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Netheril's Glory Chapter 582

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Chapter 582: Major and minor.
Because the Great Austrian "Distant Space Scholar" Vedraxia has studied almost all the spells of the mainstream law series, there are many choices for punk. After careful consideration, punk finally chose the "rule of destruction" as his own. Major direction!

There are two reasons for punk to make this choice. The first is naturally the consideration of one's own talent.

When punk was promoted, he used the fragments of the laws in the strange eyeballs as the objects of insight. This must have no choice at the time, and the fragments of the laws were the fragments of the laws of destruction created by a certain legendary mage. Finally, this kind of soul Levels of perception and evolution have brought punk a higher affinity for the law of destruction.

In other words, because he was aware of the law of destruction when he was promoted, the punk soul is more familiar with the law of destruction and easier to manufacture. This way, the punk soul has an extra talent for "law of destruction affinity" and chooses the law of destruction. Being a major is naturally a choice in line with one's own talents.

On the other hand, the law of destruction is indeed very suitable as a means of combat. The powerful force of destruction can always inflict terrible damage on the enemy. Even in the era of Netheril, the law of destruction is a popular choice for many masters who are skilled in combat. , A series of spells using the Law of Destruction have been invented in a large number. That is to say, if punk chooses the Law of Destruction as his major, then he basically does not have to worry about the lack of combat methods before he is promoted to Huiyue. The Law of Destruction series There are absolutely enough spells to be used by any legendary caster.

It is precisely because of this that Punk thinks that he only chooses this one for his major law. After all, the spells in the Law of Destruction series are completely enough. Choosing one more major law will slow down his pace. In the event of an accident, the first legendary spell he will learn will also be one of the series of legendary spells in the Law of Destruction!

After choosing the major rules, punk has to choose the minor rules next.

After careful deliberation, as always, punk made a decision quickly.

He intends to choose two rules as minor rules, one is the "Law of Fusion" and the other is the "Law of Decomposition"!

These two laws are both popular laws that can support the sky in alchemy experiments. "Fusion" and "decomposition" undoubtedly have the convenient nature of assisting alchemy experiments, and most importantly, the minor rules of the Great Oman Vidrasha These are also the two, which also means... If you choose the same minor rules as Vedracia, punk can directly gain the experience and research knowledge that Vedracia has studied for many years. Why is there such a good choice? Need to hesitate more.

In this way, the major and minor paths of the legendary mage Punk-Sean have been determined, and as long as he continues unswervingly, Punk believes that his path must have a bright future.

Of course, perhaps it is unwise to focus on alchemy spells and give up some prophetic spells in this way. However, at the legendary level, punk who does not regard prophetic spells as a major faction really does not believe in prophecies. Department of spells.

During the adventure of the "God of Red Sands" treasure, his coincidence and obviously abnormal prophecy spells are still deeply remembered by punk. When it comes to the level of legend, this kind of stuff is as easy to be fate as the so-called intuition. Punk can even guess that in the circle of legendary spellcasters, unless it is a powerful spellcaster who specializes in prophecy spells, most people may not be able to distinguish whether the prophecy spells they have released are " Own prophecy spell"!

After choosing one's own path, it is necessary to move forward unswervingly, but this alone is not enough. After all, on any road, there is destined to have a "blocking tiger" secretly watching, whether it is punk or other legends. The strong must be serious, cautious, and even cautiously thinking about this "blocking tiger", which is the existence of the long river of destiny!

According to the existing information...that is, the information from the late Netheril period, punk has gained a lot of knowledge about the "long river of fate", although no one understands why the great Austrians of the Netheril civilization know the "future What will the "long river of fate" be like? But since the Great Austrian Master Vedraxia and the entire Great Austrian Master High Council have vowed to determine that this information will never go wrong, then Punk decided to believe the conclusion of the Great Austrian Master.

According to this piece of information, it can be known that there are three main operating mechanisms of the Long River of Destiny, one is the monitoring mechanism, the other is the interference mechanism, and the other... is the obliteration mechanism.

The monitoring mechanism is just as its name suggests. This is a process of checking the operation of the entire multiverse. Many key information will be inspected by the “long river of fate”. The most obvious manifestation here is the one that the filthy bird asked punk to help pass on. It’s a piece of information—under the supervision mechanism of the “Long River of Destiny”, the “great” Lord of Chaos has no way to communicate with any legendary powerhouse at all, so that a little bit of information encrypted with a large amount of codewords has to rely on a master. The hand of the "ant" to communicate.

The role of the interference mechanism is also inseparable from the word "interference". The specific explanation is simply to make trouble for the legendary powerhouse and make trouble! For example, when your experiment has just reached a critical point, the activation of the interference mechanism makes the experimental materials you need inexplicably difficult to obtain. For example, as soon as your territory is on the right track, the "interference mechanism" creates a world that will dazzle your territory. The guy is asking for trouble.

Anyway, the core of the interference mechanism is to prevent the legendary strong from developing well and have to be in a state of trouble.

As for how to fight against the tricky interference mechanism of Destiny River...punk also needs to obtain more information on "Destiny River".

Anyway, he knows that it is impossible to directly use a hard lever. For example, a jammer creates a rebel to make trouble in your territory. If you kill the rebel directly... then wait for the more tricky jamming mechanism and even the obliteration mechanism to start suddenly.

The most frightening thing is that this damn "interference mechanism" is especially insidious and secretive. Most legendary powerhouses have difficulty even knowing that the "interference mechanism" has found themselves. By the time they find out, the messed up situation has often gone Can't be restored.

Needless to say, the obliteration mechanism, although theoretically the obliteration mechanism of the "long river of fate" will leave a ray of life, but... the chance of surviving after encountering the obliteration mechanism is absolutely slim.

"Oh, it's really troublesome. The road to the legend is too difficult. The existence of the interference mechanism cannot be ignored, and the initial development will be afraid of it...".

Frowning, thinking of the sword of Damos, "The Long River of Destiny", even punk can't help but worry.

But soon, the determined caster no longer worried about the difficulty of the interference mechanism. No matter how difficult it is, it is impossible for him to endure the interference of the long river of fate. In that case, there is no hope of development at all. So... Although I can't think of any way to deal with it for the time being, punk will never give up like many legendary powerhouses who have lost their ambitions!

"Since I don’t know the detailed information of this interference mechanism for the time being, let’s proceed according to the originally planned path. It’s really impossible to fight hard and get some information after one or two rounds. The most important thing is to gain strength as soon as possible. Recluse is nothing but chronic death"!

Punk is always the punk who inherited the spirit of Netheril. He will not shrink back for any reason. Perhaps for most legends, the "interference mechanism" is a mere talkative existence, but for punk ………I look at what your “interference” can do, and then… I don’t believe that there is no reasonable way to deal with it!

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