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Netheril's Glory Chapter 847

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Chapter 847: Kebordo..

Babeng doesn’t use "Legendary Flight", a legendary spell that is commonly used by punk, so its way to the battlefield is simply to run with all its strength, and to skillfully bless himself with a "Legendary Enchanting System". "Spell-Titan's Power", this four-meter-high man smashed the space and the ground while rushing towards the central magic tower of Kaibordo.

Naturally, the power of enchanting spells should not be underestimated. The acceleration effect provided by purely relying on brute force has caused the ogres to pass through the mountains and mountains, but it does give this reckless guy the capital to keep the speed of light about twice as fast as possible. .

And based on the observation of the punk who has been following this "teammate pig", he feels that Babun’s mastery of the three legendary enchanting spells that he only knows is really extraordinary. Maybe it’s because this guy is here. During the tens of thousands of years of life in the legend, I spent all my time practicing the three legendary spells I only know, so now the ogre magicians are about to play a simple enchanting spell. Up.

For example, at this moment, the "Power of Titans" it is using is like this.

As far as punk knows, the original effect of this enchantment spell should be simply to greatly increase the caster’s physical strength. This increase in power that takes effect on the caster’s body is not only more mechanical and rigid, but also difficult to be transformed by magic. All potential levels of the law of success are brought into play.

However, under the control of Babun, and even a certain degree of slight improvement, the effect of this simple spell has become extremely suitable for the body of the ogre, and the concentrated application of power has become more flexible.

For example, the current "thick rock layer" can concentrate all the energy of enchanting spells on the legs to increase speed, and even burst small continuous bursts on the soles of the feet.

Such an explosion greatly improves the short-range acceleration ability and flexibility of the ogre mage, and also effectively increases the lethality released by the beneficiary of the spell every time they trample. It can definitely play a considerable role in battle, at least allowing Ba Beng to have the basic legendary level of flexibility.

"Although it's still hard to imagine how "this thing" is going to defeat more than ten layers of magic defense on a legendary spellcaster by relying on a "Power of Titan" alone, but at least judging from its current performance, it shouldn't The legs are dragging too far."

Immediately behind his "team member", punk kept a twelve-point vigilance while silently evaluating the true combat power of his "team member".

Although the spellcaster's name for "thick rock formation" has been reduced from "idiot" to "this thing", in fact, he has a more objective view of Ba Beng's strength.

If the other two legendary spells of the ogre can be controlled to the level of "Power of Titan", then it is at least qualified as a basic meat shield.


The area of ​​Kaibordo is not too big. Asuka Town itself is already the most bordered area of ​​the imperial kingdom. Therefore, less than a second after Babun’s explosive speed and rushing to the battlefield, "Destroy Whispers" and "Thickness" "Rock formation" two legendary professionals who came like natural disasters have appeared above the capital city of the imperial kingdom.

Here, the legendary mage can clearly see the magic tower located just north of the capital of the imperial kingdom, which almost represents that the two attackers have reached the location of the powerful destructive trap of the ordinary magic tower.

Owen’s Lair is a six-sided cone-shaped tower that goes straight into the sky. From the outside, the construction level of this magic tower seems to be inferior to Punk’s own towering spire. For example, the legendary material it casts the tower body Obviously it is a relatively cheap and easy-to-obtain "green gold".

Although the caster does not know why the "Inscription Sage" who is the owner of the Kayboldo Empire has not sent some "congratulations" or "fireworks" to greet the "guests", but since he and Babun have arrived here, then The legendary battle is already close at hand.

"It's really a beautiful city, and Owen's architectural planning style is actually quite aristocratic."

Standing on the dissipated clouds and looking down at the huge, majestic city below, punk's eyes were full of cold ridicule.

He could see the unusual places in the planning of the city right below him. For example, the large number of houses that were so organized as building blocks built by obsessive-compulsive disorder were obviously impossible to be built spontaneously by nobles or poor people. Buildings using square masonry as materials also show signs of magic generously.

And in this country, it is self-evident that people who can force the capital of an imperial country to be built into such a shape regardless of economic needs are self-evident.

Of course, no matter how beautiful and prosperous this city is, its destruction is doomed to be inevitable.

In fact, because of the arrogant and loud declaration of war from Pakistan, all the cities of the Kayboldo Empire fell into a state of huge panic a few seconds ago, and their capitals are naturally no exception.

When people realized that a battle between legendary powerhouses was about to be staged in their own country, the chaos caused by fear and despair broke out instantly in every crowded place.

In the face of the battle of legends, all non-legendary creatures within the area of ​​two or three imperial kingdoms are basically bound to be ten dead. The aftermath of any law can easily crush the mountains and fall on the broken ground. To create new mountains and rivers, any ordinary people's escape or master-level professional hiding is generally in vain intellectually, because it can hit the ground to sink thousands of kilometers in a few minutes without difference. Will let go of any living or dead creatures.

Therefore, as far as the current Kayboldo imperial state is concerned, whether it is the aristocratic aristocracy in the past, the poor who are hungry and cold, or even the professionals with extraordinary status, all are equal in the face of such "unsolvable natural disasters", and everyone's death All are inevitable without circumvention.

When despair is strong enough, when fear exceeds a threshold, the darkness and tyranny of human nature itself will be staged in broad daylight.

Therefore, in the imperial capital city at this time, under the gaze of the caster, the honest poor people who are usually oppressed one by one turned into hungry beasts and pounced on the beautiful and exquisitely dressed noble girls, the professionals who have lost hope. Taking the lead in creating riots and killings, the resolute and resolute Royal Law Enforcement Team even stabbed its own monarch with a sharp blade...

It can be said that in the last moments of the lives of these many creatures, all intelligent creatures except those who are devout, good and faithful believers or very strong-willed are using their utmost ability to allow evil and chaos to come to the world. The "sensible" thinking has disappeared, and when the generally recognized order is unmaintained, an honest farmer may turn into a terrifying demon in the abyss in an instant.

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