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Netheril's Glory Chapter 805

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Chapter 805: Leather..

Now that the future path of adventure is decided, it is necessary to prepare from now on. Unlike Kane’s personality that decides things on the spot, punk people always like to plan as rigorously as possible before performing any action.

For example, now that he has made it clear that he wants to join the Silent Alliance, then various experimental studies will begin to prepare for the actions after joining the Silent.

After all, the "executive group" referred to by the "chairman" will know that it will not be a peaceful construction organization. Maybe in the future, wars with legendary powerhouses will happen frequently. If there is a chance, punk hopes Before the "guildmaster" contacted him to further enhance his own strength, the 26th level of spellcasting level was still a little too small after all.

"Then I will start to learn more advanced alchemy techniques. Maybe I can try to make a simple magical equipment by myself. It just so happens that this kind of alchemy process will also help me improve my alchemy level."

Looking around at the piles of magical materials in various colors in his warehouse, Punk quickly thought of his next research goal.

"Destroy Whispers" is a task that is good at learning. During this trip to the magic tower ruins, he has carefully observed the main production materials for the "Morning Star Magic Tower", and even when he finally got the spoils, He also cut a piece of metal from the alchemy wall of the treasure room in Kalyusk and brought it back.

These legendary materials have been made and finalized, and Punk did not have the ability to "use waste", so he harvested a small piece of metal just to draw on the alchemical inspiration of Kalyusk.

I have to admit that, no matter when, the strong Morningstar is the strong Morningstar. Every legendary professional who has the capital to advance to Morningstar must have some unique skills of his own, and the great master of the year Kaleusk is no exception.

On that inconspicuous piece of legendary metal, Punk discovered two alchemy techniques that never existed in the memory of the Great Oman Vedrasha. One was an alchemy technique that could slightly increase the toughness of the legendary metal, and the other This is a "scrap technology" that can ensure that these legendary metals do not have any other use value except for being used as a brick wall.

Although punk seriously suspects that the latter "technology" should be the "special formula" that Kalyusk found out during his mistakes, in a sense, this method of making the building lose its recycling value has succeeded in avoiding it. The remaining half of the magic tower was demolished by three "robbers" and taken away...

Of course, the greatest value of these two alchemy techniques is not practical value. There are many alchemy formulas in the memory of "Distant Space Scholar" Vedrasha that are more useful than Kalyusk’s "little tricks". This novel technique is useful for punk The most helpful thing is that it can enrich the inspiration of the caster and deepen the legendary wizard's understanding of "alchemy", which is very necessary for the current punk.

"Then it is so decided. I will make a legendary magic equipment by myself. If nothing happens, this equipment should be completed before the "guild leader" sends a notice. After this practice, my The professional level should also be upgraded again."

Touching Guanghua's chin, punk secretly thought about his plan.

Since we didn’t spend too much time in the magical ruins, it hasn’t been long since the last meeting of the "League of Silents" ended. From the perspective of the legendary powerhouse’s time concept, punk estimates that the "guildmaster" is officially launched." The "executor" plan should be several thousand years away. During this time, he thinks he has the capital to upgrade a spellcasting level.

Just do what you say, and the punk who has decided to make legendary magic equipment by hand began to look around the various materials in the warehouse.

At this time, these various materials were laid flat on the ground for the caster to choose. With the precise scanning of perception, information about the attributes of the legendary materials circulated in the mind of the legendary mage one by one.

Punk had a small amount of magic materials, but not many, so it didn't take long for his eyes to lock on a piece of Warcraft leather placed at the corner.

It is a very beautiful and delicate leather. It is not too thin, but it is still very textured. The ink-colored brilliance leather reveals depth and silence, and a little blue light is looming on the surface of the leather, shining in the brilliance. Next, the color of this piece of leather reminds punk of the starry sky of his previous life.

If it is not so colorful, the stars will not flow arbitrarily, but even so, the vast starry sky is still beautiful, deep, and vast.

Although it has gone through several layers of legendary craftsmanship, even a knowledgeable spellcaster can no longer see what kind of magical creature the former owner is, but if nothing else, this piece of leather should be true. It was taken from a legendary monster. Not only does it look in line with punk's own aesthetics, but it also has excellent properties in terms of flexibility and energy resistance.

So after scanning the leather, punk has already made his own decision.

"Just choose this piece of magic material. It should be big enough to make a robe. If there is a little leftover material, you can make another pair of gloves."

Nodded blankly, the legendary spell directly used the mage's hand to take the leather into his hand.

The feel of the legendary leather is very smooth, and the light leather feels as cool as holding a horse of running water.

Putting the leather into the storage ring without wasting time, Punk turned and opened the portal to the laboratory.

Strictly speaking, this equipment production is the first time in the life of "Destroy Whispers" that he has personally made magic equipment that meets his own strength level. For this interesting research process, the legendary mage who loves magic can't wait.

But before stepping into the portal, there is still a little episode in the storage room...

Because punk glanced at the magic crow huddled in the corner-vector.

The current vector seems to have changed a bit dumbfounded, it shrank in the corner as if dead, motionless, even if its owner entered the storage room and turned around and left, the magic crow who didn’t know what he was thinking did not do it. Any response.

But the punk with a keen sense knows that the vector is still alive now, and how it is said to be a legendary creation. Even if it is thrown in an empty storage room for thousands of years, it cannot starve to death. It is just unwilling now. It's just moving.

Looking at the unresponsive magic crow, the cold caster didn't have any extra feelings in his heart, he just thought very simply:

"This guy doesn't seem to have the value of using waste. If he trades with others in the future, he should remove the virtual soul and send it out as a bonus.


With the closing of the portal, the storage room plunged into a deadly darkness again.

End of this Chapter