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Netheril's Glory Chapter 755

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Chapter 755: death.

Death is a great horror, but it can also be an indescribable relief.

The Legendary Shapeshifter was created by the Great Austrian Master. It has been kept in the dark ruins for a full 1.6 billion years, and how long it will continue to be imprisoned before it can go out is an absolute unknown to it.

Even in terms of the willpower of the legendary powerhouse, 1.6 billion years is still too long. Except for the creatures whose souls cannot be judged by common sense, such a long life in a cage is enough for even the most sensible creatures. Become mad, so it is not difficult to understand the hysteria and self-talk of the Transfiguration.

Moreover, even in the end, it did not get a chance to see freedom. Therefore, the "self-talking" of this legendary powerhouse who welcomed the audience for the first time in his life is naturally even more babble:

"Kalyusk... he called himself the "Great Austrian Master Escaper", he made me, gave me a tragic life and legendary power, and then he left here and never returned...I It took a full 500 million years of sleepless efforts to finally break free of the damn magical imprisonment, and it took another full billion years to integrate the "Tide of Radiance" spell model solidified on the wall into the soul, but I still There is no way to escape, that damn magic ball blocked the only exit I could find, that "Osius Magic Ball"... it is unmatched in the long and thin alchemy channel. I don’t have the frontal fighting power. Not strong enough, I can only continue to live a dark life in a larger cage"!

Speaking of this, the metamorphosis emotions began to become extremely excited, anger, hatred, unwilling... all kinds of negative emotions almost formed a substantial energy boiling on its body, perhaps this is the first time this monster has used Universal since its birth. Dialogues are carried out in Japanese, but the words spoken are like distorted steel plates intermittently, harsh and unpleasant.

Like a moth about to sink into the deep sea, a pool of mud that was almost diluted into liquid finally squeezed its last scream of 1.6 billion years of life on the ground:

"...I want to become stronger, devour the strong, assimilate the enemy, gain strength, and advance to the morning star! This is the only way I can break free from this cage. I have prepared for a long, long time, and practiced many, many times, but for the first time I failed. The bastard who stepped into the trap saved his life by unknown means and destroyed all the traps I could use!

Now, I have failed again, and at the same time, this time I will die forever. I have no chance to be free. I am not reconciled or reconciled. I am not reconciled or reconciled. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The fragmentation of the soul will lead to a large loss of thinking ability, which is why many strong people lose their rationality and judgment after being seriously injured, and the symptoms caused by the dying degree of soul injury like the Transfiguration are more than just The reason is lacking, and its thinking has completely turned into a mass of mud. Before saying a few words, the monster's language has once again become the state of a crazy voice repeater.

"It seems I can't ask anything. If you want to find a "smile", it's up to us. Now we must quickly get rid of this muddy mud. It is very dangerous to allow a legendary monster to survive for so long."

Taking a glance at the deformed monsters that transformed into various irregular objects on the ground, Punk began to explain his actions and prepared a "Legendary Conjuration Spell-Destruction Fissure".

In the professional's risk-taking principle, only dead enemies are safe, because there are too many weird methods that will not be affected by injury or even death.

"Okay, let the "smile" drag the waste to ask for his own blessings. My uncle can't always be a nanny, right?"

Watching the incoherent Transfiguration cautiously for a while, the legendary knight who knew he would never ask anything more could only sigh silently, and then declared to give up.

Although I don't know where the "smile" went? But at least the "girl god" is still alive. It's already a surprising thing to be alive after a mistake in a legendary adventure. Even a greedy knight can't ask for more.

As a result, Kane, who shook his head, silently walked aside two steps to make room for the caster's spell to pass.


It turned into a black light flashing in the space, "The Destruction Fissure hit the body of the Shapeshifter with perfect precision, and it exploded suddenly along with the terrifying Law of Destruction, making a miserable howl like an egg being beaten by a whisk. Shattered.

The vague words came to an abrupt end, and the screaming roar disappeared... and soon, the monster's soul was crushed into nothingness fragments with no resistance, and slowly melted away, leaving only a fragmented body. Still stiff in place, shaking from time to time.

It's dead.

"Tsk tusk tusk... the life of a legend is so fragile, when death comes, what is the difference between the great legend and the dying beggars on the street? I really don't know what it feels like to die, but the uncle is very curious. When death really comes, what do those who died think back?"

Like a poet who was sad when he was victorious, Kane, who was victorious, started talking nonsense again. Perhaps expressing emotion at the enemy’s corpse is one of the important ways for the legendary knight to celebrate victory.

Of course, this may also be because the Shapeshifter is the first legendary creature that the legendary knight has defeated so far.

"The dead will not have any ideas, of course, you can also go to the dead to verify your guess."

He answered casually and stopped the topic. The pragmatic punk would not be as idle as a certain mad knight.

After confirming that the soul of the Shapeshifter had completely shattered and the enemy had completely died, the first thing the cautious wizard thought of was not victory, or even stepped forward to collect the remains of the Shapeshifter.

He just thought very carefully about the words the monster said in a crazy tone when facing Kane's question:

"You will soon... soon know the answer..."

"In the end, this unintelligible monster guy talked about a lot of things, but still didn't give any information that counts as an answer, but...what does it mean to "know soon"?

Slightly frowned, the punk's gaze slowly swept across the remains of the legendary Shapeshifter that was almost melted into liquid, although the last word the Shapeshifter said may be a mess of thinking. Talking nonsense, but in the faint feeling, punk always feels that every word of this monster is not groundless.

On the other hand, in less than a second, the body of the dead Shapeshifter has completely turned into a pool of blood-red liquid flowing on the uneven ground............the liquid looks unexpectedly Crystal clear like a melted ruby.

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