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Netheril's Glory Chapter 812

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Chapter 812: Work started again.

After ordering the Golem Butler "Sebastian" to bring Ganatica back to the alchemy room, Punk, who never wasted time, turned around and returned to his laboratory.

In just one second, he had already thrown all kinds of grudge application techniques collected from the Kingdom of Khatak into the minds of the young Avengers, and next, could it be in less than two thousand years? It depends on his own efforts to increase the strength of his soul.

As for whether Ganatika is able to withstand the impact of knowledge on the soul... Punk will only say that he is not worried at all. After all, a guy who can't bear such a slight impact on consciousness is not qualified to aspire to a legendary path.

At the same time, for the legendary mage at this time, since the contract has been signed, he naturally does not need to worry that Ganatika will not be loyal to him, although it seems that there are many loopholes in the simple three-language terms. But the Judgment Eye undoubtedly has a strong ability to judge. It is impossible for anyone to play word games in front of it to escape the contract. In terms of making fair judgments, that huge eyeball has always had a very good reputation since ancient times. .

Of course, this may also be because the punishment for violating the Judgment Eye Contract is only "disappeared", so those who want to give Judgment’s judgment ability "bad reviews" will not have the opportunity to make their own comments... ...

But when it comes to the judgment of the Eye of Judgment, there is another detail that caught punk's attention.

When he summoned the projection of the Eye of Judgment in the laboratory, the huge golden eyeball gave the caster the feeling that there was almost no emotion and wisdom. A large part of its awkwardness came from that kind of weirdness." Born in nothingness.

But in fact, in the "eyes of judgment" evaluation contract cases that punk has heard of today, the guardian of "absolute order" can often show very wise and independent judgments, no matter how clever his tongue is. The people of Spring can't chew words or exploit loopholes in front of it.

Therefore, if it is said that the god seat power that can maintain such an order for hundreds of millions of years-Judgment Eye actually does not have enough self-wisdom and self-will... Punk feels that this judgment is very illogical.

So after a little thought, the eye of judgment in the caster's heart has another veil of mystery.

This weird "incarnation of order" seems to have some unexplainable contradictions in various actions, but it has indeed maintained these "contradictions" that it is running for many years.

Let’s look at its deadly enemy, the "filthy bird". There are so many legends about the filthy bird since ancient times. The "pronoun of chaos" and the "evil destroyer" can often be seen in the history of various major events. A little figure is revealed, as if this strange bird has been active from start to finish. In the unknown realm of the multiverse, even its mysterious "active" is already unsurprising.

In contrast, the Eye of Judgment is very non-existent. The quiet eyeball is like a pure natural phenomenon, quietly staying in an unknown corner, unless there is something related to a certain problem. A "Judgment Eye Contract", otherwise this superpower with the title of "Guardian of Absolute Order" would never appear in anyone's field of vision.

If you get to the legendary level and think more carefully, many people will probably find that the weirdness of the Eye of Judgment is more than that of its deadly enemy, the filthy bird, even because it will never actively participate. In the process of history, so anyone who wants to guess about it can't guess.

It seems that this overly quiet guy will never be able to be thought through!

"The secret secret... is still a secret! The legendary ocean is too deep to be fathomable. The Tarling of the Netheril Heritage Ruins is right. The knowledge that the Great Master Vedraxia possesses is just a small glacier. Too much thoughtful and terrifying things are hidden in the eternal night, facing this bizarre and dangerous world, who dares to call himself the so-called "learned person"?

Standing under the clear and shadowless magic light, and silently putting a doubt into his heart again, punk muttered to himself with emotion and took out the legendary leather from the storage ring again.

With the passage of time and the improvement of strength, especially as the level of contact with things gets higher and higher, the unknowns encountered by the legendary mage have not decreased but more and more.

The Union of Silents, the filthy bird, the river of fate, the eye of judgment...

In-depth thinking and exploration time and time again will often only bring more unknowns and secrets. When watching more and more dark areas called "unknown" on the road ahead, even after covering up the original light, the legendary mage also I understand more why this era is called the "legendary island".

This is not just an island on the level of distance or communication cutoff, but also an island on the road of spiritual journey and promotion. On this road of the strong, the haze called "unknown" has already enveloped all areas, and any escape is required. It is destined to stand still. Only by actively dispelling the haze, the road to the peak can be manifested............


Of course, the current punk does not have the qualifications to wantonly explore the unknown. What he needs to concentrate on now is to make his own magic equipment.

"The Ganatika incident has come to an end, this time there will never be anything to bother me cutting this leather."

Converging his mind, watching quietly the legendary leather that was still pure black, smooth and blue, the fingers of the punk holding the alchemy blade did not tremble at all.

Pieces of neat and clean alchemy equipment have once again been placed on the flat experimental table, and the leather that seems to have intercepted a piece of starry sky is really as quiet, deep and intoxicating as the sky under the night...

Its very existence is an exquisite work of art!

And now, this beautiful artwork will turn into "power" and become an important tool for a legendary mage.

Every line of the drawing is clearly presented in the mind of the legendary mage, and every atomic arrangement of the legendary material has been taken into account by the caster in the plan, and the "Destroy Whisper" who immediately entered the state of "without distraction" was expressionless. Cut to the corners of the leather according to the plan. This time, the start of the legendary equipment will never be interrupted again.


Like a sharp blade cutting through the water waves, like a shooting star across the night, the blade with a cool cyan sharp edge easily cuts into the leather, accompanied by the simple sliding of the flowing water, a piece of jelly-like irregular scraps from the main body. The leather is separated.

This time, the work of the caster went very smoothly.

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