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Netheril's Glory Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: Announce the whole country.
Due to the efficient nature of magic communication, the news of the collapse of the Mutual Aid Poverty Army spread throughout the Scottish kingdom in just one day, especially after the five great nobles blocked all news about Emoda-Yamclaw, Those middle-class nobles who have no access to the real core secrets will still publicize their achievements in accordance with general war victories.

Under the active propaganda of these nobles who are still thinking about changing the law to find excuses to increase taxes and hold banquets, many towns in the Scottish Empire have been posted at the door of many cities and towns proclaiming victory............

The contents of these announcements are similar. They are nothing more than praising the nobles for their victories in all battles with the most gorgeous language, and then condemning the "rebellious mobs" with all the dark words. Nobles are natural rulers, and anyone who dares to question is a damn villain.

Perhaps in a time when the aristocracy was benevolent and the emperor was peaceful, the ruling class suddenly issued a notice that would be surrounded by a group of poor people who "cared about national affairs", but now, in the context of the turmoil of the Scottish imperial state, this is completely true. The parchment used to show off victory to the nobles has long been uninterested.

Among the busy crowds at the gates of every town, there are at most one or two literate poor people who look at the notice, and then shook their heads helplessly and left as if nothing had happened. Even though many people know the news that the mutual aid will be destroyed, most of them still barely survive. The poor who can survive will not be touched by this. They have "more important" lives to be busy, and they don't have time to care about things "irrelevant" to them.

But... the notices posted by the nobles may not attract the attention of the poor, but a young man walking slowly with a horned dragon was attracted by the curled parchment.

I saw this servile traveler steer the obedient horned dragon beast to avoid the pedestrians coming and going, and then read the notice at the gate of the city.

There is no doubt that this ordinary boy is Ganatika, the "brave" who has already far away from Pearl City.

In fact, Ganatica at this time still knew nothing about what happened in Pearl City. He followed Pandora's instructions to avoid every town and rushed at full speed for several days until today... consuming food and The teenagers from the water source came to this remote small city to purchase supplies.

Then... Ganatika saw the conspicuous sign posted at the gate of the city.

With his excellent eyesight, Ganatika could easily see every line of text on the parchment notice. Of course, he also knew the meaning of every text in the first place...

I saw that the notice went upright and said:

"Through the unremitting efforts of our nobles, the hard work of the loyal knights, and the pious cooperation of a group of friends who have lost their way, we finally defeated the evil "Treasonous Mob Army" two days ago. Organization, now a large number of professionals and poor people who have been bewitched by the evil leader Ganatica have fully awakened, the only remaining and inexcusable "evil witch" Pandora has also been executed, and the Scottish kingdom has once again been restored. The peace and peace of the country are all the unquestionable great contributions of me and other nobles..."

The announcement contained a lot of content, and the rhetoric that praised the nobles and the Mohei Mutual Aid Society was even more excessive and countless, but...Ghanatika stopped reading only here, because, after he fully understood the meaning of a few key sentences , The young brave's thoughts stopped abruptly in the buzzing sound in his mind!

"We completely defeated the "Treasonous Mob Army" two days ago, "the pious cooperation of friends who lost their way and knows how to return", "Pandora has been sentenced to death"...

A word of a sentence penetrated Ganatika's soul like a sudden blade, and even at this moment, the teenager with a blank brain didn't even know what he should think about at this moment.

The mutual aid society is destroyed, how is this possible? In just two days, how did the still promising form suddenly become like this? And what is said on the notice as "the pious cooperation of friends who have lost their way and knows how to return"? How is this possible? How could so many kind and just companions betray the mutual aid association that everyone formed together, obviously they have given them selfless help, and the mutual aid association has extended a helping hand to so many desperate people............

What makes Ganatica unable to believe or dare not believe is that Pandora, the beautiful girl who answered her confession before leaving two days ago...is dead?

"No...no, no, it's impossible...this...this is the suspicious trick of those despicable nobles! It's a clumsy method that they came up with after they couldn't find Pandora and their comrades... it definitely won't be. Really"!

In any case, she couldn’t believe everything on the notice. Ganatika tried desperately to convince herself that all this was a noble conspiracy, and that her trusted companion would not betray her, Pandora... the one she loved deeply. The girl will never die!


Regardless of the surprised gazes of the people around, the angry Ganatica severely tore off the parchment paper pasted on the wall. Then, after tearing the piece of paper into flying fragments, the young man with twinkling eyes With trembling fingers, he took out a metal steel plate with many magic runes inscribed in his pocket.

This is an emergency communication device that can contact many leaders of mutual aid associations. Due to the shortage of funds of mutual aid associations, even the more powerful leaders are only allowed to use this precious magic tool to communicate in emergency situations, and in accordance with regulations , The members called by the communication steel sheet are obliged to respond as soon as possible.

Now, Ganatika is patiently using the steel sheet to contact the leaders who he recognizes as his "companions". Among them are "Big Axe", "Taunuo", and even Akto, who is the adjutant. Also within the scope of contact.

But... this time, Ganatika was doomed to be disappointed.

His contact was unprecedented in the history of no one’s response, even Pandora, who always answered him as quickly as possible...this time, he didn’t smile and convey a bunch of messages full of advice and concern...

The cold metal steel sheet is silent, and the silence is like the only remaining ice floe in the turbulent waves, and this last piece of ice has also been cracked under the beating of the waves, just waiting for the last big wave to come over, I’m afraid This white and flawless ice layer is about to be completely wiped out in the huge waves............

"No, Pandora, I am going to find Pandora. Even if something goes wrong in Pearl City, I will never believe that my companions will betray me... I am going to save them, even if they die, I will die with Pandora. together"!

A handful of communication steel sheets that were already useless were crushed, and Ganatika, who was talking to himself, dragged his tired body to the back of the horned dragon beast at the fastest speed, and then controlled it. The boy with the reins did not hesitate to make the mount turn around one hundred and eighty degrees.

Next, Ganatika’s destination will be the dark Pearl City. He can’t persuade himself to accept the betrayal of his peers, let alone believe the fact that his beloved has fallen. The “brave” who has completely lost the ability to think is going now. Save everything you only have, even if you pay the price of your life............I don’t hesitate to do it!

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