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Netheril's Glory Chapter 570

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Chapter 570: location.
Among the massive planes of the multiverse that are not inferior to the number of planets in the punk "home universe", ninety-nine percent of the planes are barren planes without even one life, and ninety-nine percent of the remaining planes with life. They are all low-level planes without any intelligent creatures. Ninety-nine percent of the planes with intelligent creatures have no supernatural power developed, and ninety-nine percent of the planes that have developed supernatural power have a formal level. There are no strong ones.

Only a very small number of planes can have one or two legends. Only the two extremely special planes of Infinite Abyss and the Plane of Faerun and the closely related planes next to them can give birth to hordes of legends and even groups. Morning star, bright moon, shining sun strong.

Therefore, when traveling in the astral world, I found that some torrents of elements are everywhere, and the barren planes where the entire surface environment is extremely harsh are the most common phenomena. Some planes where only simple fungi barely survive are considered rare...

For example, this inconspicuous and unnamed plane which is quite far away from the Faerun Plane, even as one of the millions of planes adjacent to the Faerun Plane, it has only a few moss growing and evolving on it. The most advanced animals are just a few low-level insects.

But today, this very humble little plane in the multiverse ushered in its first visitor in the hundreds of millions of years since its birth. That is the nineteenth-level pinnacle master spellcaster who came to the astral world to advance to the legend— -Punk-Sean!

Traveling in the star realm without reaching the legendary level can be said to be a very deadly act. A little bit of violent etheric rush is enough to easily shred the proud body of any master fighter, in the endless star. In the realm, only law-level defensive methods can resist the endless, unrelenting etheric energy.

However, punk who has the magic crow "vector help" to avoid risks is naturally fearless. After using a portal to leave the "Faerun" plane, punk directly lets the "vector" release "direction interference" for itself at any time. Then he directly took the Star Boundary Flow as a rider and flew at high speed all the way.

In fact, punk guesses that "Smile" will use the same method as himself. After all, "Smile"'s clergy fusion process is also enough to provide legendary-level defenses to the fusion. At that time, "Smile" simply integrates the clergy. It's fine to live in the astral torrents, anyway, fusion of priesthood is a time-consuming effort, as long as there is no interruption by the legendary powerhouse, there is no risk at all in the whole process.

The distance between the multiverse planes is extremely huge, even if the astral rush has a moving speed close to the speed of light, punk still experienced more than ten years of travel to find an inconspicuous small plane.

To be honest, punk never thought that a plane he casually found was a very rare plane with low life survival. In some respects, this could be regarded as a sign of good luck.

And punk doesn’t worry that this kind of living plane will have any impact on itself. Although the plane naturally formed in the multiverse is qualified to give birth to plane consciousness, when a plane can give birth to life, its plane Consciousness may be born. However, the IQ of such things as plane consciousness has always been worrying. At least according to the statistics of Netheril’s era, it can be determined that the multiverse has been discovered so far and possesses plane consciousness. Among the planes, the wisdom of most plane consciousness is not as good as that of single cells (do not know how to absorb other weak planes for "eating" behavior), and the plane consciousness of the most "smart" super plane is only a few years old. Level of IQ.

Therefore, punk can basically be sure that the plane he is currently in is only a single-cell intelligence level even if plane consciousness is born. There is not much instinct like this, and the plane with extremely scarce power is obviously not. Will have any positive or negative impact on the promotion of punk.

Therefore, the punk who had decided to choose this plane did not pick and choose. He immediately ordered the "vector" to use the "direction interference" to adjust the direction of the astral torrent, and then... did not wait for more than a month, should have been compliant. The repulsive force affects the torrent of ether that skips the small plane at high speed, and directly brings the punk into the crystal wall of this small plane at a speed close to the speed of light.

Without the help of legendary spells, let alone anything else, just such a light-speed impact would be enough to kill any master-level creature in seconds, let alone fifteen layers of master-level magic defense, even five hundred layers of defense would be useless.

However, because of the effect of the "vector" as soon as the "direction interference", the terrorist kinetic energy carried by punk was all shifted, and finally the entire plane crystal wall was blasted out of a hole by the kinetic energy of this physical substance falling at the speed of light, and punk The instigator landed unscathed into the unknown little plane.

"The power of the law is really incredible. Even the most powerful energy must abide by the established law of operation, but the power of the legendary law can tamper with the objective law. In the face of the power of the legendary level, the so-called speed of light is nothing more than that."

Looking up at the fragments of energy falling in the sky due to the rupture of the plane crystal wall, Punk, who confirmed that he was safe, ordered the "vector" to stop releasing the "direction interference."

"Quack, boss, please continue to sigh, so that I can rest for a while, quack......"

The vectors that have stopped the spell activation mode seem to roll their eyes tiredly. No wonder, in the past ten years, on average, the "vectors" have to cast dozens of "directional disturbances" every day to deal with random changes in the multiverse. The direction of the astral torrent, if it hadn’t been for punk to directly give the crow a banned order, “Vector” would have already complained about his “exploited, squeezed, and miserable” life.

But punk will definitely not care about his feelings about the "vector" as a tool, because a knowledgeable wizard can be sure that the magic crow as a legendary creation is far from reaching its limit. Now the complaint of the "vector" is just simply wanting to be lazy. That's it.

But now that he has reached this deserted small plane, Punk doesn't care about the lazy behavior of the magic crow, because...then it is his own busy time.

"Master Summoning Spell-Summon Earth Element"!

As soon as he came up, he didn't bother to watch the few scenery on the small plane, and Punk immediately began his own construction project.

He intends to dig a huge crypt buried deep underground on this plane, and then build a large alchemy workshop in this crypt, and then open the pile of boxes to see what the god of red sand has hidden what treasures are satisfied A moment of curiosity, and finally...the most important "Redeemer Divine Neutralizing Potion" must be deployed as soon as possible!

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