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Netheril's Glory Chapter 575

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Chapter 575: Experiment 3.
The combat effectiveness of the "vector" is very poor. It is so bad that it is difficult to win against a professional professional. This is a fact, but after all, he is a legendary alchemy creation. This is also a fact. As a legendary creation, the combat effectiveness is actually What is not the only criterion for measuring level. After all, many legendary alchemy items that are specially made for production or pure auxiliary properties will not be equipped with any combat methods, and their combat effectiveness is also close to zero.

However, the combat power will not be mentioned for the time being, but some of the basic attributes of the legendary creation will not be lost without combat power, especially the characteristics of the legendary level that do not need to comply with the law-as the iconic thing of the legendary level, this is basic For example, the magic crow that looks dumbfounded actually possesses the legendary superlight reaction speed, and the only legendary spell magic system that it can use—"direction interference" also has no need to follow. The powerful effect of the law of the multiverse!

After all, even the speed of light, which should be insurmountable for any matter and energy, is only a lower limit of speed in the face of legendary power.

Therefore, there is a reason for punk to believe that the vector can help him complete the configuration of the "Redeemer Divine Neutralization Potion" as long as he is serious. Under the influence of the legendary spell of "direction interference", even with the divinity that diffuses at the speed of light. Energy is bound to be honestly bound, and the bound energy will not be disconnected due to random overflow.

And the fact... is no different from what punk had imagined!

The experiment is still going on in an orderly manner. Punk is still skillfully fusing many kinds of precious magic materials together. All his movements are as smooth as the clouds and flowing water of his peers. With punk’s calm and calm expression, people who don’t know will never think of this. Such a calm spellcaster is actually deploying life-and-death potions with unforgettable divinities.

Compared with the calm and usual mage from the beginning to the end, the vector who has been standing on the shoulders of punk has no peace of mind at all. The magic crow without self-confidence conforms to the requirements of punk and honestly waits for the timing of the shot, although punk is clear I've told it that it's definitely a simple matter to find the right opportunity to release the spell, but the vector is still a little frightened and trembling at this time.

What a simple thing is this, and how precious the value of divinity is. If this time the potion configuration is messed up by it......I think of punk’s ice-blue pupils without any emotional color. The vector felt that the energy circuits in the body suddenly stopped.

"If you make a mistake, you will die. Absolutely...it will definitely die miserably! This guy who is ten thousand times more terrifying than Southend will tear me up, don’t drop the chain, don’t drop it The chain".

Seeing that the punk neutralizer stock solution has been configured, the final step of divine fusion is about to begin, and the increasingly nervous vector has changed itself into a "vibration mode."

Slowly putting the third divinity aside, punk also noticed the extreme tension of the vector, but after frowning, he decided to ignore the nervous magic crow, because punk believed that the vector should be kept tense. It doesn't hurt.

In the seven hundred years of getting along with the vector, the magic crow has not seen through punk at all, but punk has thoroughly understood the character of the magic crow. The so-called "give some sunshine to shine" refers to the vector. A silly bird, punk can even be sure. If you comfort him and say that it doesn’t matter even if the potion configuration is messed up, then the vector will definitely relax and regain a casual attitude, so punk thinks it is better to let the magic crow stay nervous like this. Some key steps will not go wrong in a while.

So, the determined punk didn't even look at the trembling magic crow, he just said to himself:

"Get ready, vector, I don't want to see any unplanned mistakes."

Then, the caster who has never delayed the time directly begins the fusion step of the divine and the neutralizer stock solution.

"Quack, old... Boss, do you want to... thinking about other methods, Quack".

Watching punk with tears of tears began the final stage of the configuration of the "Redeemer Divine Neutralization Potion", and the vector that was still retreating became more tense. This is the endurance of the legendary virtual soul to various intense emotions. High, otherwise, changing to an ordinary creature, he would have fainted long ago in such a constant state of tension.

Of course, of course, the vector's proposal did not get any response from punk. Now the mage who is serious about potion refining is focusing on deploying magic power to guide the divine energy, he has no time to listen to the stupid words of the magic crow on his shoulder.

After seeing that Punk clearly disagrees with his proposal, Vector finally cut off his cowardice and withdrawal.

"Quack, okay, okay... I'm a legendary magic crow vector, a little bit of divinity can't trouble me at all, quack"!

Now, Vector can only comfort himself in this way.

At the same time, the magic crow, who knew that he had to be absolutely serious, also began to calm down his nervous state as much as possible to observe the golden threads of divine light.

Just like the scenes of the previous two experiments, under punk’s superb micro-control technology, the third divine light filament was once again connected with the third neutralizer stock solution, and the divine energy began to go smoothly. The atomic energy is connected and transported into the original liquid.

Then... It is exactly the same as the previous two times, when the entire long conveying process is about to be completed...


Suddenly, punk loudly reminded the magic crow on his shoulder, and in fact... the vector's reaction speed is much faster than punk.

"Legendary Conjuration Spells-Direction Interference"! !

In order to embolden himself, Vector began to shout out the name of the spell in the second two, and in its keen vision, the divine energy connection that began to tremble suddenly had been broken instantly like the previous two!

But this time... the divine energy after the disconnection did not run around, because almost at the same moment when the connection was broken, a tiny white halo that was faster than the overflowing divine energy had appeared. The broken position of the golden light filament.

Subsequently, all the divine energy that began to run irregularly to various positions suddenly changed directions. Under the action of legendary spells, at this moment and at this place, there was no other than "the only correct direction." Regardless of the direction of movement of these divine energy due to the force, it can only enter the neutralizer obediently at this moment, and then... merge with it to become a part that can increase the percentage. The "Redeemer's Divine Neutralizing Potion" with a success rate of 50 promotion to the legend!

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