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Netheril's Glory Chapter 792

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Chapter 792: The Battle of Mishang (6) Wielding..

Directing the two groups of ghosts to rush towards the caster and the mad knight like a mad bee on a dead enemy, the roar from the white robe mage seemed to haunt the extreme hatred like a suppressed volcano.

"Did you see it? Bastards! This is my despair and sorrow! Do you feel it? Sinners! This is my anger and pain!"

Surrounded by a group of ghosts, Aztlan's expression was hideous like a madman, and even with the violent surge of massive magic power, the ghosts of those demons dancing around began to become more violent and angry under the emotions of the white-robed mage.

Soon, these defying spirits were quickly divided into three parts with clear shortcuts under the command of the wizard. The smallest part was still rotating at high speed around Aztlan, and the other two parts rushed towards each other. Punk and hippie smiley Kane with a gloomy expression.

So far, the "Pale Ghost" who seized the opportunity finally broke out with the powerful strength of a thirty-fifth level spellcaster.

"...You villains who have destroyed my homeland! You never want to feel the spring breeze of "kindness" anymore, because you will feel the flames of "kindness" in my spell storm, because of Revenge against evil is also my kindness!"


Pieces of pale ghosts formed a tide-like grand army. The moment they swung their staff fiercely in Aztlan, they all rushed like evil spirits crawling out of hell. These waves swept through the ghosts in the open space. There are long-lasting energy threads left in the space of the star realm, but in the end, all the threads will gather at the position of their enemies after they wind through irregular aggregations, and those who are howling and roaring. Magic ghosts pounced one after another like piranhas smelling blood.

Just in the blink of an eye, this terrible attack that was so powerful that it seemed like a galloping horse came as expected!

"Really boastful"!

The gloomy words seemed to declare the existence of destruction, and after seeing Aztlán's attack like a gust of wind and rain, the punk's expression immediately became cold.

In his hands, the defensive spells that had been prepared were released immediately.

Now the defense method on the caster is definitely at the peak state. The barriers formed by the seventeen layers of defensive spells gave him the confidence to fight Aztlan. After all, punk can be determined by this time. The whiteness in front of him The robe mage really doesn't have any legendary spells, so as long as you defend against Aztlán's regular attacks, punk doesn't have to worry about being hit by the enemy's lore.

What's more... "Destroy Whispers" fighting confidence doesn't just come from this.

At the same moment the White-robed Mage had just finished speaking, Punk had already seen the fact that Aztlan had attacked himself and Kane at the same time.

I have to admit that the punk was relieved when he saw this scene. In this battle, the thing he worries the most is that Aztlan bites himself like a mad dog, and then Kay Enhe "Smile" is not sure if they are going to join forces. If they take the opportunity to get out of the battle and take away half of the magic tower, and then drop the "Destroy Whisper", they will "fight for three hundred times with the white-robed mage". …………

That punk is really going to be in trouble.

But now it seems that punk worry is a bit redundant.

Because Aztlan, who was cursing his enemy loudly, was either dazzled by anger, or he was confident in his own strength. He even tried to kill all three enemies on the spot by his own strength, none of them. Let go, even in order to prevent punk or Kane from escaping, his spells were forcibly divided into two parts and attacked two enemies at the same time!

Although the source of confidence of the white-robed mage has made the cautious caster a lot of vigilance, at least for now, punk does not have to worry about getting stuck in a lonely situation.

In this battlefield at this time, unless someone flees alone regardless of the loss of the loot and the risk of being "targeted and killed" by Aztlán, otherwise, no one will want to stay out of the matter. If they can't kill, they will be immortal. The white-robed mage who is constantly hostile, then no one, including punk, dare to get the trophies of the "half magic tower" close at hand.

After all, the enemy they are facing at this moment is a thirty-fifth level, endlessly legendary mage. If anyone is messing around with small moves during Aztlan's crazy attack... that's really boring!

Therefore, seeing that the large group of ghosts released by the white-robed mage was about to approach his protective shield, the punk who temporarily ignored the magic tower that was floating in the distance could only spread a message to Kane quickly:

"An idiot who hurts others and hurts yourself is that you have lost your original good close advantage because of your temporary stupidity. Now that the brain-handicapped mage has seized the opportunity to counterattack, the next battle will be more troublesome and troublesome... …I must warn you, if you don’t want to be really beaten by him, you, the legendary knight, better know what to do”!

"Aha, the advantage that the uncle gave up so hard to get is that everyone knows who was forced to do it. As for you to say that you want this uncle to know what you should do? Humph! Only a certain bastard don't stabbing the knife in the back, this uncle started a fight Laike has always been "Yi Xiaoyuntian".

After receiving the punk's mental power communication, Kane was unwilling to show weakness and immediately squeezed a little time to send a reply. Although his so-called "righteous thin cloud sky" was nothing but a ghost, but for the shiny knight, It is very important not to let the wind fall on the lips.

Of course, Kane did not forget to fight while quarreling. Facing a group of ghosts with teeth and claws rushing in front of him, the mad knight slammed his lance as if he was venting his dissatisfaction.

Believing that "the craziest attack is the best defense", the "Instant Kill Gun", as always, has adopted his most confident fighting method.

I saw that accompanied by Kane’s unbridled smile, the shiny golden yellow vindictiveness formed a brand-new bright star in the dark astral space, and the spear tip of the brilliance and brilliance of fighting aura directly traversed a sharp semicircle. The arc collided with the first ghost.

"Legendary Fighting Skill-Gun Blade Wielding"

"Boom Rumble"

In the blink of an eye, the crazy knight's full-speed attack rushed to fight the pale ghost before the punk's defense.

Just like the usual attacking style of some publicity guys, the suddenness and rapidity of the "gun blade swing" fighting skill is absolutely good enough, and this time, this "sudden" and "rapid" is even coming soon... …

The words that punk stopped had no time to say!

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