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Netheril's Glory Chapter 724

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Chapter 724: Persuasion.

"Sure enough, these two guys are still fighting..."

Leap back gently to the top of the red shadow magic stone mountain, listening to the roar echoing in the ears, watching the collision of the gray-black silk thread and the gleaming golden light............In the light reflected by the falling crystal wall fragments in the sky, " Smile" silently shook his head and muttered to himself:

"Although I have thought of it a long time ago, it would be sooner or later for the two guys to fight, but... the momentum is really terrifying. If the two monsters really let go of everything and start the fight, it will only take a minute... …No, this small plane can be destroyed in 30 seconds."

Not without emotion, perceiving the more surging power of the law in the space, smiled at random, found a rock and sat down.

After the impact of the energy torrent passed, the girl god had realized that a certain angry knight must not be able to hold back his hands. After all, Kane’s character is still relatively easy to figure out, so she was the first time He used protective magic to cover the entire mountain of red shadow magic stone.

Although this magical technique of shielding the fluctuation of the law certainly cannot withstand any legendary attacks, it can ensure that the aftermath of the law will not trigger the alarm system of the ruins, and the reason why the caster and the mad knight are now at a distance from the Red Shadow Demon The war is going on in such a place close to Stone Mountain because they are well aware that the "smile" will consciously help shield the aftermath of the battle. Just be careful not to let the attack hit the Red Shadow Magic Stone Mountain directly, and the ruins will basically not be alerted. Is triggered.

You know, "Smile" is also very concerned about this adventure in the ruins. She even needs a lot of resources to resist the erosion of the priesthood even more than punk herself, Kane, so whether it is for temporary cooperation or for her own sake. For the benefit of consideration, "smiles" have to assume the responsibility of "guarding the nursing home" when they know they are being used.

After all... She also has no capital to participate in the battle between the two "monsters".

"Even if you haven't used your hole cards, and even if you've been doing tentative attacks so far, is the fighting power that broke out still so powerful? It's really jealous."...

After watching the battle quietly for a long time, the girl god suddenly felt some helplessness and irritability in her heart.

After becoming a god, "Smile" had the power she dreamed of before, got rid of the identity of a weak mortal, received the worship and praise of believers, and obtained wonderful power and status............

However, unlike the legendary mage and the legendary warrior, "Smile" has not experienced the official level, master level and other professional levels. She was directly ascended to the sky by a trainee-level stalker to become a god, even her stalker level is Back then, it relied on the various treasures provided by Kane to pile up.

The huge power gained in an instant is always the most test of a person's self-control, not to mention the tampering of the will by the priesthood will also take advantage of this.

Even though "smile" often reminds myself that I can't be arrogant, the expanded self-confidence is still immersed in the girl's soul with the fanatical thoughts of the believers. After ten thousand years have passed, the "smile" is still cautious. The "little guy" has become a rather proud "sir Queen", who has never seen a legendary battle, and even a girl who has never experienced a few battles of life and death in the true sense sincerely feels for the power she has now. joy.

Until... now...

Seeing two complete "monsters" tore and kill in front of me with my own eyes, the "smile" contained a little self-doubt in his heart, and he couldn't keep calm at all.

What she sees now is not the playful combat training of several official-level believers, but the truly dangerous, legendary-level battles on the front line of life and death. Even the tentative attacks on both sides of the fighters are terrifying. The aftermath of a random explosion is enough to destroy a city. The spells are endless and pour down like raindrops. The indestructible gleaming golden light pierces through the thorns and thorns in this torrential rain written by destruction, and the solid earth is overwhelmed. Moaning, the clear sky shattered like thin glass............

The most important thing is that such a battle is no longer a "legend" far away from you, but a "disaster" that you may need to rely on yourself to deal with alone anytime and anywhere, neither of the two figures that are constantly flashing and violently clashing. There is no longer a "story" that can be determined, but a "companion" who is closely cooperating with him... and is always thinking about using strength or strategy to obliterate his villains!

Especially the spooky spellcaster in a purple-bottomed blue-patterned robe—punk-sai'an.

Although on the surface, the "Her Majesty the Queen" with a pink double ponytail always looks fearless and fearless, but in fact, deep down, no one in this world makes her more so than the cold-eyed mage. Feeling jealous.

Countless trump cards, invisible thoughts, powerful strength, flexible methods............ A terrifying guy like "Destroy Whispers" will actually become the hidden leader of this adventure! Thinking of this, the girl god even wondered if her decision to participate in this adventure was correct enough.

Especially now, feeling a large number of laws screaming in trembling, shattering in sorrow, watching the magic light illuminate the sky, the aftermath of vindictive energy sweeping across the wilderness, and a touch of "smile" in my heart... Explicit sense of fear.

What's more frightening is that the birth of this feeling of fear is actually very natural.

Maybe you have to be with two lunatics and monsters all the way through, but having a little fear of this kind of dimness is already a sign of determination.

"Sure enough, I am too weak, so weak...I don't have the qualifications to set foot on the real stage."

He blinked his eyes deeply, pursing his lips, and the pupils of the girl god became more red and hot.

The feeling of fear is not a sign of cowardice. On the contrary, for a "smile", this kind of fear helps a soul contaminated by "the priesthood" to recognize itself!

"Smile" is "smile" after all, she is a god with endless ambition.

After taking a deep breath, the "Her Majesty the Queen" who had waved away all negative feelings quickly raised her head again, only to see her muttering to herself in a small voice that only she could hear:

"Perhaps right now, trying to persuade the concubine is the only role that the concubine can play, but one day...the battlefield for interests will also have the concubine's figure. At that time, even the two monsters of you will never think about it anymore. Use concubine body"!

Firmly clenching her fists, controlling the divine power to wrap her body, the "smile" that had restored her self-confidence expression did not continue to stay on the top of the mountain, she flew out of the mountain of red shadow magic stone without hesitation.

Absurd battles always need someone to stop, and now it is necessary for "smile" to act as this "middleman".

A girl god in a sane state is very smart. She knows that this boring battle will not be good for anyone to continue. A failure to pay attention to the alarm that triggered the ruins is even more troublesome. A lunatic in two chaotic camps. Before the real fire was hit, even if it was dangerous, the girl god had to intervene in the battlefield for her own benefit.

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