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Netheril's Glory Chapter 558

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Chapter 558: Gift.
Although punk did not intend to have too much intersection with the mysterious god-level power of the filthy bird, the Lord of Chaos in his own way would obviously not care what the tiny mage thinks.

The filthy bird flying in mid-air obviously has something to say. Even if punk showed no interest in listening, he didn’t want to listen at all, but the filthy bird who didn’t even bother to look at punk still didn’t answer directly as punk said. It needs "foresight" content, it just said to Punk and Kane on its own while flying flexibly in mid-air:

"Little guys, sure enough you have great potential, or at least in the last few thousand years, you should be regarded as one of the most potential master creatures in the entire multiverse. Before you know it, you are the gateway to legends. I have waved to you again, and the chaos's growth is once again unstoppable, ahhahahaha"!

The filthy bird laughed strangely and madly, and at the same time the extremely chaotic atmosphere began to permeate the tundra.

However, the chaotic nature of the filthy bird takes effect at any time, and before punk has any superficial gratitude for the filthy bird's praise, the "lord of chaos" who was immersed in the laughter for the last second suddenly suddenly fell. Stopped his own dancing.


The laughter of the filthy bird stopped abruptly, and the atmosphere full of noise just now suddenly became serious. The laughter of the filthy bird disappeared as if it had never appeared before.

I saw that the Chaos Lord, who no one could guess what it was thinking, suddenly stopped its dancing and laughing wildly. After a slight pause, it suddenly began to speak to Punk and Kane in a low and strange voice:

"Little ants, you are very lucky, because the great Lord of Chaos can give you a little valuable "gift"!

The filthy bird squinted his blood-red eyes and stared at the dazed punk and Kane, and saw that he said mysteriously to himself:

"Yes, rejoice, be grateful, the great Lord of Chaos will give you some gifts. In this call, this seat can not only tell you the position of the "smile", and even the third and fourth sons of God. This seat can be presented directly to you everywhere."

The sound of the filthy bird is still as sharp and awkward as ever, but punk and Kane are already a bit stunned, especially punk, he has never heard of the filthy bird making such a generous "gift"!

It stands to reason that both the "filthy bird" and the "eye of judgment" exist at the God seat level restricted by the multiverse. If they are not in the situation of special mechanisms such as the "eye of judgment contract" or "filthy foresight", they think Communicating with other creatures should have to pay a certain price, not to mention giving away "critical" information for free under the mechanism of "God Race" in the long river of fate.

All in all, the filthy bird would pay a lot of price if it wanted to give away some information. Punk couldn't figure out why it should "invest" a certain price for two ants that could not even reach the legendary level.

But punk didn’t interrupt the dirty bird’s speech. He wanted to hear what this strange chaos master would say next. After all, he didn’t say that he would agree to the "gift" in the mouth of the dirty bird, filthy. As the power of God's seat extremely restricted by the multiverse, the bird can't force him to do anything!

In fact, the filthy bird didn't mean to persecute anything. After seeing Punk and Kane still expressing expressions of "respectful listening", it just said in a more serious tone on its own:

"Just as the saying goes, "reciprocity of courtesy", the so-called gift of this seat naturally requires a return, although this is only an “investment” in my own name. As the master of chaos, this seat does not bother to come up with a contract like the eye of judgment. What kind of stuff, so... In fact, after you took away a little gift and didn't pay anything in return, I couldn't do anything about it, but trust me..."

The filthy bird said in a lowly threatening voice:

"In that case, you will make me very, very upset, and the disadvantages you will gain will definitely outweigh the benefits..."

"Honorable Lord of Chaos"!

Hearing the foul bird talking about carrots and sticks before speaking, the punk frowned slightly. It seemed that the “gift” of the foul bird was completely compulsory, according to the subtext of the lord of chaos. In other words, even if punk expresses that it does not accept its "good intentions", it will still speak out the "bonus" message loudly. There is nothing punk can do with this kind of buying and selling.

So, the punk who sighed silently could only say indifferently to the filthy bird with a hazy figure and surging energy:

"Well, honorable ruler of filth, evil, and chaos-Lord of the filthy bird, your "good intentions" that you "gives" seem to be irresistible, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to give you any return in the future, so …………"

"Shut up! Shut up! I'm so annoyed to talk silently. The humble ants should be grateful to accept the blessings given by this seat. How can there be so much nonsense? Why do all the ants now have the courage to question the greatness? Lord of Chaos"!

The chaotic filthy bird deserves to be the incarnation of chaos. In the last second, he had negotiated with Punk Kane and suddenly started roaring loudly. The suddenly violent filthy bird no longer cared about Punk and Kay. En's thoughts, it just flew up in the air condescendingly, and then loudly said the "return" that it wanted to ask for as if reading an order:

"Listen well, ants, the great Lord of Chaos thinks that you have a lot of possibilities to advance to the Legend, so the "return" you should give this seat is-within 10,000 years after you are promoted to the legend, you will have a long history of fate. Make a provocation. If you really provoked the long story of fate, then you will definitely see a projection of a legendary mage who claims to be the president of the "Silent League". Will he win you to join the "Silent League" at that time , And whether you are willing to be the “silent person” like that kid’s play house does not matter to this seat. This seat only asks you to give back to the arrogant, ridiculous, self-deceiving person in the name of my filthy bird. The ignorant "chairman" conveyed a word..."

Speaking of this, the filthy bird's voice suddenly became dumb again, and at the same time, in the next instant, his mysterious and weird "words" were also directly conveyed into the souls of Kane and Punk:

"You have to tell the "chairman": the waves have spread, the waves are about to surging, and the "new chapter" is meaningless, because the "wheel of luminosity" has begun to rotate"!

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