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Netheril's Glory Chapter 676

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Chapter 676: Kane's purpose.

It is always a punk character to speak out, so he ignored Kane’s meaningless chats and asked directly:

"How did you find me! Or to be more precise... How did you know that I was punk".

For Kane to find his own way, in fact, punk has probably thought of it, but now what the caster has to do is to grab the initiative of the dialogue and let Kane fall into a "I ask you to answer" conversation state.

Because the caster can be sure that if there is nothing important, this guy Kane will not come to say hello even if he recognizes himself. Now that this inexplicable "old friend" chased him through half a square, then He wanted to talk to himself about what troublesome things are about his eight achievements.

Therefore, before starting to talk about the really important things, punk has to hold the initiative in his own hands as much as possible. .

Facing the caster’s question, Kane’s performance was also very indifferent, and the knight who could not see the expression replied to punk with a casual attitude:

"To talk about the method... In fact, there is no technical content, but because my uncle arrived earlier than you, so I found that there were only three "new people" in this meeting, including you and my uncle. As long as the "Punk-Sean" that the uncle knows successfully advances, he will almost certainly come to this meeting, so if he catches a newcomer like himself and asks directly, this uncle will have at least two points. One of the success rates.

On the other hand... In fact, I also followed the instructions of the filthy bird to bring that bunch of nonsense words to the "chairman", but...except for the one who made my uncle be sure that a certain bastard would appear here. Except at this meeting, the rest can only be described as super-unpleasant."

Having said that, Kane shook his head helplessly. It seemed that he didn't have the slightest impression of the "super-unpleasant" thing.

But the unlucky knight has no good impression, but the impression of punk is very good.

Seeing that Kane, who was usually very chattering, suddenly shut up, Punk immediately understood what had happened to this guy in front of him, so immediately, the happy caster said to the unhappy knight in a joking tone:

"After seeing the "guild leader", you found that the information in your hands is useless, right? Because you are a step late, there are already smarter people who have told the "ghost words" to the "silent alliance" in advance. ".

"Oh! Mr. Sai'an! No matter what you encounter, why can you take the lead and let the uncle be unlucky? The pile of information of the filthy bird was only heard by you and the uncle, so the guy who sent the information in advance is definitely you This bastard... God knows, when the brainy "guild leader" said something, "I already know this information, so according to the regulations, you may not be paid by the Silent Alliance", the uncle was hacking people. I have my mind, hello"!

Receiving the ridiculous punk information, Kane also showed a bitter smile while frustrated and frustrated. It can be seen from the fact that the "chairman" convened this meeting in advance and Kane also received an invitation. The "intelligence transmission" of this cautious knight was not much slower than that of punk, at most it was only a few hundred years later.

But anyway, because he was a little later than punk, the "remuneration" of the Silent League was gone. Looking at the weird bitter smile on Kane’s projection face, punk couldn’t help secretly thanking him for making it. The decision is decisive enough.

After a few unceremonious ridicules, some insignificant ridicules and small talks came to an end. Punk also observed from the sidelines that a few more mysterious projections had arrived at the venue. It seemed that if nothing else should happen. If so, the meeting may begin soon.

Therefore, the caster with sufficient time concept did not continue to quarrel with Kane, he directly and solemnly said to the knight:

"Well, the chat time is over. If I were you, I think it's time to talk about more meaningful business matters, after all, the meeting is about to begin."

"I haven't seen you for thousands of years, why are you still a boring guy, chatting is not a matter of business? We are old friends who have been in love for thousands of years, so serious and unsympathetic"?

In the face of punk's serious words, Kane still maintained a joking and unrefined appearance, but his face was normal. Kane was definitely a veteran when it comes to litigation.

Of course, this is also the reason why the blinking knight does not want to fall into the rhythm of punk questioning.

But punk also has a perfect way to deal with Kane's impropriety.

The specific steps are...inhale, smile politely, turn around, leave, and leave a concise "goodbye" if you are in a good mood!

If you’re in a bad mood, it’s like punk today-turn around without hesitation, ignore someone talking to himself, and use the mental power that looks like talking to himself but can actually be accepted by Kane. Fluctuation dropped the sentence "Made mentally retarded"!

In fact...By this time, the caster had almost guessed Kane's purpose.

Don't ask-Kane must have come to him to discuss something about an "adventure action", which punk can directly determine without even thinking about it.

After all, his previous collaborations with Kane were all about taking risks, and if nothing else, the same is true this time.

Punk also knew the reason why Kane came to him whenever he encountered an unsure adventure.

The fundamental reason is that Kane is a combatant and a very orthodox combatant. The knowledge he possesses is definitely richer than most professionals below the Legendary level, but it is relatively A legendary mage like Yupunk, it is no exaggeration to say that Kane is an illiterate and ignorant.

In the adventure process of professionals at any level, "ignorance" is a more terrifying shortcoming than "reckless" or even "cowardice", especially when exploring certain wealth or relics involving a lot of magic, an adventure team may not be good at it. The stalker of the scout may not have the brave and fearless fighters, but it must be alone without a knowledgeable spellcaster.

This rule is very applicable in apprentice-level adventure teams, and it is also worth thinking about in legendary temporary groups.

In summary, if you encounter an adventure with huge profits, such as exploring the abandoned magic tower of a legendary mage, punk can go in directly with a golem by himself, but instead of Kane... …

If there is not a reliable legendary mage taking the lead, and a fighter who does not even know the magic circle rushes into the ruins of the mage, it is not an adventure, it is called death. Even Kane must not have the courage, so when he is a fighter When facing a "thrilling" adventure, the first thing that should be considered is...or it must be-"Can I find a reliable wizard to help!"

Based on this analysis...Does Kane still have to guess what he wants to do when he comes to find punk? This guy almost wrote "I want you to cooperate" on his projection.

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