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Netheril's Glory Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: Decide.

How wonderful and tragic are these two gorgeous words? The legends of adventure are endless, but when a road called "adventure" is in front of you, how many people are willing to lay down their peaceful lives to explore the dangerous forest densely covered with thorns.

Originally, punk thought he was not an adventurous guy, and his mentality of the chaotic camp should be as cold as a campfire in the snow and ice.

But...in fact, in the long years, punk’s neutral and chaotic camp has not changed. I don’t even know since when, punk has become more and more keen on taking risks...or in other words, keen to risk bigger ones. The crisis is to pursue greater interests.

The main reason for this mentality is that punk has become stronger and stronger, and has been living in this gorgeous world for nearly 10,000 years. Punk has grown from the little wizard who had no power to bind the chicken to today’s legendary lofty superior. The strong, and punk's life-saving methods are constantly upgrading, first the magic box of Haitezta, and then the knowledge inherited from the era of Netheril, and even his own legendary magic tower has been established.

The main reason for supporting punk to take risks is the mentality of the caster. Of course, a wizard who does not have the emotion of "fear" from the beginning cannot shrink from difficulties. At the same time, punk has taken the adventure since the first journey. The process has never suffered a big loss, but the benefits of various adventures have allowed punk to step into the realm of legends all the way smoothly.

Therefore...the caster who took a risk in a round of adventure has long ago gone forever. Now punk prefers fast-paced gains.

Anyway, due to the existence of the "interference mechanism" of the long river of fate, unless you escape into the star realm like most legendary powerhouses and stop progressing, there is no possibility that stable farming will become stronger, that is to say, "farming flow". A road doesn't exist at all. As a spellcaster who inherited the spirit of Netheril, why didn't punk take risks and fight for greater benefits?

Therefore, punk made a solemn decision without thinking about whether to complete the commission of the filthy bird!

Punk is very dissatisfied with the development of this kind of hands and feet now! Without communicating with other legendary powerhouses, it is difficult to get progress in the details of magic. The "soul crystallization" made by punk without material trading is a pile of card hand currency that cannot be exchanged for other legendary magic materials. There is no "long river of fate". Intelligence...punk knows nothing about the enemies he is bound to face.

Seeing that the treasures harvested from the legacy of the God of Red Sands are about to be consumed, and their own development is about to enter a long period of stagnation, punk naturally starts to look for new ones again as it did at the master level and even the official level. Fortune Road.

Perhaps 99% of the legendary powerhouses will be frightened by the two battles of the "long river of fate". Perhaps most people are destined to only obey the arrangements of "fate" and be willing to be mediocre, but punk won't Frightened by that little gaze, since Destiny wants to activate the interference mechanism... let's try it. Punk, as a spellcaster, happens to be very curious about this mysterious mechanism!

"Then it's so decided"!

While punk whispered to himself, he stood up from the seat in front of the experiment platform. It is now in the evening, and wisps of sunset sunlight shines into the laboratory through the magic window, and the punk pair has already The pupils turned into lavender became more mysterious and gloomy under the dim sunlight.

Doing what you say is the usual punk style. Now that you have decided to get in touch with the "League of Silents", now the caster must start preparing, especially the necessary step of provoking the long river of fate, which only took less than a second. Punk has already thought of a best plan. Of course, before implementing this simple plan, the Cautious Legendary Mage still needs to do a little preparation to ensure his own safety.

After specifying the plan, the first thing the caster did was to extend his finger out of thin air. In the next instant, a portal to an unknown woodland was easily opened by the power of the legendary spell.


Punk whispered his magic crow to the portal.


Seeing a portal suddenly appeared next to me, and hearing that punk summoned my outdated "helper" for the first time after thousands of years, and the magic crow who was still molesting a few sika deer in the woods, he immediately stunned. Flew in front of punk.

Vector still remember that punk once mentioned that he should give himself a little transformation, so that his "mascot" can be more or less useful, so this time the call of punk from Vector's point of view...this is completely new to himself Is coming.

With the joy of welcoming the new life, Vector couldn't wait to pass through the temporary portal, and he didn't even care about the feathers. The excited magic crow quickly asked Punk loudly:

"Quack, boss, you finally remembered your loyal subordinates, how about it, have you already thought of a transformation plan, hurry up, make me cooler and stronger, I think the pale yellow feathers are even more Fashion, how about dyeing my bird's beak red by the way".

Just returned to the laboratory of the legendary tower, the magic crow vector began to talk endlessly, because punk has not allowed it to touch intelligent creatures casually for more than a thousand years, and then dropped the magic crow in the forest. Ignore it, the lonely and boring Vector has been no one talking for a long time, and now it's hard to return to his "master", and there is still a chance to accept transformation and become stronger, of course the Vector will talk endlessly.

The words of the magic crow were endless, but the mage who had entered the state of concentration did not look at his "subordinate" from beginning to end.

In fact, if it weren’t for a sudden thought, punk would hardly remember that he still had such a useless subordinate, but at this moment, when he thought about it suddenly, punk suddenly felt that the vector might be "waste". This It is also the reason why the spellcaster recalled the magic crow to the laboratory.

In this regard, the magic crow was right, and punk called it back to give it a transformation.

But at the same time, the vector's thinking is also very wrong, because...the transformation that punk wants to make the magic crow...probably is completely different from what it imagined.

Punk’s plan now is to provoke a long river of fate. The reason for transforming the magic crow is purely to create a tool for this plan. At the same time, using vector as a transformation object can also have a certain waste utilization effect. After all, the current vector is useful for punk. Almost non-existent, even if it is compromised in this plan...punk will not feel distressed at all.

So... In this case, what will the vector that has been reduced to "waste utilization" be transformed by punk?

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