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Netheril's Glory Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: Time (original time setting).

"Legendary Conjuration Spells-Time Imprisonment"!

This spell's "suitable learning level" marked in the library of Netheril's time is twenty-third level.

This is a spell involving the law of time, so its complexity is not surprising to punk, although the caster does not know why the great arcane who invented this spell set its "suitable learning level" at level 23, but From Punk's own feeling, the difficulty of this spell may be a little higher. His original plan was to learn it when he reached the twenty-fifth level.

But now... now that the caster has keenly discovered his own shortcomings, and cleverly figured out a solution, and his own spellcasting level has reached the "23rd level" recommended by the "official minimum standards", then...try It seems that there is nothing wrong with learning. The earlier you master this method that can effectively make up for your shortcomings and improve your strength, the more it will help your own safety.

Anyway, there is no other research topic at present. The legendary level knowledge mastered by the Great Master Vedraxia is really extensive and profound. There are many spells and punks that are far from "learning". Legendary spells are by no means masters. The difficulty of the spell is comparable. Even if it is not the most complicated and difficult "legendary spell", it still takes more than ten years for the legendary spellcaster to learn to master an ordinary legendary spell.

What's more, the spell "Time Imprisonment" is not ordinary.

Speaking of "time", the law that always takes away a certain degree of mystery, I have to mention that the "time" law of this world is actually quite different from the punk "hometown" guess.

Before crossing, among the theoretical speculations about time on the punk side, it seems that the "timeline" theory has always seemed to be very popular, but in fact, the "time" of this world is completely different from those speculations.

Time is not a line, but a point! A "point" that can only move forward!

If it is a bit more imagery, time is like a glass ball constantly moving in one direction, and all matter, energy, and soul are in this "glass ball".

It will leave a lot of information as traces in the place it passes by, but these traces are only some "information". The so-called "past time" does not exist, because there is only one glass ball at a "point in time" in the universe. , It has advanced to another position, then... it doesn't exist in its original position.

In summary, because the point in time has passed, and the "point in time" of a universe is unique, the "past time" does not exist, and the "future time" naturally does not exist. There is only a point of time. "Now" this state.

The "future" does not exist because it has not happened yet. Before the "glass ball" rolls forward, no one can be sure what the "glass ball" will look like when it reaches the front position. The so-called "prophecy" It is basically nothing more than a more precise "calculation" based on the law of development of things.

"Past" does not exist, "This is because of the time" has already left. The ball may leave a trace when rolling over the ground, but it will not leave behind a series of other balls.

Maybe you can tamper with the past information, but only the information is affected. Just like you can secretly change your truant record to "normal class", but this will not change the fact that you haven't attended that class. fact……

But... Although the change of information does not affect the real time, it is fundamentally impossible to tamper with time, tamper with the "so-called past" to affect the facts that have happened, but powerful spellcasters can escape from this. The "world point in time" forms an "independent point in time".

After you have created an independent "little glass ball", you can choose to make this "little glass ball" run faster and then reach the "front" earlier than the "time point" of the entire multiverse, or you can choose to let it The "little glass ball" ran a little slower and fell behind the time point of the multiverse.

If you are too far behind or ahead of time, so that the "law of time" of the multiverse can no longer rely on the "repair ability" to "pull you back", you will find that the time point of the multiverse is in addition to a bunch of existing ones. There is nothing but information about what happened, and the previous point in time is empty because nothing happened.

But even so, using temporary "time independence", the legendary spellcaster can also carry out many flexible combat methods.

For example, the legendary spell of "Time Independence" can temporarily detach an object from the multiverse time point in order to avoid attacks. The powerful single-person lethal Lunar-level legendary spell of "Void Exile" can even directly remove an object. Biology completely strips away the point in time of the multiverse and exiles it into nothingness.

But... the law of time is very complicated. Almost all of the above spells are complex spells that need to reach the Lunar level to be eligible to learn, and the spell that punk will learn this time is rarely involved in time at the ordinary legendary level. The magic of the law,

"Legendary Conjuration Spells-Time Imprisonment"!

Its effect is to pause the time in an area by a ten-thousandth of a second, making the time in this area a little bit behind the time point of the multiverse, but when the magic effect ends, the multiverse time law will be repaired. This small piece of backward time is directly dragged back into the main time point.

And because the distance behind is too short, it is equivalent to the state of "small glass ball next to the big glass ball" at the time level, so the legendary spell attack from the outside world can still squeeze into this legendary spell created by it. Among the "independent time points".

However, it is precisely for this reason that the caster can successively release several legendary spells "stored" into "independent time points" that are still in a suspended state, and then release the "time imprisonment", causing several legendary spells to be suspended. The spell is released at the same time, achieving a high-intensity, high-density sudden attack.

It is even possible to use a pause of time as a shield to block the spell attacks of several enemies together and then avoid them together.

Of course, "time imprisonment" is not a real magic shield for defense after all. If you want to do this... then you must be careful of the enemy's countermeasures, and be careful that the enemy's attack power is too strong to directly separate this piece. Time is torn apart.

In summary, although "Time Imprisonment" alone has no lethality and defensive power, the specific usefulness looks a bit tasteless, but this kind of purely auxiliary legendary spell originally requires other spells and the actions of the caster. Only with cooperation can one plus one be greater than two.

This is why punk didn't choose it for learning in the beginning.

Now, this is the reason why punk has re-selected it for learning.

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