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Netheril's Glory Chapter 740

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Chapter 740: The battle of the magic ball (the lore).

"Hurry up and give this uncle two more bottles of potions. The effect of the last potion has disappeared."

The mad knight who was turning into a beam of light and weaving a web now opened his mouth and shut his mouth either asking for alchemy potions or shouting for help. Perhaps in the course of tens of thousands of years of life, Kane has never fallen into this situation, turned into a splendid ball. The legendary knight of "Fighting Sun" is being chased by a magic ball the size of a ping-pong ball and running around like a mouse crossing the street. It looks like this is quite happy.

However, in that dangerous battlefield, the three parties involved did not feel any joy at all.

Hidden in the dark to watch the excitement, you can only honestly watch the excitement. The "smile" must be very anxious, because she doesn't even have the opportunity to contribute, and has already threw three or four bottles of potions to Kane in a row. The legendary mage in the past. There was only the pain that was almost convulsive and the lingering haze in his heart.

Just a second later, the punk potions were all consumed. Those were the only four precious Legendary potions that the caster had. Each of them could be said to be a life-saving trump card and sold in the entire multiverse. They are definitely valuable treasures with no market, and they can have the effect of turning things around in battle!

But now... they were all given to Kane to drink for nothing like running water, and the guy who drank the potion not only disliked the bitter taste, but kept asking for it...but the reason was reasonable and reasonable... This made punk feel that he was so upset for the first time since he was promoted to Legend.

I have to admit that even with the amazing agility of the "Instant Kill Gun" under thousands of continuous bombings, it is inevitable that there will be one or two "small mistakes", and every mistake will cost him part of it. Body, and then in order to prevent Kane from being killed by a single blow in the next small mistake, Punk had to immediately lose a potion to restore the mad knight's injury.

Of course, Kane, who can evade the key points in every mistake, is also very powerful. The mad knight who drank the potion has indeed become a qualified meat shield. He has been firmly attracted by the "hatred of the magic ball". "And avoided these thousands of thrilling attacks one after another, but...

The potions are not infinite. Punk has only accumulated four legendary alchemy potions "Brightness of Life" after tens of thousands of years. Now it has been thrown away in a second, but the next "Bouncing Ball" At least you can continue to "bounce" for two seconds. How should the three adventurers support this period of time?

"Sai'an, one second has passed, this uncle has bought you one second, you, a knowledgeable mage uncle, haven't thought of a way yet"?

Once again, letting the dark blue magic ball fly close to his scalp, Kane, who was entwined with sweat and blood, couldn't help but yelled at him with mental strength. He knew that punk 80% had no potion to take out. The mad knight who "squandered" himself and immediately felt a kind of "death" fear would inevitably become anxious and frustrated.

"Shut up, it's my potion that fights for a second. You would have died without those four bottles of "the brilliance of life"!"

Seeing Kane wiped all the credits of his four bottles of potions as soon as he opened his mouth, even knowing that this is not the time to argue, the punk whose painful soul was trembling still couldn't help refuting.

Of course, in a full second, the punk who knows that the three (two) people on the scene can't be chased by Osius Magic Ball for three seconds can't really not think about countermeasures. In fact, In this precious second of time, the "Destroy Whispers", who has conducted countless calculations, really came up with a plan with a success rate of more than 90%.

Of course, this plan is a bit of a gamble. Once it fails... it will be dead, but now, Kane probably can’t run around the world for two seconds, so punk can only try this method. tried.

"Fortunately, after a second, the speed of the magic ball is slightly reduced. Although it is only 3% to 4%, it also helps to increase the success rate of many plans."

While using "location tampering" to pull Kane back from the ghost gate once again, Punk gritted his teeth and passed his plan to the "smiling" and the mad knight who was still gasping.

Of course, this is to bully a single "ball of repair" without an intelligent core, and it is impossible to judge the content of complex mental power information. Otherwise, the blatantly discussed countermeasures like punk is definitely not effective for the Morningstar level golem.

"Kane, I did think of a way..."

"Don't want to make this uncle charge into battle. There is a clear distinction between strategy and death of this uncle. If you want to die, everyone will die together. If you dare to pit me, I will..."

"Shut up, the white-eyed wolf who drank my four bottles of potion, listen honestly"!

Hearing Kane interrupted his communication as soon as he opened his mouth, "the heart of the villain saves the belly of the gentleman". Although he knew this was a warning from the mad knight, punk still felt that the blood vessels in his forehead were a little sore. .

But now is not the time to quarrel. Before the mad knight was injured again due to a small mistake, punk hurriedly continued to speak out loudly about the plan to be executed:

"Listen, the defensive power of the Ball of Repair is actually not high at all. The most tricky part is that it can quickly recover from the injury... and can move at this amazing super high speed, as can be seen from the last attack. Come out, as long as we can make a powerful attack form a concentrated fire in a short time, we may not give the magic ball a chance to repair it and directly "kill" it in seconds.

But the ball of Osius scurrying around at full speed makes us...especially the "smile" is almost impossible to aim and attack, so I figured out a way to temporarily stop the magic ball that never stops for a moment"!

After a pause, Punk hurriedly pulled Kane away from the trajectory of the Osius Magic Ball once more, while continuing to express the key points of his plan with his sonorous mental fluctuations.

"The start time of the plan is set in seven hundredths of a second. I will use a spell to stay the magic ball for a very short, extremely short time. So in the six hundredths of a second, Kane, "smile" you I must give up all evasive actions and prepare for a full attack. After my control magic takes effect on the magic ball, your attack must immediately bomb the thing before the magic ball breaks free. I will follow him to release the legendary spell again to make up for it. "Knife", this time no one is allowed to drag anyone's hind legs! Remember, don’t doubt or hesitate, we have only one chance, otherwise the magic ball will regain full energy and return to the peak flight speed again. If you attack It's all over if there is no hit"!

Slightly squinted his eyes, the punk with a burst of purple light in his pupils finally said slowly in a meaningful voice:

"Remember, now we must cooperate. The time to determine the outcome of a blow has arrived. If it succeeds...I hope there are no more tricky and disgusting things behind this ruin"!

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