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Netheril's Glory Chapter 642

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Chapter 642: captive.
Punk is still secretly studying the gray crystal in the mage tower, so at this moment, what happened to Pandora, who had not received a response from the legendary spellcaster?

The answer is very simple, she has been captured by the orthodox knights of the Scott Empire!

When Pandora came to Pearl City in the name and identity of Ganatica, it was no surprise that more than a dozen aggressive master-level professionals surrounded the girl’s camp under the leadership of Akto. Then, Pandora, who had no ability to resist, was caught on the spot before he could execute his suicide.

So far, Ganatika, the leader of the Mutual Aid Poverty Army, is missing. Pandora has also become a prisoner of the nobles. Almost all members of the Mutual Aid Society have chosen to surrender. They were executed on the spot, and a large number of bosses and professionals who "excelled and knew how to return" even won titles of nobles and fiefdoms.

The "Mutual Aid Society", an organization that swept the Scottish Empire for a while, has completely become history............

It sounds like this is a very good victory. The nobles have won a big victory. The poor can only continue to bear the squeeze and be bulls and horses. It stands to reason that those nobles should use this "victory". It’s the excuse to celebrate with a grand banquet, but... In fact, only some ignorant little nobles are in the dark and celebrated. The middle-level nobles have been aware of this strange rebellion and counter-rebellion. There is a little different taste, as for the five nobles of the ruler Scott Kingdom............

Now these five seemingly unattainable powers have once again...No, it should be said that they are more frustrated...

In a dark room in Pearl City, five ornately dressed nobles made a circle around the king's throne holding a scepter. They are undoubtedly the supreme ruler of the Scottish kingdom, and they are also quite famous. The five nobles and your majesty the king.

There were a total of three master casters who were silent beside them. Since everyone was silent and silent, the secret room where the needles could be heard was terribly quiet at this time.

And in this dark secret room hall, an object that seems incompatible with the decorations on the surrounding walls and the murals painted on the stone pillars has been placed in the center of the hall.

It was a huge metal cage half a human height. The entire cage was almost entirely made of strong magical materials that cut off magic. Inside the cage, a number of chains engraved with imprisonment runes penetrated. The skeletal girl was silently lowering her head and watching the dry blood on her body.

There is no doubt that this beautiful girl in the iron cage is Pandora, who is unfortunately captured. As the person who has the closest relationship with Ganatika and may know the whereabouts of the gray crystal, Pandora is the first after being imprisoned. Time was sent to this secret room. The five anxious nobles, the king whose hair had fallen out, and the three masters who were also very anxious could not even bother to carry out any so-called celebrations. They would have to stay overnight. Interrogating the only prisoner who has something to do with the gray crystal, it is best to know directly where the missing crystal has gone.

But... Pandora's performance is destined to make all the nobles almost desperate.

The girl who was tied up and immovable refused to answer anyone's questions at all. Those insidious or vicious coercive temptations were of no use to Pandora. She did not even look at the "big men" present, beautiful girls. Just looking at the blood scabs on her wounds as if she had already lost her life, her eyes were blurred and hazy as if they might disperse at any time.


"Damn it, look at what those so-called "elite guards" did. The trap they set up allowed Ganatica to escape. What's the use of catching a tough woman? This guy wouldn't speak at all!"

It seemed that Prince Miulanda, who was a full teenager within a month, smashed the glass in his hand. After a long wait, this never knew why the middle-aged nobleman was about to lose his patience.

The thought of Emoda’s Flame Claws is about to return, but the whereabouts of the gray crystal are still missing. The prince with a bad temper can’t help but want to go to strangle the silent Pandora through the iron cage, and then order The intelligence forces who were eating dry food all sent them to the guillotine!

Even if the appearance of the girl who was sent to be called the beauty of the country, even if the intelligence forces have indeed tried their best, but the nobles who feared death now only want to find the gray crystal, and the shadow of the "melting fire tearer" is already All those who knew that Crystal was missing were out of breath.

However, Prince Miulanda did not put his ideas into practice after all. The oldest and oldest Marquis Voss around him waved his hand helplessly to stop the angry prince. Then, the old aristocrat with vicissitudes in his eyes was flat and dead. I asked a master around me:

"Okay, so it seems that we have one last chance left...Master Moraka, you are the best at the spells of prying memory and soul, please see if we have a chance to dig from this girl's mind Give something out, after all... we did not catch Ganatica, Pandora will be our last breakthrough, and this strong lady doesn't seem to be afraid of physical torture..."

"Oh, Voss, my friend, although this news is desperate, I still have to tell you."

After hearing the old noble’s request, the master spellcaster named Moraka slowly shook his head under the gaze of the nobles. With his master perception ability, there is no need for unnecessary inspections or cumbersome inspections. In the test, Pandora's soul status was already clear at a glance, and because of this, the helpless master spellcaster could only reply with a heavy tone:

"This... Miss Pandora's soul seems to have been severely damaged for unknown reasons. In fact, after my investigation, a full quarter of her soul has disappeared. Strictly speaking, the soul has been damaged. With such a serious injury, Miss Pandora can survive. So far, it has subverted the common sense of most "normal creatures", but even so, her soul is now on the verge of collapse, and such a fragile state cannot withstand the power of any magic. , Even with the magical skills of a master-level mind-specialized caster... I am afraid I can't get any useful information..."

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