached to it has not been weakened a bit. This proved the high quality of this Staff.

"System! Start analyzing."

Holding the emerald-green Staff, Punk gave an order to the system.

"The system analysis is in progress....."
"The analysis is complete:"

Item name: Official-level Staff

Item material: unknown

Item age: unknown; there is a high probability that it is very old.

Item Attributes: Natural magic, life element.

Item description: After analyzing the attributes of the Staff and the official-level spells attached to it, the Staff should have been initially created by a formal-level druid, then it was later modified by a mage. After the Dokdo family somehow obtained it, and finally, it was "gifted" by Elenka Dokdo to the official mage Punk-Saian.


1. Natural firmness: The force of nature has dramatically increased the material strength of the Staff, and now it is not weaker than most alchemical alloys.

2. Natural attachment: The person holding this Staff can exude a natural and friendly atmosphere. Most official-level good and neutral beasts and plants will have a good impression of the holder.

3. Natural affinity: The natural energy recovery speed of the person holding this Staff can be accelerated by up to 10%. (The upper limit of acceleration is 50%, only works for druids)

4. tree spirits Summoning (three times a day): If you have enough energy, you can summon three little tree spirits which can integrate with the plants to evade detection of official-level and below. It will follow your orders for fifteen minutes.

Engraved spells:

1. The casting speed is increased: the construction speed of spell models will be increased by up to 10% (the upper limit is 50%, only for druids) of the person holding this Staff.

2. Acid fog/mist (three times a day): When the energy is sufficient, an acid mist covering an area of 100 square meters can be released to attack for three minutes. This attack will damage both the enemy and the friendly.

3. Underground spurs (twice a day): When the energy is sufficient, if the spar spear tip located at the tail of the Staff is pierced into the ground, a large number of thorns will be released from the ground at a position one meter away from the Staff, covering the radius of ten meters, the soil thorns can last for six seconds!

Final note: This kind of equipment that combines nature and magic is hated by Shadow Druids, also called "The Avenger of Nature."

"Excellent equipment."

Punk waved the Staff in front of him to express his satisfaction. The emerald-green Staff created a brilliant path in the air, and the pale gold runes looked radiant under the magical light.

As an official-level staff, it was actually engraved with natural magic and spells at the same time. This kind of thing was very rare. Even if this Staff couldn't keep up with Punk's strength one day in the future, it would still have huge research value. 

Punk was very satisfied with this Staff that he had "blackmailed" from the Dokdo family.

"From today, you will be called............ The Emerald Staff. Yes, very good."

After using his excellent naming skill to name the Staff that was just based on its appearance, Punk used a small spell to put the Staff on his back and then turned and walked towards the experimental platform.

The experiment subject, Hult's soul, has already been split into more than a dozen personalities, and now Punk was only waiting for these personalities to drift away from each other under the influence of his illusion technique; after that, Hult's soul would automatically tear apart into a dozen or so small but stable parts. This process would last for about ten magic hours, so very soon, the materials that Punk was looking forward to would be ready.

Punk's next step was to refine the "activation potion," and then, he was planning to start his next extraordinary adventure. An adventure so remarkable that it attracted the attention of an official mage and then even caused his demise.
Punk was really interested in the secrets of the spider cave.
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