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Netheril's Glory Chapter 703

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Chapter 703: Beautiful dance.

"Lord Saint, be careful"

"Golanya, get away"!

Fisker’s vindictiveness was slowed down to a great extent due to the weird aura that had begun to form a semi-substantial cage. In this way, the vigilant old priest and the correspondent priest who stayed next to the saint had a reaction. opportunity.

Without any hesitation, the old sacrificial priest whose soul exploded immediately rushed to the sharp edge of the fighting spirit, letting the sharp fighting spirit shred most of his body, and the communication priest also resolutely stood in front of Golanya by his side. , Facing the death blade cut from his head.


Accompanied by a faintly impenetrable moan, the sharp blade of vindictiveness almost brushed against Golanya's hair.

After penetrating the weird aura, penetrating the soul-burning old priest, and penetrating the communication priest with the full potential of the same burst of penetrating power, Fisk's anger-released fighting spirit blade finally changed its trajectory a little, and it did not cut off the saint. The woman’s neck, but with her blood and broken soul, passed away from Golanya....

The beautiful Lord of Saints has survived for the time being!

However, the price paid for saving lives under the blow of a master-level professional was... the stronger old priest was dying, and the weaker communications priest died on the spot.

Of course, the arrangement and desperation of the old sacrifices finally worked.

In order to attack, Fiske slowed down a bit, just like this a little pause, the strange breath released from the scroll has formed a cage and surrounded him. I saw countless, resentful souls forming inextricably threaded threads, they flew in the air, knitting, and wailing while imprisoning a master professional.

When Fisk tried to attack again, the sharp blade of fighting spirit could no longer leave the area enveloped by the prison.

"This is...a one-time magical equipment? Damn it!"


Once again, he slashed hard on the cage formed by the resentful souls, and the violent grievances raged wildly in the narrow cage, but the tough cage was not affected in any way, and those grieving resentful souls were still slowly surrounding the center in the center. Professionals are spinning.

"Hahahaha, General Fisk, this is the only master card of our Red Sand Cult. This treasure between the divine scroll and divine equipment needs to collect a large number of souls for thousands of years. It can only be used later, and it is still a one-time consumable... However, as long as you are trapped by it, even if you are a general, you don’t want to escape easily!"

Seeing that Fisk was trapped, half of his head was torn apart by vindictiveness, the old priest laughed madly on the ground. He, an official-level priest, was actually able to pit a general who is always invincible, although with the help of A powerful master divine art, but even so it is worthy of pride.

The most important thing is that at this point in time when Fisk was trapped, the old priest's persistent "oracles" can finally continue to be executed-the festival... can finally begin.

Fisk did not try to tear the cage in vain anymore. This one-time magical equipment prison has the ability to absorb attack and strengthen itself, so if there is no means to break the magical circle after being trapped, wait for it honestly. It is the best choice to run out of energy and dissipate it yourself.

Therefore, the general who had calmed down was no longer hacking and roaring in vain, because coming out like that made the master warrior look like a monkey and was meaningless. After discovering the characteristics of this magical magic circle, he simply complained directly. Sitting cross-legged in the cage formed by the soul, he stared at the dying old priest and said:

"This general admits that this is a very good hole card. If it is used in a master-level battle...Professionals who are accidentally imprisoned by the magic circle may have to wait for death with peace of mind.

but! Don't forget, the current Chisha Cult does not have master-level powerhouses. Even if I am imprisoned, can you still hurt me as a master-level fighter with you official priests? After four or five minutes, I will go out and kill you all. Your saint is only an apprentice-level little guy. She definitely does not want to escape in the encirclement of the Redstone Kingdom"!"

After speaking, Fisk stared at the broken old priest and stopped talking.

Since both the old priest and the communications priest have lost their combat effectiveness, the general who was still anxious just now is not too worried.

What Fisk worries about is nothing more than the old priest fleeing with the saint. Without the escort of the old saint with stronger combat effectiveness, Saint Golanya is just a special apprentice-level "little guy." Don't want to break through the encirclement guarded by official-level professionals!

But... Until now, Fisk still hadn't thought that Golanya had never thought of running away.

I just walked from the edge of life and death, and saw the death of two "companions" who accompanied me. The fanatical little girl had no fear or sorrow in her heart. What she had was only a flame that was close to madness.

It is an honor to be able to give her life to the gods. Now that the old priest and the communication pastor have received this honor, how could Golanya be sad for them?

Now, as the "saint" of the Chisha Cult, what Golanya has to do is not to escape from the altar as Fisk had envisioned. She has to complete the final task-to officially open the ceremony enacted by the oracle from the gods. , And continue to go on............

If you can do it for a while, it will be a while!

"God's will must be carried out, and there must be no hesitation in what can be done, and what can't be done... just do it desperately!"

This is the belief of Golanya and the obsession of all mad believers.

So, Fisk watched in surprise, among the countless screams and screams in the chaotic battlefield, on the altar stained with the blood of the communication priest......It was just a little girl, Golanya calmly. According to the steps at the beginning of the festival, complicated and pious prayers were carried out.

Then, facing the fierce battlefield where the shadows of knives and swords were densely covered, blood and meat were flying all over the place, the beautiful girl, who was like a butterfly leaping into the fire, began to dance calmly and calmly...

It is a dance like a fairy born in a flame, it is a beauty that coexists with beauty and innocence. The petite body shows a variety of ancient and exquisite movements. The bright yellow and red dresses bloom like flowers in the flames, naked. Her snow-white feet and the bright red blood on the ground set against each other, and the rhythmic dress is as light as the fragile fallen leaves in late autumn, and it is as if the flames in the campfire broke free from the glow of burning embers............

"Maybe the gods are watching me"?

Thinking of this, Golanya seemed to have completely forgotten Fiske, who could break through the cage and kill herself at any time, forgot several official-level auras that had locked herself in, and forgot about the church of the God of Red Sand on this redstone plane. destruction……

She just fulfilled her "saint" obligations extremely happily, piously pleased the "God of Red Sands" she had never met before, very serious...showing graceful and luxurious beautiful dances between gestures .

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