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Netheril's Glory Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: Divide quickly.

"I have paid a full four legendary alchemy potions. In this era, alchemy potions are important resources that are priceless and have no market. Shouldn't I share more trophies after paying such a high price?"

This is a saying that punk has cold eyes. With the legendary mage's extremely swift spellcasting action, his "struggle with reason" also passed to the ears of the mad knight and the girl god.

"Bullshit! My uncle is fighting for my life, do you know how painful it is to be shattered by that magic ball? The person who has dealt with that dangerous thing thousands of times just now is my uncle!"

This is Kane’s carefree answer. Although in a sense, the four bottles of alchemy potions that punk threw to him at the critical moment can be regarded as saving his life four times, but as a knight of the evil chaotic camp, "an instant kill gun The word "thanks" has never been written in the dictionary.

On the surface, the smiling knight grabbed something and was like a hungry wolf. Almost when the legendary mage had just completed the spell, the knight who had already regarded half of the fragments as something in his bag also quickly shot it.

"Have you forgotten the contribution of the concubine body? The concubine body has paid two extraordinary supernatural powers as a price. If there is no legendary magical skill of the concubine body, how can it be so easy to destroy this magic ball? The concubine body is also qualified to get enough Trophy"!

These are words spoken by "smiling" without redness and heartbeat, and in a tone without shame or guilt.

As the weakest god, who was hidden from the beginning, and has been "beating soy sauce" almost from beginning to end, now when it comes to dividing the spoils, her sense of existence is not at all weaker than the caster and the mad knight. "Smile", it doesn't matter whether you really contributed, the most important thing is to grab a trophy quickly!

Well, the battle for trophies has always been so ruthless, just as punk used the hand of the wizard to grasp the damaged rune core as soon as he shot, the distribution method and reason he said were actually the same. It doesn't make much sense. Kane and the words of "smile" are just a bit of euphemism for his "facelessness".

After all, the remains of the magic ball are almost broken into pieces, but nail-sized pieces are scattered all over the Alchemy Square. At this juncture, hand speed and eyesight are the keys to the trophy harvest. All credit and fairness are It's just talking.

The speed of the hand will determine the number of fragments picked up, and the look of the eyes will determine the quality of the fragments picked up.

Now punk has fully demonstrated his superb control over magic and the ability to recognize legendary materials. Hundreds of slender but rapid "hands of the wizard" as silk threads directly grabbed half of the square. Large fragments, that kind of momentum is as if a fragment refuses to let go.

However, there is a legendary powerhouse who moves quickly and with great momentum. Like the insidious punk, Kane never thought of any fair distribution from the beginning. Now the precious fragments are scattered all over the place, who is naturally picking it up. No matter who, seeing that punk had released the hand of the wizard, Kane, who was unwilling to lag behind, directly let the grudge form a big broom, and then swept away all the fragments of the other half of the square, including a large area of ​​alchemy. To yourself.

Like the caster, the greedy "instant killing gun" was harvested from at least half of the fragments at the beginning. As for myself as a fighter, how much value these alchemy fragments can play when they get it... Kane It is also a solution to say that it is impossible to lower the price and sell it to punk. Anyway, it is not to make someone else cheap.

Of course, neither the legendary knight nor the spellcaster started to snatch the fragments that the other party had already included in their hands. Although the temptation of loot is in front of them, the ruins have not yet been explored, and the three people present will not be able to tear their faces early. What's more, there are three people instead of two who started to pick up the debris. Any interference between two people will only wipe out all the debris quickly by the third person.

In this case, everyone is purely competing for hand speed, and the speed of obtaining fragments is the only factor that determines the harvest.

Speed ​​is always a very important part of strength, and strength is also the decisive element of speed. Therefore, the competition of speed can also be said to be a competition of strength to a certain extent.

And this "competition of strength to a certain extent" will soon come to an end.

The result is naturally self-evident. Punk with 25 cast levels is the strongest, and his shot speed is also very fast. There are a total of 462 fragments in the entire Alchemy Square, and the caster can shoot directly at once. Two hundred and thirteen fragments were taken away, which also included the most precious magic ball rune core.

Immediately following the magic thread of the legendary mage is Kane’s vindictive broom. After those magic threads “picked” a large number of the most valuable fragments from various locations in the Alchemy Square, Kane’s vindictiveness became tight. Then, a rigorous cleaning was carried out on a large area of ​​the ground, and the sharp blade of fighting spirit that was quickly released like a golden shovel "scraped" away most of the remaining debris.

In the end, if the quality is not considered, the number of pieces that Kane got was even a little more than that of punk, and he got two hundred and thirty pieces.

Although these fragments should be regarded as punk "picking the rest" in a sense, the quality is definitely not as good as the 213 pieces in the hands of the legendary mage, but the gains of being the second-ranked adventurer are quite impressive. .

As for the “smile” with the worst strength and the slowest speed, the harvest was naturally more miserable. She only obtained nineteen fragments on the edge of the square. When the “absorption technique” released by the girl god was long overdue, Most of the fragments have been taken by the ruthless wizards and knights, and the only thing left for the "smile" is this leftover leftovers that have been left out............

"This is the relic found by the concubine, how can you..."

With blood-red pupils angrily watching the two legendary professionals who had collected the fragments casually, the "smiling" voice became a little sharp, the so-called "remains I found" is actually just a hint , "Smile" is now angrily subtext is "I have little gain, I am very dissatisfied"!

"Yes, you found a very good feng shui grave site, my uncle hasn't thanked you yet, my majesty the queen"!

Punk didn't even look at the anger of the girl god, and Kane's answer was only more annoying cynicism.

In the world of a legendary mage and a legendary knight, there is never the possibility of giving away anything in your storage ring for nothing. As for the "smile" is not angry, what kind of anger will look like...... Two pairs Those who are more satisfied with their own gains do not care.

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