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Netheril's Glory Chapter 785

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Chapter 785: Grief.

Destruction is often easier than construction, especially when something that can be called a "disaster" sweeps through, people may be ignorantly aware of the brick and stone houses around him, relatives and friends, and even worship. "Superheroes" are so fragile. The environment in which they think they can sleep at ease is never considered "safe."

At this moment, the city of White Rock was already crumbling in the face of the first wave of offensive in "The Disaster of the World", and the law energy leaked from the broken magic fan lock swept the "cage" at an unimaginable speed. "Every inch of space in.

Due to the rupture of the basic law of force, the continental shelf, which was stable in the last second, set off a terrifying earthquake of at least 20 magnitude in the next instant. The entire city of White Rock fell to the ground without warning, and the law of distortion was distorted. The energy seemed to have turned into a huge broom, sweeping the entire inside of the lock to one side, and accompanied by a deafening roar, it was a supernatural disaster that occurred in various parts of the city at almost the same time.

The body of a living person ignited a fire out of thin air. Large blocks of rocks were turned into ice blocks out of thin air and exploded out of thin air. The light began to warp and reflect arbitrarily like flying snakes, and even the atomic structure of matter began to be unrestricted. It collapsed violently.

Even if this is only a minor distortion of the law for any legendary professional, it is still a terrifying disaster at the legendary level. In the face of such a disaster, even a master-level professional is nothing to do with a shivering baby hiding in a package. The difference is that it is impossible to resist the disasters of the legendary level without the means of the legendary level. The city of White Rock did not fall apart directly in the first wave of the law of spilling. It is completely because of the support of the rune pillars made by a legendary mage himself. the reason.

Otherwise, just such a aftermath is enough to turn that city like an exquisite work of art into powder.

However, even if the overall structure is barely maintained, the terrible condition of White Rock City may not be much eased.

Only after the wave was swept away, the population of the entire city instantly died of more than 99%. Only a few lucky people survived because they were not directly touched by the law and were not affected by the disaster caused by the law distortion. In the end, most of these survivors were still stunned at this time not knowing what happened. After all, the fluctuations of the law were too rapid, and the ultra-high-speed movement at twice the speed of light is not what the "ant" thinking can do. Reacted.

Of course, the scene they saw must be more terrifying than the world that the dead saw.

Maybe these people have been working hard for the last second to support their families, maybe the couples are still holding hands and talking affectionately, maybe the children are having lunch with their parents happily, but it's just a blink of an eye. , The peaceful world in front of them collapsed instantly.

The gravel smashed the warm house, the explosion tore the lover's body to pieces, the blood mixed with the mud on the ground into dirty agglomerates, and the dust mixed with traces of blood spread like billowing smoke............

Such a scene is simply a terrible hell, and the sudden disaster caught everyone except the three instigators by surprise.

And the most terrifying, the saddest thing is more than this, because...the people who have survived will have plenty of time to understand all the tragedies that happened before them, because in the second and third waves... Before the wave of laws hit, a shield almost entirely made up of magic power envelops the entire city of White Rock with a tragic atmosphere that is almost desperate.

Obviously, at the last moment, Aztlan quickly shot.

In order to be able to make up for it before the second wave of "waves" that followed the first wave of law fluctuations swept through White Rock City, the red-eyed white-robed mage directly used magic power to forcibly arrange such a rough protective shield. This ridiculous way of consumption of magic power wasted a full 1/3 of Aztlán's magic power, but even so, he still could not save the beautiful "White Rock City".

At this time, the city shrouded in a magical shield... is just a ruin about to burst into despair...

"The bleak elegy echoed in the desert,

The dead wind and sand tore through the dull eye sockets,

The haze that blocked the sun blew out the bonfire.

The clouds covering the night hide the stars...

The fire falling from the sky ignites the pain of the soul,

The thorns growing in the bone marrow pierce the despair of the soul,

The flames of anger dance with sorrow,

The shattered dream finally pushed the intellect to madness............"

This is an epic excerpt depicting a prince of subjugation. The emotion it describes is the grief of a prince when he sees his citizens die one after another in the plague.

At this moment, it is appropriate to use this poem to describe Aztlan's mood, because his situation at this moment is not much different from that of the king who has lost all his subjects.

Punk guessed right. Aztlan had already regarded the "toys" he "created" as his family a long time ago, and even regarded this "paradise" constructed of prison cages as his "home".

For a kind-hearted reclusive legendary strong man who is hungry for emotional comfort, the meaning of "home" and "family" is definitely not measurable by strength or wealth, because they chose to give up their ambitions and put themselves in " From the moment "out of the world", beautiful feelings are the only thing that can fill the vacancy in their hearts.

For example, Aztlán, who lives in the City of White Rock... It doesn’t matter if he is deceived or depraved, anyway, the created "family" have become indispensable in the hearts of the white-robed mage. His “home” and life, as a legendary professional who hides, gives up the pursuit of progress, and never even intends to leave his own small world, Aztlán does not desire powerful legendary spells or powerful magical equipment. He is the only What is longing for is the sincere emotion that is enough to fill one's "spiritual void" in a long time.

But now...The poor "Pale Ghost" lost the "family" that had filled the void in just a second, and lost the "perfect home" that he could not find in his mind...

At this moment, every muscle, every blood vessel, and even every cell in his body was trembling. Aztlan couldn't even speak anymore. The magical storm frantically stirred the sleeves of the white-robed mage. The sky became turbulent because of his grief and anger.

Aztlán has a very good temper. It is not too much to describe him as an "good old man", but even as an "good old man", he still has his own bottom line in his heart and has "cherished things" to stick to.

But sadly, the punk and others who broke into the reclusive life of the white-robed mage for no reason unscrupulously tore all his precious things to pieces...How can such heart-piercing pain allow Aztlan to continue? Tolerate it?

So at this moment, the mage who had experienced "grief" and "fury" for the first time in his life finally clenched the gray staff in his hand without hesitation, and then flew to the sky with a distorted expression of pain.

So far, a battle between legendary powerhouses... After all, it is about to start!

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